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    Hi there, Jacqui here! You might have seen me sharing all the ways you can wear Isaac’s great designs on TV, but I thought I’d highlight a few here for you too. Here, one of his iconic cardigans…. styled THREE ways.


    FOR WORK:  The key here is to look polished and professional. Slip this cardigan over a simple white button-down, and then add a slim-fitting blazer. A tailored pant and patent pumps complete your boardroom-ready work look. Oh, and go for a structured tote—more polished than a casual hobo style. (Now, go ask for that promotion Smile



    FOR THE WEEKEND:  A cardi is one of the most fuss-free ways to look great on the weekend. (I call it my Lazy Girl’s Guide To Style – ha!).  Just slip a tank underneath, then pair with Isaac’s wildly comfortable 24/7 ankle-skimming stretch pants. Ballet flats, a scarf and a slouchy tote will have you stylish (and comfortable) in seconds.


    FOR EVENING… Yes, you can dress up a cardigan for date night, too. The trick is to pair with a hint of shine (a strappy metallic heel); a bold, statement necklace (choose one within the same color family as your cardigan); and carry a neat box clutch instead of your day bag. Wear with elegantly flowing palazzo pants for Palm-Beach style glamour.


    Hope I’ve given you some ideas for your cardigans! See you soon…Kisses, Jacqui xx

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    I can’t believe it. I’m headed to Los Angeles on Tuesday, February 24th to support our Red Carpet Style show on Friday, February 28th from 9pm-12am EST! You will get to see program hosts Lisa Robertson, Sandra Bennett, and Courtney Cason dressed to the NINES and showing us all that is Red Carpet Style– and it’ll be ALL NEW! You can see my excitement!

    Wait a minute, so what am I doing out there? On Wednesday, February 26th, I will be coming to you live from the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills throughout In the Kitchen with David! Carolyn Gracie will be hosting back at Studio Park and I will be in L.A. with Chef Ashley James. He is going to show us the amazing QVC Red Carpet food he will be preparing for us on the red carpet the following Friday. YUM!

    Chef Ashley James is the Executive Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills and speaks great food. He became a Chef in England and has worked all over the world: France, Singapore, Mexico, and Buenos Aires, just to name a few! According to the Four Seasons website, he is known for his “vibrant flavors”, using local ingredients, and his welcoming personality.

    He was also kind enough to share some of the recipes he will be showcasing on Wednesday’s In the Kitchen with David! Below is just a sample of some of his luxurious creations for #QVCRedCarpet!

    Salmon Rillettes on Toasted Brioche Crouton

    Chef Ashley’s Note: This is an amazing dish. Serve it with an elegant glass of champagne or sparkling wine…or why not a beautiful gin martini? The Rillettes can be prepared two days in advance so you can be totally “red carpet” ready.

    Ingredients for 20 small pieces

    2 oz. lightly poached salmon fillet

    2 oz. sliced smoked salmon

    2 oz. chopped smoked salmon

    1 oz. soft unsalted butter

    1 oz. sour cream

    1 tablespoon chopped chive

    1 lemon, zest and a few drops of the juice

    1 tablespoon finely chopped capers

    1 pinch ground chili flakes, pepperoncino

    Pinch of freshly ground white pepper

    4 slices of Brioche or Challah bread

    1 tablespoon of melted butter



    In a bowl, add the soft butter, chopped chives, lemon juice, capers, pepperoncino, and the sour cream mixed lightly together. Add the cooked and the smoked salmon and fresh ground pepper to taste, lightly mix together. Place the rillettes in a piping bag with a ½ inch nozzle.


    On a clear kitchen surface, lay out a 12x24 piece of plastic wrap. Place 2 large slices of smoked salmon onto the plastic wrap. Pipe a straight line of the salmon rillettes horizontally across the smoked salmon. Pull up the plastic wrap from the bottom and move it away from you in order to create a roll of salmon rillettes. Tighten the ends of the salmon wrap by twisting the plastic wrap and reserve in the refrigerator for 2 orders before serving.


    Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Grease a cookie sheet with a little melted butter. Take the slices of Brioche and cut into 20 small rounds with a ¾ inch cookie cutter. Place the cut Brioche rounds onto the greased cookie sheet, brush a little extra melted butter on the top of each piece. Bake until golden brown, around five minutes. Remove from the oven and leave to cool.


    Plating Method:

    Remove the plastic wrap from the salmon rillettes. Warm a knife soaked in hot water. Cut a 1/2” slice of the salmon rillettes. Place each slice on a brioche crouton and VOILA!



    Crispy Chocolate Napolean

    Chef Ashley’s Note: Use your favorite brand of chocolate. However, it needs to be a good quality one with the Cacao percentage indicated to assure recipe success.

    Ingredients for 30 bite size pieces:

    Crispy Napoleon:

    12oz dark chocolate (55% dark chocolate from E. Guittard is our preferred for this recipe)

    Preferably use the chocolate coins or roughly chop if you are purchasing a block

    Flat plastic acetate sheets

    Pizza or ravioli wheel to cut the chocolate


    Chocolate Pot de Crème Filling:

    1 pound whipping Cream

    2 Fresh Egg Yolks

    2 oz. Granulated White Sugar

    4½ oz. 72% Dark Chocolate (E. Guittard) – coins or roughly chopped

    Piping bag, piping tip is optional



    Edible Gold Leaf




    Heat the whipping cream in a large pot over medium heat. Whisk together the yolks and sugar.

    When the cream begins to steam, whisk a small amount into the yolk mixture to warm the yolks up. Pour the yolk mixture into the pot, gently whisking so they do not scramble.


    Using a heat resistant rubber spatula gently stir the custard mixture “crème Anglaise” until the temperature is approximately 165°F – the mixture should thicken and coat the back of a spoon.

    Strain the crème Anglaise into chocolate. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes until the chocolate is melted. Stir to incorporate with the rubber spatula. Use a hand blender to refine the mixture so it is smooth and there are no lumps of chocolate. Be careful not to aerate it. Place the pot de crème into a heat resistant container and place plastic wrap directly onto the surface. Cool the pot de crème in the refrigerator until fully set, overnight is best.



    Melt ¾ of the 55% dark chocolate over a low water bath in a stainless steel bowl. Once the chocolate reaches 120°F -122°F, remove from heat and gently stir in the remaining ¼ of the chocolate.You want to cool the chocolate to 80.6°F-82.4°F. Make sure the chocolate is smooth.


    Once the chocolate has cooled, place the bowl on the low water bath again to reheat to 87.8°F.

    (This process tempers the chocolate so that you get a nice crispness when the chocolate cools.)

    Once the chocolate is at the appropriate temperature, very carefully spread the chocolate very thinly on the acetate sheets one by one. When the chocolate starts to look slightly opaque (this means it’s beginning to set up), use the wheel to cut 1” squares in the chocolate. Allow the chocolate to fully set up before separating it.



    Separate the chocolate squares from the acetate and each other. (The presentation side is the side that was touching the acetate. This side should be very shiny.) Place ½ of the chocolate squares in a single layer on your work surface, these will be used as the base. The remaining half will get a small amount of gold leaf on the top. Use the tip of a paring knife to gently remove the gold leaf from the paper and place on top of the chocolate.


    Put the cold chocolate pot de crème filling into a piping bag. Pipe a rosette of filling onto each of the chocolate squares that are being used as a base. Top each rosette with the remaining ½ of the chocolate squares. Transfer the finished napoleons to a platter and serve.


    (If you are not serving right away, store in a cold room, but not the refrigerator. The humidity in the refrigerator will cause the chocolate to bloom (the cocoa butter will separate and you will see white spots on the chocolate).)



    In our ITKWD live chat we talk mostly about FOOD. But, we also talk all things QVC: home décor, gardening, and BEAUTY! The folks at Tarte helped create a cocktail for the event on Friday. Want to have them with us? Here is the recipe:



    ½ maracuja, pulp only

    1 ounce alize passion fruit liqueur

    ½ ounce Chambord raspberry liqueur

    ½ ounce absolut citron


    Shake with ice and strain; garnish with a lemon twist.


    I’ll take LOTS of pictures and notes. I plan on sharing a recap when I get back, but you can certainly follow along, real-time if you’d like! I am on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at “@Mary QVC”. See you soon! ~ @Mary QVC

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    device advice

    Tune in during our new Device Advice show on Wednesday, February 26th at 10PM ET.  Have questions about the products in the show?  Post your question (s) below, and one of our product experts will post an answer to your question!



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  • 02/24/14--13:06: Our Vacation

    Hi Girlfriends –

    Oh boy has it been cold in NYC this winter.   Don’t get me wrong, I love in the northeast and expect it to get cold but this winter has been just brutal.  I find myself reminiscing about my recent vacation to the Dominican Republic with my son, Daniel—what we wouldn’t give for the sun and sand right now!

    Every year, Daniel and I both look forward to the end of December when Daniel is off from school and we both get much needed down time.  Each year we visit the Dominican Republic— our favorite vacation spot.    It is truly such a joy spending relaxing, quality time together. As always, Daniel had the most amazing time! There were so many kids Daniel’s age and he really enjoyed making lots of new friends.  It was perfect because it gave me the time to catch up on a lot of reading and relaxation. We had such a wonderful vacation…oh how I wish I was back in the warm weather!

    As I write this blog I am reminded of how very lucky I am to have Daniel in my life.   He was the best gift I could ever receive.  Personally, despite all I’ve accomplished in my life, Daniel keeps me centered and balanced.   For me, being a Mom is the truly a gift I will forever be grateful for.

    As I listen to the snow and ice melt outside I’m looking back at photos from our vacation.   I hope you enjoy them as much as I am!


    Me and Daniel on Vacation in the Dominican Republic in December 2011:


    Me and Daniel on Vacation in the Dominican Republic in December 2011:




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    Hello, foodies…

    I’m away for a few days doing some delicious research for In the Kitchen with David. But I won’t be gone long! And, my good friend Carolyn Gracie will be filling in for me as your host in the kitchen. In fact, I’ve entrusted her to taste-test our last Chocolate recipe of the month: Red Velvet Cake Pops. (She really had to think that over.) Here’s how you make these!

    Red Velvet Cake Pops


    • 1 (16.5-oz) box red velvet cake mix
    • 1/2 cup vanilla icing
    • 24 lollipop sticks
    • 4-3/4 cups vanilla candy wafers
    • 2 cups white chocolate, chopped

    Special Tools:

    • Small, star-shaped cookie cutter, about 1-1/2'' in diameter
    • Sprinkles, to decorate
    • Large Styrofoam block


    Bake the cake according to the package directions in a 9'' x 13'' pan. Let the cake cool completely, and then finely crumble it into a large bowl.


    Add the frosting to the cake crumbs and mix with a fork until fully incorporated. Test the texture of your cake mixture by picking up a handful and squeezing it together. It should hold together without breaking apart. If the mixture is too dry, add more frosting.


    Press the mixture evenly into an 8'' x 8'' pan and refrigerate for 2 hours.


    Cut the cake mixture into stars with the cookie cutter. Press the leftover cake into 3/4'' high pieces, and repeat by cutting more stars. Place the stars on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and freeze for 20 minutes.

    Meanwhile, melt the candy wafers and white chocolate together in a double boiler, then remove the pan from the heat.


    When the stars have chilled, remove the pan from the freezer. Dip the tips of the lollipop sticks into the white chocolate coating, and then insert them into your stars, making sure not to coat or insert the sticks more than halfway into the center of your cake stars.

    Place the stars on the baking sheet again and freeze for another hour. Make sure to either keep the white chocolate coating melted while the stars freeze, or reheat once they are done.


    To coat the cake pops, remove them one a time from the freezer and spoon the coating over the cake to cover the stars completely, keeping the pop over the double boiler the entire time.

    Gently tap the pop against the side of the double boiler to remove any excess coating, and then add the sprinkles before the coating dries.


    Stand the cake pops into the Styrofoam block by poking in the end of each stick. Let the pops cool completely, about 5 minutes. Repeat with the remaining pops.

    This recipe is prepared using the Temp-tations® Old World 24-Piece Complete Oven-to-Table Set (K38331).

    Go to David's Recipe Item Page for the full list of items that David has used in his recipes.

    Foodies, our girl Mary QVC will be joining you in the chat—but she’s not going to be at Studio Park. Mary’s headed to Los Angeles in honor of QVC’s Red Carpet event! In fact, Mary posted a special blog today with some amazing recipes. She got Chef Ashley James—the Executive Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills—to share some of the recipes he’s making for the crew for Red Carpet Style on Friday at 9pm ET. Check them out!

    Since my Red Velvet Cake Pops recipe is a lot of fun, tell me about a fun recipe you like make for today’s blog question. Do you make character-themed cakes for your kids? Maybe Jell-O jigglers in fun shapes? Do you make mashed potato mountains or broccoli forests? You’re never too old to play with your food, foodies! I’ll see you again this Sunday at Noon ET—it’s our Golden Spatula Awards Show! Join Carolyn and Mary on Wednesday at 8pm ET.

    Keep it flavorful!

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    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Hello all! Danny here sharing the love of looking good and a little insight to glamour in the spotlight the Lori Goldstein way...

    When we think of “red carpet” we think of the Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, pure elegance and FASHION. To us “Red Carpet” can be so much more than that. It can be a state of mind…

    Red Carpet is all about Making that entrance and truly experiencing that special feeling of exclusivity for yourself. It’s taking that moment to add that touch of glam to feel your best, and look ultra CHIC. It’s about making a Statement, beyond the day to day. What does “red carpet” mean to you? 

    We all need a halo piece, that crown jewel in our closet to take it up a notch. Have a special event to attend or just looking for that elevated expression to spice up your wardrobe?

     Lori is bringing you just that. Over the course of her career as a stylist and designer, Lori has worked with so many of the biggest names in Film, Music and fashion. She brings this same Midas touch to you. Logo By Lori Goldstein is beyond excited to bring you our new and truly exclusive red carpet pieces.  So get ready! These pieces can instantly elevate your wardrobe and make any outfit look beyond fabulous.


    Satin Peplum Vest with Embellishment

    Our first red carpet piece is our champagne peplum high low beaded top (A240729).  Each piece is embellished to perfection from a true Lori selection of silver and gold tones that is an accessory of its own. We’ve given this piece a perfect peplum silhouette. Peplums are extremely figure flattering, drawing in the waist and creating coverage with grace. The golden hue and shade of champagne is a perfect transition color to carry through the seasons, the vest feel is perfect for layering letting you wear it all year round. The high to low detailing covers all the right places but adds that feminine flair and versatility. You can wear it casual, pairing it with a boyfriend jean or leggings.  By night, pair it with a long skirt and heels for a glamorous night on the town.

     Logo by Lori Goldstein Summer Tweed Beaded Pocket Jacket

        Our second piece is a gorgeous Tweed Beaded Pocket Jacket,the ultimate elevated staple piece (A240728).  Subtle Texture and beyond classic chic, this jacket is our take on the quintessential black jacket.  The no fuss neck-line with single snap add effortless closure. The fabulously jeweled pockets bring a signature touch of glamour that you know and love. The jewels are the perfect compliment to tie in your accessories or truly stand-alone. Wear it over a playful dress or a tank top in the warmer months. In the cooler months, the light weight structure is perfect for a stand out and commanding layering piece.

     Slub Knit Tank with Sequin Detail

    Our third amazing piece is our statement tank (A254027). All that you love from our Layers Collection, classic Logo line, in one new and unique upscale piece. Gorgeous multi tonal sequins create a spectacular pattern with eye catching embellished detail. The Chiffon hem adds a soft feminine touch. This piece comes in black and storm cloud, two great neutrals, to pair and style your way. The Sequins run the spectrum from stand out gold, soft pinks, and nuanced purples. The Black color-way has fabulous hints of muted ever-green, luxe purple, and silver hued layered sequins. This more than any of our tanks, can be a stunning statement base for year round layering, or upscale warm weather piece, perfectly transitioning from day to night. Pair this with a boyfriend jean by day for a high low story and then change it up for an evening excursion, add some black skinny pants and heels and you’re ready for a girl’s night out!

     We are so in love with these new red carpet styles and so happy to get a chance to share these fabulous pieces with you.  These great pieces will be your fashion secret weapon to making an unforgettable entrance. You’ll be sure to stand out with the unique detailing, luxury elements, and tailored silhouettes. Take that moment to shine in your very own spotlight! 


     CATCH LOGO on "Road to the Red Carpet"2/25 1AM EST and back 8PM  EST and LIVE from LA 2/28 On "Inspired Style" and debuting these fine lovely pieces LIVE from THE RED CARPET! 

    Daniel Randell

    Media Director

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    Home décor and design has been our theme for the month of February, and I wanted to wrap up the month with a real “wow.” And there’s nobody who wows me more when it comes to design than my friend and interior designer, Angelo Surmelis.

    Angelo Surmelis

    One of the best parts of my job is the people I meet and it’s even sweeter when a guest for a show becomes a friend for a lifetime. That’s exactly what happened with me and Angelo. From our first meeting at QVC, we just clicked. And ever since, Angelo has become a mentor, a confidant, and cheerleader…all the things you want a good friend to be. Angelo is busy beyond belief these days. He has an amazing store in Los Angeles, furniture collections in stores throughout the country, and even has been known to fly to Hawaii for the DAY! Luckily, I have his cell phone number and was able to catch up with him so that he could share some design tips and inspirations with us all.

    JB: What’s the best way for someone to get started when they want to redecorate or remodel?
    AS: Figure out what you want the room to feel like…not the look, the feel. Do you want cozy and intimate or sleek and modern? Figure that out first. Then start looking for images of what you love…design magazines and catalogs are great. Create a short list of your big ticket items like major furniture pieces and then figure out the small stuff. Always figure out your room color first.

    JB: Room color first? Where were you when I started this remodel project at our  beach condo! I’ve picked everything already and left paint until last…am I doomed?
    AS: No, you’ll be fine. But here are some of my rules with paint. First, pick a color you know you’ll love in five years. Don’t go kooky with color. It may be of the moment now, but what happens in two years when the new hot color is the complete opposite? Your home will feel dated before its time. NEVER pick a paint color based on a color swatch. Spend a few bucks on a couple of small test cans of colors you like and actually paint them on your walls. Don’t forget to prime the area in white first…whatever color you have on the wall will taint the true read of the color you’re looking at. Live with the color for at least 24 hours. You need to see it in your space in the morning, afternoon, and evening. In full sun and after it’s dark. What you love by day you might hate at night, so testing it this way shows you everything. And, if you’re torn between colors, don’t paint them on the wall next to each other…spread them out so that different tones from one color aren’t changing the tone of another.

    JB: What’s the hot color in home right now?
    AS: There’s definitely been a shift from brown to more gray. It’s becoming the new neutral and can be anything from contemporary to traditional to romantic.

    JB: What’s the biggest decorating mistake people make?
    AS: Without a doubt, it’s lighting. People completely underestimate its importance. They spend a ton of money on all the extras and where it all falls flat is if you don’t light it properly. You have to have lighting on all sides of a room, not just the end of your couch. Make sure you use the same wattage in all of your light bulbs and use lights that crate symmetry and balance in the room. The best lighting is when you don’t notice it…when all you see is the beauty of the room.

    Be sure to check out Angelo’s website for more tips and stunning decorating ideas like these!



    Isn’t he amazing? Notice the subtle purple accents in that last shot? Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2014. I completely agree with Angelo…in no way should you go “kooky” with color and paint your entire room Radiant Orchid. But, you can update your décor with this “in” color via purple accent pieces, like Angelo did above. Find a radiant orchid lamp. Decorate with real or faux radiant orchid plants. Look for throw pillows with an orchid stripe, swirl, or pattern. Those things are easy to update and change.

    I’ll see you tomorrow at 6pm ET for some KitchenAid fun. But, if you want to see me in person, come down to the Philadelphia Flower Show this Saturday! I’m so excited...I was asked to do a presentation there on gardening with your kids. Most of you know I love being outdoors in my garden, so on March 1 at 11am ET, I’ll be at the Convention Center demonstrating how to make some great family-oriented garden projects as well as my Homemade Strawberry Jam. At Noon ET, I’m doing a container gardening challenge with fellow exhibitors…oh boy! Visit Philadelphia Flower Show.com for tickets to the entire show—you’ll love it.

    From my home to yours,

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    Last summer, I was a woman on a mission. In addition to my busy schedule of working the overnight shift as an Associate Producer, I was spending most of my free time trying to finalize all of the details of my upcoming  DIY September wedding.  Luckily, while at work I was constantly surrounded by new ideas and products that served as inspiration. 

    For the longest time, I was trying to figure out a way to have some sort of photo booth at the wedding.  A professional version cost too much, and a digital camera would require some sort of printer in order to have something for the guests to take home.  That is, until I remembered a blast from the past that was making a comeback on QVC:

    The Polaroid Camera.  Instant pictures in a charming old school style.  It was the perfect solution. It was easy to use and there were a ton of ideas online for instant camera photo booths. After ordering this, I went to work preparing everything else for the photo booth (well, photo table if you want to get specific.)  

    When setting up my photo booth – the devil was in the details. I wanted to make sure my guests had plenty of information and lots of extra film so they could snap several pictures. I typed up several informational sheets and even used diagrams from the manual to give a clear and concise guide of how to take pictures and if needed, reload film.  I made a little place card instructing guests to take two pictures, one for them to keep and one to leave for us. 


    Since the pictures were doing double duty as favors, I wanted to add an extra touch to protect the pictures as the guests took them home.  After doing some research, I decided making some custom envelopes would be the best way to go. Due to the unique size of the Polaroid film, it took a little research to find the perfect envelope.  I actually discovered coin envelopes (normally used by coin collectors) were a great fit – also they were easy to find online and I could order them in bulk. Once I had those, I just decorated them with normal address labels that I customized on my computer. It was an easy and cheap way to personalize everything.

    As for the pictures that the guests were leaving for us, I also wanted them to act as extra decorations for the reception. After all, why not showcase our closest family and friends?

     For this, I framed a piece of wrapping paper that matched our theme, and then attached two plastic pieces to the back of the frame so it would be able to stand on its own.  For the pictures, I glued mini clothespins to the front so guests could easily attach their pictures. 


    It was a huge hit. All night long, I saw flashes from the camera and people showing off their snapshots to other guests. Even my 90 year old grandmother got into the fun! It was a low cost and unique way to have a photo booth and collect photos of all of our guests. Plus, there are so many ways to make it customized to your party.  Some other ideas include making a personalized backdrop or even making some fun props for guests to use.  In fact, if you need some prop inspiration – we featured a ton of great props in our QVC Photo booth a few months ago. 

    Check out some of those great shots here: Canon Photo Booth Blog

    I plan on doing this for other parties in the years to come. How fun would it be to have this set up at a birthday party or even a picnic? Your guests will love it, and honestly it’s much easier than trying to snap pictures of all of your guests during the party. You can just kick back and collect the pictures at the end.

    What DIY ideas have you worked into your parties lately?

    Tori – Studio Scoop Team

    #StudioScoop on Twitter and Instagram

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  • 02/25/14--13:50: The Q Quiz with Joe Zee!
  • Joe Zee, Elle Magazine Creative Director and ET Fashion Correspondent, took the Q Quiz! Check out his answers below.

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    Hello my friends, Get ready for the unexpected!

    Are you ready for a day of amazing sterling silver?  For the first time, I am going to be on Big Bonanza Day with a fantastic leather and silver bangle called the Charming Slide Bangle.  On February 27th at 2pm my dear friend Antonella will be wearing it and walking you through the design.  The modern leather cord compliments the intricate design of the highly polished sterling silver.  With this new bangle concept comes the unexpected surprise of 5 charming slide mini-wraps of sterling silver adding movement and fun on the leather cord.  You can wear the simplicity of one, or layer 2 or 3 for a bigger statement.  And I also recommend adding the Charming Slide Bangle with any of my existing bracelets, cuffs, or bangles to create your own modern look that no one else will have but you!


    I hope you love it and have fun wearing it with every twist of your wrist!

    I will see you on March 13th at 1AM and 1PM EST… I can’t wait just a few more weeks, so mark your calendars!



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    Hi my friends,

    I am so excited to announce that QVC has invited JAI John Hardy to be part of the Red Carpet Show this coming Friday, February 28th at 9pm ET live from the Four Season’s Hotel in Beverly Hills.  I honestly do not know what I’m most excited for; the launch of our first figurative collection at JAI, the chance to meet people who I grew up watching in the movies and on TV, or getting dressed to the nines and being a part of one of the most celebrated events in the world.

    I’m not sure if you like watching awards shows, but growing up in my family, my Dad had the Super Bowl and my Mom had the Oscars.  Do you have any Oscar traditions?  Share with me who you are most looking forward to seeing this year at the Oscars.

    I remember how much my Mom and her friends loved watching the stars arrive on the Red Carpet.  Starting with the limo pulling in, the announcer enthusiastically guessing which star would be coming out of the limo, then the limo door opens and the crowd of fans start cheering and screaming as the stars wave to the fans and have their photos taken before they entered the auditorium.  This was one of her favorite parts of the Oscars.

    I think the best part of the Red Carpet arrivals is watching it with your friends so you can talk about everything that was happening live.  Each year, my Mom would invite friends and family over and everyone would gather around the TV in our family room.  As soon as the first star arrived, they would all talk about what she was wearing, how amazing the jewelry was, who she was with, their favorite movie that she starred in, and how much they liked her.

    Finally, just before the Oscars were ready to start, everyone would say who they thought looked the best, which of the male stars was the most handsome, and almost always they would say how they missed the days of the ‘Old Hollywood Glamour’.

    Well, this year, my Mom is inviting her friends over to watch, shop, and enjoy QVC’s Live from the Red Carpet Show.  Since she is my Mom, I gave her a sneak peek of our first figurative collection and the exclusive designs that were created for the Red Carpet Show.  The word she used to describe the pieces was ‘Exquisite’.

    Unfortunately, I have been sworn to secrecy and am unable to share a sneak peek of the collection, but I can share with you my inspiration and what this collection symbolizes throughout the Far East.

    This figurative collection was inspired by an animal that has been around since the beginning of time.  They call her the keeper of knowledge.  Legend suggests that Mother Nature gifted her with the wisdom to survive and the clairvoyant ability to strike balance and harmony in one’s life.  She is known as the maternal protector and can answer the questions that cause strife in one’s life.  Seriously, how great does that sound…

    So with this inspiration in mind, our JAI craftsman took months to create an elegant, detailed, and incredibly feminine figurative design that is both classic in its silhouette and legendary in its presence.  The collection incorporates both textured pattern motifs, figurative features, and has accents of gold and natural gemstones that bring this most beautiful collection to life.

    Please join me this Friday, February 28th at 9pm ET and enjoy the premier of our first figurative collection.  I invite you to join me on our JAI John Hardy Facebook page to see all the behind the scenes of my first Red Carpet experience.

    Safe Travels,

    Scott Grimes

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    I always know there is a Big Bonanza Silver event upon us when I see trays of incredible new silver product that will excite the customers beyond their highest expectations, and yes… all on sale!  The Bonanza Sale event is always a favorite sale event of mine and for the viewers as well!

    All about links – The newest looks

    It all starts with the TSV and my coworker and friend, Jen, picked an incredible TSV in a bold status rolo bracelet.  It is definitely one of the boldest ever offered and statement piece to represent the day.  Next, no one does links quite like Italy.  One of my personal favorites is this gorgeous Vicenza Silver textured Square curb bracelet, J290939.  The bracelet is offered in a choice of colors and from my most recent adventures to the Italian Vicenza show - choice of colors and metals is everywhere at the fair.

    Hottest New Designs

    One of the hottest bracelets that all of the hosts fought over to have in their shift is J289529.  This is because it is the first ever bracelet of its kind and no one had ever seen this incredible work of art before.  It combines mirror beads all tightly wrapped together with a bead chain in this flexible soft bracelet.  I love how it is finished with a magnetic clasp.  I am also in love with the Vicenza Silver Confetti Design necklace, J289939.  I love how many little plaques are used to make up this shimmering necklace.  I have never seen anything like it, and I know you will love it!

    Affordable Every Wearable

    I also love some of the most affordable items of the day because these are “pick me up” items that don't break the bank.  One of my personal favorites is J290128, Ultrafine Solid Silver twisted chain.  I love fashion and affordability and this bracelet has it all.  I am also always a big fan of the magnetic clasp!

    Please be sure to tune in throughout the day on Thursday, February 27th for our 26th Annual Big Bonanza Silver Sale, and again on Saturday, March 1st from 10pm - midnight EST for an Encore show that will include ALL NEW items that won't be featured on Thursday.  I hope you'll love the assortment of silver jewelry that will be presented to you during the Bonanza Sale as much as I do.  Happy Shopping!

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    One of my favorite times of the year at QVC is the Red Carpet Show that coincides with the Academy Awards! Being able to reinterpret some of my favorite couture pieces from our Los Angeles showroom into affordable, ready-to-wear items that everyone can feel beautiful in brings us great joy. The playful sequined dress and accompanying bolero come straight from our couture racks for you to wear for your own special occasions. 

    Another reason that I love the Red Carpet event is that I also have the privilege of presenting to you some true couture designs each year as worn by the beautiful Lisa Robertson. This year, we decided to make something not only for Lisa but for Courtney Cason as well! As you can see by these "in work" photos, I've designed something for each lady that plays on their individual personalities. For Lisa, the sophisticated elegance that she always presents is reflected in the design and material of the gown. For Courtney, I've interpreted her playful enthusiasm into the perfect dress that compliments her exuberance for life! Not to give everything away, be sure to stay tuned throughout the night because Lisa will be wearing not one but two new couture pieces! You'll have to wait and see what the other one looks like!

    As you sit at home watching the Red Carpet event, we truly hope that you enjoy seeing the couture and the ready-to-wear pieces that we're sharing with you this year. My biggest hope is that we bringing a little glamour into your lives and that, no matter where you are, you feel like you're walking the red carpet every day of your life, too! Cheers to a wonderful year! We look forward to bringing you more amazing pieces throughout the year! Don't forget to shop my collection here and your favorites from the Red Carpet here!

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    Enter the pretty worlds of Maureen Kelly of tarte cosmetics & Sarah Potempa!

    Shop tarte cosmetics here

    Shop Sarah Potempa here


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  • 02/26/14--12:22: How to Make the Tarte-ini!
  • In celebration of #QVCRedCarpet, we're so excited to share the tarte-ini!  It's the perfect drink for your Oscar's party!

    xo, Maureen

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    It's Throwback Thursday! What better way to celebrate than with some throwback pictures! Can you guess who these Red Carpet designers are?

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  • 02/26/14--13:40: Must Have: Polka Dots!
  • Hello my LCNY fashionistas.  What a weekend we had weather wise.  It was sunny and 57 here on Saturday.  If that doesn't put a smile on your face then we are a lost cause.  So now that I have had a glimpse of what is soon to come (sunshine and warmer weather) I am ready for SPRING clothes. Color is in and with our LCNY collection wearable colors for all.  We have a new collection of stripes, polka dots, and paisley.  Another words we have you covered.  If you have been joining us on Wednesday mornings for our hour show MBR and yours truly, we thank you....if you have  not discovered the fun then give us a try.  Our hour together is all about fashion, new ideas, shopping but most of all girl time and friendship.  Each week we select a new you for all of us to try.  This week it is a polka dot ruffled tunic.  A silhouette that you have seen before and adore. Polka dots are in and LCNY loves the whimsical nature, and so easy to mix and match.  Join us on Wednesday at 9am.......you bring the coffee and donuts and we will bring friendship.  See you soon.  
    Linda :)

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    Hello Friends!

    Many of you ask… what is Bob’s inspiration for his Wearable Art creations? As a true artist, Bob draws on all facets of his life for his fashion inspiration. In many cases it’s versions of gorgeous one of a kind pieces that he has designed for celebrities. If you tuned into one of the January shows on QVC you saw Bob’s Embroidered Bombay Tunic. It’s Item A2304. I wore it in red and there are now 9 colors to choose from in this highly rated tunic. Pink and light Aqua are the two new colors:


    When we were talking about this one, I shared that this was a design inspired by something that Bob had done exclusively for Carol Burnett to wear on her show. You know, Bob designed for the Carol Burnett show for many years. Bob is very shy about these things, but I love to share the news. Check out the original!

    Worn in the late 1960’s – early 1970’s with an original price tag of $800, you can see how ‘everything old is new again’ and Bob Mackie’s silhouettes are works of art that do stand the test of time. Take in all the beading, embroidery and cabochon detailing.  It is a work of art.  In fact, this one is actually part of a collection that was auctioned off by Christies & Julien’s. How many fashion designers can boast about that?

    How do you wear your tunic? Carol wore hers with a pair of matching jersey knit pants. I am sure something similar to Bob’s wide leg pant that comes in a multitude of colors and wears fabulously on all body types. If you don’t have a pair… it’s a must have and they come in regular, item A13015 and petite lengths, item A13112.

    So, when you are out in your Embroidered Bombay Tunic by Bob Mackie, remember he designed this for Carol Burnett and you!

    Have a great day!




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    Even if spring is not quite in the air yet, our office is starting to get spring fever. But how to channel warm weather when we still have to pile on the layers? That’s easy for a bunch of beauty-obsessed ladies: we simply give ourselves bright, cheery manicures.

    team's nails

    Check out our team's manis! Clearly we believe the best accessory for a spring manicure is lots of rings. 

    As my fingertips are fluttering away on my keyboard all day, I just adore seeing a fresh color. Something modern and something unexpected. Something that’s so right now, it hasn’t even happened yet!

    Nudes have always been a go-to for those who like ladylike, no fuss nail color. But now they’re a big trend for manis, appearing in all shades of nudes.I couldn’t be happier! Nudes don’t show chips as much as darker colors which is great for my active lifestyle. Instead of matching your skin tone though, go for a darker tan color for a sophisticated, ‘90s throwback.

    Another color I love is a mint shade. Something about it makes me think of decorating Easter eggs, which is a very springy activity. It also makes tan skin look deeper, and creates a very cool contrast.

    This season, I’m excited to try white polish. If you’ve ever gotten French tips, then you know how nice and clean white can look on a nail. Go bold and paint your whole nail a bright white, you won’t regret it. Look how nice it looks on bronzed skin!

    I’m still loving last summer’s  bright orangey-red that pretty much goes with everything. It tends to make pale skin pop (in a good way) and I love how flashy it is. It really makes a statement.

    To prep for an at-home manicure and also help combat dry winter skin use this little secret to exfoliate and moisturize your hands. Mix sea salt, olive oil and honey to form a thick scrub and rub on your hands for a few minutes. Once you wash it off you’ll find smooth and soft hands ready for a bright spring mani.

    Pick a great hand cream to seal in moisture, I happen to stand by L’Occitane, their thick cream is perfect for winter weather. Enjoy!

    What shades are you going to try out this spring?

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    As we watch all the fun this week leading up to our big Red Carpet Event on Friday in Los Angeles - it really makes me miss one of the biggest and brightest personalities that we shared this special moment with - Barry Ort from Kenneth Jay Lane.  This was an event that Barry always had something spectacular from Kenneth Jay Lane to share with us.  Barry was the VP of Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry

    For those of you who weren't aware - Barry passed away unexpectedly at the end of December.  It shocked and saddened us all.

    This is something that I've wanted to write since last month - but just couldn't accept the fact that Barry is gone.  It doesn't seem real.  Many of us at work have said that to one another many times.  I think we're all still in a state of denial.  

    I found out about Barry's passing the day after it happened.  I found out when I had arrived in NYC with my family - and I was about to call him to plan a visit that day.

    Normally at this time of the year - I'm chatting with Barry about what the celebrities will be wearing on the Red Carpet and what beautiful jewelry designs Kenneth Jay Lane had designed for our Red Carpet Event.

    He was a man that I trusted with anything and everything.  He was full of compliments as well as "education" when it came to my fashion choices!  I knew he'd tell me the truth - so I would ask for his opinion on so many things!  Now that's a friend!

    When I was pregnant with Theresa in 2006 - I made a trip to NYC to spend the day with Barry and Kenneth Jay Lane.  I hadn't told anyone I was pregnant yet - it was still too early.  So after a wonderful time in Kenneth's design studio we all went to lunch together.   Kenneth is a gentleman who likes to order for his guests.  It just so happens that early in my pregnancy I developed a horrible aversion to any type of beef - and guess what Kenneth ordered?  You guessed it - beef!  Then he ordered a special bottle of wine!  I'm thinking in my head - what do I do?

    Luckily, Kenneth saw someone he knew and excused himself from the table for a moment.  I quickly whisper to Barry - "Help me!  I can't eat or drink any of this - I'm pregnant!  I'm afraid to offend Kenneth after he was so gracious to order such a lovely lunch - but if I see or smell beef - I may get sick!"  Barry said "Mazel Tov!  I've got you covered, don't worry."

    As Kenneth came back, Barry told him "Kenneth, would it be ok to order something light for Jacque?  She's getting over something and she didn't want to offend you."  Kenneth said "Absolutely!".  Barry gave me a wink.  About a month later I told Kenneth the truth that I was actually pregnant and he was so sweet and congratulated me and my husband!  

    I had a wonderful time in NYC a few years ago with Barry as we planned a Kenneth Jay Lane Show centered around the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor.  We went to a wonderful exhibit that featured not only her amazing jewelry, but clothing, artwork and personal items. 

    The following week we had an amazing show on QVC with jewelry inspired by Elizabeth from Kenneth Jay Lane.  Of course I wore a purple gown - and even got violet contacts to match the stunning Ms. Taylor!

    Every time I see the Red Carpet - I will remember my friend Barry.  I know he was special to so many of us at QVC and to many of you!  Barry was a great friend - and a person who always did what he could to help others.  He is truly missed.

    So with the Red Carpet event this Friday - I salute my friend Barry - who I know will be watching over every sparking detail!  

    Best wishes and blessings,

    You can always find me on Facebook -www.facebook.com/jacqueqvc

    Or Twitter - www.twitter.com/jacquegonzales

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