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    I can’t believe it – I think that summer has actually arrived in England! I’m not sure we even had springtime over here, so the arrival of sunshine, warmth and outdoor activities over this last weekend was a welcome relief! 

    Each year on the coast of England, about an hour outside of London in the town of Folkestone, there is an amazing and fun airshow. It’s something that I really look forward to throughout the year. It’s a time to mark the beginning of summer – but more importantly, it’s a time to see old and new friends and to enjoy getting a bit of fresh air along the coast. I love that we all get together for a typical English garden party – and we get to watch a spectacular airshow – with the highlight seeing the British Royal Air Force ‘Red Arrows’ do a 20-minute show that really knocks your socks off – all along the part of the English coast that when it’s clear, you can actually see the shores of France!

    This year was a little different though. For the first time, it was decided that we would do a good old-fashioned American potluck lunch rather than having just one or two people make the entire meal. Now ladies, are you sitting down?!? Believe it or not, potluck meals really are not done here in the UK – seriously!!! When I moved here over 13 years ago, I was amazed that when I mentioned potluck meals, no one knew what the heck I was talking about – they just don’t do them over here that much! But guess what, we changed all that this weekend – and it was wonderful!!

    Now as the sole American at the garden party, you just knew that all eyes were on me and what I was making. After all, this is something that we REALLY do well in America! I grew up in a family that probably went to more potluck picnics, dinners, lunches and block parties than most other friends of mine, so I just HAD to bring the right dish with me! So whom did I turn to?! Our dear Jeanne Bice and her Christmas recipe book titled Christmas – Simple Recipes, Fabulous Parties and Decorations to Put Sparkle, Not Stress, into Your Season. Now, I know you’re probably thinking, ‘Is Patrick CRAZY using a recipe from a Christmas cookbook?!” Let me assure you that Jeanne’s cookbook is full of great dishes for the entire year, so I decided to make one of my favorites from her book – her Quack-A-Licious ‘Eat Your Green Beans Casserole’. If you’ve never tried the recipe, you do NOT know what you’re missing – and I recommend you make it right away. Her recipe is SO easy, and it’s all from scratch – no cans of mushroom soup in this one! And you know what? You can really taste the difference!!!

    First, I gathered all of the ingredients – here’s a picture of them all – you can see that we definitely have different brands over here in the UK! (Notice Jeanne’s book right there in the middle?!)

    I then sautéed the green beans and the mushrooms just like she tells you in the recipe – easy peasy!

    Then it was time to add the cheese, dried and crispy onions, and other ingredients – and voila – a masterpiece! It really is one of the easiest dishes to make, and you can double or triple it depending on how many guests you’re serving.


    Here’s Jeanne’s recipe:


    “Eat Your Green Beans” Casserole

    Makes about 12 servings


    6 Tablespoons butter, divided

    3 Tablespoons all-purpose flour

    1 teaspoon salt

    1 teaspoon sugar

    ¼ cup onion, chopped fine

    1 cup heavy cream

    1 pound sliced fresh mushrooms

    1 pound fresh green beans, cleaned and ends trimmed

    2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

    1 large can French fried onions


    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Melt 3 tablespoons butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Stir in flour until smooth and cook for about a minute. Stir in salt, sugar, onion and heavy cream, and the mixture will start to thicken.

    In a separate skillet, melt 3 tablespoons butter and add the mushrooms and green beans. Cover and simmer slowly for about 6 minutes or until beans are starting to soften.

    Pour the mixture in the first skillet into a 2-½ quart casserole dish. Add the mushrooms and green beans and stir gently to coat. Spread shredded cheese over the top and bake for 20 minutes.

    Open the oven and spread the French fried onions over the top; back for an additional 10 minutes.


    As I said, easy peasy!!!!!!

    Now I certainly can’t steal the thunder from all of the others, because the entire group of guests contributed some pretty amazing dishes to make this English potluck garden party a success!!

    Here’s a picture of some of the goodies:

    And here I am holding one of my favorite dishes of the day – my friend Stephen’s homemade meringue drizzled with chocolate – can you all say YUMMY at the same time!?

    Speaking of desserts, take a look at what people brought – how beautiful is all of this?! It looks like it belongs in a fancy food magazine!

    In all honesty, we were so worried about the weather because there were thunderstorms predicted for the day, but as you can see from this picture of the tables set up in the garden, the weather was stunning for us.

    And here we all are enjoying each other’s delicious dishes!

    And look at the flowers in the garden! I guess the great thing about having so much rain in England this year is that the garden looked beautiful!

    Even the roses were in full bloom for the party!

    Now, as you all know, usually there are plenty of leftovers at the end of potlucks, but I’m afraid that wasn’t the case this time! I don’t think anyone left hungry! Even our furry four-legged friend Oscar was doing his best to help make sure that any scraps that had ‘accidentally’ dropped were cleaned up right away!

    As I wrote earlier, the highlight of the airshow were the ‘Red Arrows’ from the Royal Air Force. As you can see from this picture, there were 9 of the best of the best pilots in the United Kingdom putting on a show for us. I just LOVE that the national colors for the UK are the same as in America – red, white and blue!!!

    Even though I was here in England, I couldn’t have felt more proud to be an American. After all, I had Jeanne Bice’s American recipe; the red, white and blue colors of our flag; and was attending a true American tradition of a pot-luck lunch with the best of friends. It doesn’t get any more American than that!!!!

    Happy, Happy Beginning of Summer to you all! I’d love to know what YOUR favorite dish is to make for potluck meals.

    Please share your favorites in the comments below – along with your recipes!!

    And tell me what your favorite Quacker Factory item is to wear at your summer garden parties and BBQ’s!!

    Quacker Love & Hugs From Across The Pond!!!

    Patrick Hoy



    To Shop Quacker Factory collection, click here:  http://qvc.co/Shop_QuackerFactory

    To Follow Patrick on FB, click here: http://bit.ly/P_Facebook

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  • 06/12/14--10:32: Bree's Big Debut At The Q
  • Knowing that there was a host team meeting yesterday (the only time most of us are able to get together with our crazy schedules), Steve and I decided to bring Bree to QVC to surprise everyone! Here are some pictures from her big debut. 






    Before the meeting let out, we fed Bree in the host lounge. Wanted to make sure she was fueled up and ready to meet everyone!

    Then the meeting let out and all of the hosts immediately flocked to her...

    I love this picture of Jane and Jennifer meeting Bree for the first time! 

    I'm going to go out on a limb here, but my guess is that this is the first diaper change to ever happen in the QVC host lounge, lol! {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

    And after an exciting hour of meeting her QVC family and five minutes of being rocked by our friend Christine, Bree was out like a light! 


    It was so great to see everyone and I am so happy that Bree was finally introduced to the crew! I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to watch everyone soak up Bree's presence and love her just as much as we do!!

    I want to thank all of you for your love and kind words over the last 2 months (can you believe it's already been 2 months?!). I'm very excited to get back to QVC in July but in the mean time we will continue to share Bree updates and pictures on my Facebook page. :) 


    Amy, Steve, and Bree :)     









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    Happy Summer Denim Divas,

    My team and I were talking the other day and trying to decide what our favorite summer outfits were from the current Denim & Co. assortment. We started playing with ideas and looks and came up with 4 great warm weather outfits that we think you will love! Check these out below, and you can click on the item numbers after each picture if you would like to find out more. What are your favorite Denim & Co. outfits for summer?

    Happy Shopping!!!


    Look 1: Summer Casual

    A254817 Denim & Co. Active French Terry Pedal Pushers with Pockets

    A254894 Denim & Co. Perfect Jersey Mosaic Print Short Sleeve Top

    A234702 Dooney & Bourke Nylon Shopper with Braided Handles

    Look 2: Active

    A257766 Denim & Co. Active French Terry Slim Leg Crop Pants

    A254810 Denim & Co. Active French Terry Zip Front Jacket

    A232366 Denim & Co. Essentials Knit Scoop Neck Tank Top

    A252367 Ryka Tempo Canvas Stain and Water Resistant Sneakers

    Look 3: Modern Maxi

    A254813 Denim & Co. Sleeveless Striped Knit Maxi Dress

    A254855 Denim & Co. Button Front Stretch Denim Cropped Vest

    A254910 Denim & Co. Beach Mosaic Print 28" X 72" Scarf

    A231009 Clarks Artisan Amelia Air Leather Wedge Sandals w/ Woven Detail

    Look 4: Beach Day

    A254896 Denim & Co. Beach Knit Terry Cover-up with Hood & Pockets

    A253606 Rialto Galina Mini Wedge Sandals with Flower Detail

    Recently, I took a well-deserved Smile mini vacation to Washington, DC. I actually haven’t been there in quite a while, and it was so much fun!!! There is so much to do and see and actually not enough time in the day to take it all in, so I decided to pick the things I wanted to see most and go for it. My hotel was not too far away from the White House so that was great being able to walk to that magnificent building. I felt very humbled standing in front of this monument to America and thinking about the freedoms that we have and continue to strive for.

    Then it was off to see some of the museums. I say “some” because you physically cannot do all of it at once. I was particularly interested in the National Gallery of Art to see the Andrew Wyeth exhibit and the First Lady’s dresses that were on display. I am a big museum fan anyway and could spend hours wandering in and out of the galleries. They were closing and locking the doors the same time as I was leaving!

    And then it was time for the moonlight tour…yes, a trolley ride thru Washington at night…amazing! I would highly recommend that if you are planning a trip to this great area of our country to check this out. There is nothing like seeing the great monuments and scenery at night!

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    There’s my dad who gave me life,

    and another who helped raise me. 

    There’s my uncle who became more like a father when he stepped in and became one to me more than thirty years ago.

    And there is the daddy who I gave that title when I placed our baby girl in his arms five years ago this week. 

    Dad’s day for me, has never been simple. 

    A child of divorce, I have learned over the years to see the good that came out of that sad ending of a family. I've had two men to influence my life at different times growing up, and two to love me.

     Two men to give me away at my wedding, and two grandfathers for my little girls.

    But I also had to overcome (and continue to overcome) the damage done as a result of being a small child without a father in her home. Thankfully I had a wonderful mom who pulled double duty and became a mom and dad to me. She should really be recognized on father’s day too!

     I also had the love and knowledge of my heavenly father, my first daddy. If I could send him a card, I would.  And I had an uncle who took me to father daughter events and has never stopped being like a dad to me.

    My children’s father has paid dearly for the less than traditional role of fathers in my life. It took years, but my husband has been patient and kind proven he is a man that will never leave.

    When I see him father my two daughters I feel like I am seeing exactly what a dad, in the strongest, purest meaning of the word should be. 

    Even if I didn’t grow up with one father at one time to be there through every stage, I am so blessed by the two dad and countless others who played that part from time to time. My relationship with my biological dad blossomed as I became an adult

    And my step father taught me to love the Lord and showed me how a man should love his wife. 

    This weekend I celebrate all these fathers in my life.  Including the ones I don’t remember.  My grandfather who died when I was three

    And the one grandfather had in my life as a child, but who I lost before I really got to know him as an adult.

    I could never forget my father in law, who is an incredible grandfather! I am convinced he had both knees replaced in the last couple years mainly so he could carry his granddaughters around and keep up with them.

    There is even the man I spent six months with while his girlfriend was pregnant with my daughter.  A dad who knew he couldn’t be a father, and made the ultimate sacrifice for his child and gave her to us.

    Father’s day has never been simple for me, and it probably never will be, but not because it’s a sad day, or a hard day.  It’s a day I get to praise and love on all the men who have made me me.  To all of them I say thank you, and God bless you for being a part of my life.

    Happy Father’s Day!

    Share with me the men who you are thinking about this father’s day.  Write about them below, and on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/kerstinlindquistqvc

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    You cried tears of joy with me when I found out I got my dream job.

    You make me laugh.

    You fix things...like EVERYTHING. Home and car repair is your superpower!

    You drive (!) and fly from New Orleans to Philadelphia to visit your girls like it's a trip to the corner grocery without batting an eye.

    You send us King Cakes at Mardi Gras, bring beignet mix in your suitcase, and Community Coffee in your carryon so we never have to be without a taste of our Native New Orleans.

    You text me "Who Dat!" on Sundays in autumn. We're a cross-country two-person Saints fan club.

    You heard me mention my obsession with Morganite on air once, and bought the piece I was presenting as a Christmas gift...as though it were no big deal (that's a huge deal, btw).

    You're a better grandpa to Gabby than I ever could have hoped for. She loves you so much.

    You're my financial advisor.

    You leave packs of gum on Gabby's pillow before you head back to the airport every time you visit. I can hear her giggle downstairs when she finds them every time.

    You don't know this, but when you visit I sleep better. When Superman is in the house, what's there to worry about??

    You worked over 40 years at the same job. Amazing.

    You kick my tail at Words With Friends...but I suspect you let me win every once in a while. Thanks, Dad.

    Most of all, you give me infinite reasons to be grateful on Father's Day. I reflect on them here and now, but I hope you know a day doesn't go by that I don't give thanks for the miracle that is you. I love you dad!


    Oh, and there's this leaky faucet...so maybe next time you come up you can take a look? ;-)



     Here we are in front of my parent's super-cool groovy van. Is that sodapop in my bottle?? Don't answer that.

    Dad pays us a visit every couple of months from New Orleans, and is so obliging every time by posing for selfies...here we are right before I hand over the massive Daddy-Do List. Did I mention he's a mean Mr.-Fix-It?

     He's not only a wonderful Dad, but World's Best Grandpa! Gabby counts down the days until he comes up north to visit his girls.

    I went to New Orleans this past Christmas to visit Dad and his two brothers. We are SUCH a serious bunch. Ha!

    Dad took his girls on a Disney cruise a year ago. He dotes on Gabby so much, and she counts down the days until she can see her grandpa.


    Speaking of that Disney cruise, Dad got picked out of the audience to participate in a Tarzan-impression contest. I think he did so well because of all the years of hollering at me to clean my room?

    Happy Father's Day Dad!

    Share memories of your father figures with me on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jennifercoffeyqvc 

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  • 06/12/14--13:02: IT truly is all about YOU!
  • Blog Link

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  • 06/13/14--10:59: Happy Father's Day!
  • I love Father’s Day.  It’s a well-deserved time to celebrate Dad a man that I adore and admire.  As you might know, I come from a long line of florists, my father and my grandfather.  What you might not know is that aside from our mutual love of flowers and plants, my father and I share a passion for fishing.  Ocean, lake, stream, pond, carnival game – I love it all and so does my Dad.


    Summer outings with my Father – on the rare occasion he didn't work (This is where my love of my career stems from) – always centered around a fishing outing.   I didn’t know it all those years ago that Dad threw in a few life lessons along with the fishing advice.  But I’m glad he did.

    The secret “lessons” began even before the outing.  I look back and see now where my attention to details, organization and preparedness comes from:  Dad and I would see that we were prepared and the car was packed at least by the day before.  I knew by heart what time to wake up, what time we would get to the fishing hole, what we were fishing for, and what we needed as far as supplies.  Tackle boxes, rods and reels, folding chairs, canopy, cooler for any prize catches, bait (both live and lures), lunch (tomato and mayo and PB&J sandwiches) and snacks (always included M&Ms and Pringles), wind breaker jackets and warm weather clothes.  Check, check, check and check.   If we were casting ocean lines, did I bring my Dramamine?  Yes, yes I did. 

    The actual fishing came with its own secret “lessons.”   Patience and persistence I see now was “taught” to me.  It was never about dropping the line or having to get the big fish, it was all about the time in between.  Sometimes all you can do is be patient and wait to see – maybe the fishing spot was wrong, maybe I was trying too hard, maybe the lure wasn’t right.  To this day when I get frustrated or impatient, I take a deep breath and remember all of the outings with Dad.  The calm comes right away.  


    Life isn’t and never will be about the “catch”.  It’s about the enjoying all you can from every bit of every day.  So Happy Father’s Day Dad and thank you lessons and the occasional big fish too!

     - Barbara

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    Hello, foodies…

    Do you remember why this Sunday is a special episode of In the Kitchen with David? We won’t be airing on the main channel at Noon ET. Instead, you can watch the show on QVC.com or on QVC PLUS®, QVC’s second channel. (Check your cable guide to see if it's available.) We plan to replay the show all day on Sunday on QVC.com, so you can watch at 12, 3pm, 6pm…whenever your Father’s Day or weekend festivities come to a close. Isn’t that great?

    After all, we’re celebrating YOU on Sunday and I'd have for you to miss it. We chose your all-time favorite recipes based on how many likes they got on Facebook, how many shares they had, and we also tallied your blog views and replies. So get ready for Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies, All-American Macaroni Salad, and Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie!! I’ll be making them start-to-finish during the show.

    I’ll also be making my Antipasto Pinwheels, in light of June’s “No Bake, No Cook, No Fuss!” month.

    Antipasto Pinwheels

    Antipasto Pinwheels
    Serves 4–8


    • 3/4 cup giardiniera
    • 2 pepperoncini peppers, stemmed and seeded
    • 1/4 cup pitted Kalamata olives
    • 1/4 cup oil-packed sundried tomatoes
    • 1 Tbsp capers
    • 4 whole canned artichokes
    • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
    • 1 Tbsp prepared pesto
    • 4 sundried tomato or spinach-flavored 10" flour tortillas
    • 8 thin slices mortadella
    • 12 thin slices Provolone
    • 16 thin slices Genoa salami
    • 12 thin slices prosciutto
    • Sandwich picks


    1. Add the giardiniera, pepperoncini, olives, tomatoes, capers, and artichokes to the bowl of a food processor and pulse until all of the ingredients are finely chopped. Reserve.
    2. Combine the mayonnaise and pesto in a small bowl. Place the tortillas on a flat work surface.
    3. Spread about 2 tablespoons of the pesto mayonnaise on each tortilla. Layer 2 slices of mortadella, 3 slices of Provolone, 4 slices of salami, and 3 slices of prosciutto over the mayonnaise spread, covering most of the surface of the tortilla.
    4.  Spread about 1/3 cup of the reserved chopped vegetables over the surface of the meat. Roll the filled tortillas and secure with 5–6 sandwich picks along the seam of each, about 1" apart. Slice about 1/2" off of each end of the tortilla and discard. Repeat the process with remaining tortillas.
    5.  Slice each tortilla between each sandwich pick, creating pinwheels. Serve.

    This recipe is prepared using the KitchenAid Food Processor with Accessories (K35182).

    Go to David's Recipe Item Page for the full list of items that David has used in his recipes.

    Speaking of "No-Bake, No-Fuss," we’ve also got a terrific recipe from one of my favorite bloggers—Megan from Project Housewife. You all know Mac, who appears as a guest from Masterbuilt here on QVC, and Megan is his wife—the glue that holds their family of FIVE together. She is one BUSY lady! Anyway, Megan found out about our theme and she embraced it wholeheartedly now that her little ones are home for the summer. And, she even shared a recipe of her own that’s quick and trouble-free.

    Now’s the time to take advantage of late sunsets, full gardens and to enjoy a slower pace. That laid-back feeling that comes with the end of school brings a comfort that’s different from other seasons. Come June, the outdoors are lush with life, the critters conduct their own little symphonies as the sun goes down and warm evenings are best spent in the open air with good company. There’s not much that I love more than cooking and eating meals made with fresh herbs, fruits, and summer veggies! I’m thankful for folks who have the gift of growing (a skill I wish I had). This month, kick-back, cook from the garden, and enjoy a game or two of capture the flag…family style! My mantra this summer is let go and live well.


    Summertime Salad


    To this housewife and mom of three little blessings (4, 3, and 8 months), no bake, no fuss meals are as valuable as gold. Like many of you, it’s not unusual for me to find a tiny ninja attempting to fly from a ceiling fan or a princess painting a mural on her wall with my hot pink lipstick. No matter what your story, life is exhausting. Just last night I tried to put toothpaste in my contact case…no bueno! I think you’ll agree that we’ve hit the jackpot with this simple, fresh, super healthy…but tastes like candy…recipe. Enjoy!

    Summertime Salad

    Summertime Salad - Project Housewife


    [Happy Father’s Day, to all you fellas; And to the very special dad in our house, I appreciate all your hard work and the time you invest in our kids while you’re home and when you’re away. We won the lottery with the Mac-daddy!]

    Haha! Megan said it better than I could, but Happy Father’s Day to ALL the husbands, dads, and granddads out there. For your blog question today, foodies, tell me how you’re celebrating—or remembering—those fatherly figures today? Are you cooking up his favorite foods? Spending the day together outside? I’ll see you Sunday—on QVC.com for our live webcast—at Noon ET.

    Keep it flavorful!

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  • 06/13/14--11:49: Father's Day
  • My father was a note writer. He would stumble across something interesting or something that he wanted to share, and he would write a quick note and send it. The notes accompanied everything from photographs and newspaper articles, to funny little knick-knacks. And he always ended his notes with a smiley face.

    A note from my dad about a picture from when we were little kids

    I kept most of those delightful notes from my father, and I treasure them even more now that he’s gone. They’re a reminder of how much he loved his family and loved his life.

    Me, my sister Mona, and my brother Clint when we were little.

    I’m grateful to have had such a wonderful dad. Happy Father’s Day!

    Me and my Dad

    Me and my Dad

    See you tomorrow!

    Leah :-)








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    Here's the gluten-free version of David Venable's Skinny Fried Chicken that I'll be making on Sunday's show! 

    ·         1.5 pounds of organic, boneless chicken breasts (pounded to even thickness)
    ·         1 cup cornstarch
    ·         1 cup low-fat buttermilk
    ·         2 eggs
    ·         2 tbsp sriracha
    ·         1 cup GF cornmeal (Bob’s Red Mill)
    ·         2 cups GF cornflake crumbs (Southern Homestyle)
    ·         1 tsp. garlic powder
    ·         2 tbsp. dried parsley flakes
    ·         Salt & pepper to taste

    1.    Rinse off the chicken in cold water. Trim the fatty pieces off of the chicken. Place ½ cup of the cornstarch in a zip-top bag and coat each piece of chicken with cornstarch. Remove the chicken with tongs and set aside on a paper towel-lined plate.
    2.    Preheat your oven to 375F.
    3.    Make your dredge. Mix the buttermilk, eggs, and Sriracha in a pie plate and set aside.
    4.    Make your coating. Mix the remaining half cup of cornstarch, cornmeal, cornflake crumbs, garlic powder, parsley flakes, salt & pepper together in a second pie plate and arrange next to dredge.
    5.    Using tongs, dredge a piece of chicken in the egg mixture. Then cover it with your coating mixture. Now do it again! Dredge the same piece back into the egg wash, and again into the coating mixture. Do this to all pieces and arrange them in your oven-safe pan.
    6.    Bake for 30-35 minutes. Each oven varies, and remember: the chicken will continue to cook even when you remove it from the oven. When the internal temperature of the chicken is about 160 degrees, you should be ready to take it out of the oven and let it rest.

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    Jill at the Pool Party

    Hi, everyone!

    Thank you all for your kind comments about our wedding…it’s CRAZY how fast time flies. I remember my wedding day so vividly—as I’m sure all of you do—and somehow it was 11 years ago!? Do you still get your wedding photos out from time to time? I hadn’t looked through my album in a while and it was fun for me…and Doug. I bet your husbands will feel the same way. :)

    Did you enjoy our summertime barbecue on You’re Home with Jill last Wednesday? The only thing that was missing was…a POOL! So guess what!? We’re having another party this Wednesday on YHJand this one will be pool-inspired. I’ve got a fun idea for sprucing up those strands of outdoor lights, I’ll show you how to make ADORABLE bowls out of paper plates, and then I’ll show you this…how to make a Fancy Cocktail Wreath!

    Here’s your shopping list for the craft store:

    • About 50 drink umbrellas, toothpicks shortened
    • Medium-size Styrofoam wreath base
    • Colorful tulle or paint (to cover the wreath)
    • Straight pins
    • Scissors
    • Ribbon, for hanging
    • X-Acto knife
    • Glue

    Fancy Cocktail Wreath

    Fancy Cocktail Wreath

    And again, here’s how you make this:

    1. Decorate that ugly Styrofam with something…you can paint it or use brightly colored tule like I did.
    2. If you use tulle, straight pins can help you hold the fabric in place as you twist it around the base.
    3. Choose a “back” side and create a hanging loop from the ribbon. Glue in place.
    4. Use your X-Acto knife to pre-poke a hole in the base for an umbrella. Fill with glue, then add your umbrella. Fill in the outside perimeter, inside, and then middle with umbrellas.
    5. Create holes on the perimeter, inside of the wreath, and then fill in the middle.

    That’s all there is to it! Just make sure you find a space that your creation can really shine—like on a serving cart or perhaps even your front door. Guests will get that “pool party feel” as soon as they walk to your door.

    Fancy Cocktail Wreath

    Look for Wednesday’s episode on QVC.com all day long, or QVC PLUS® at 7pm ET. Have a terrific weekend and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads and granddads out there!

    From my home to yours,

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    The power of a stunning lip can transform your face!  It's even more youthful if you have shine with gorgeous color!


    Introducing the NEW Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lipgloss! They're a cross between a lipstick and lipgloss - not tacky in texture!


    You all have been asking for more neutral shades --- you're getting two neutrals and a merlot!  They're all infused with moisturizing ingredients like organic green tea, seaweed and coffee oil.  Your lips will love the hydration and the color and subtle vinyl shine will WOW you!


    Nude - a medium nude pink:


    Terracotta - a muted rose brown:



    Merlot - a berry wine shade when you need something a little bolder (My tip-apply a small amount to line your lips then fill in) :


    What are your favorite lip products and colors???  Let me know so we can feature them on "Pucker Up With Jacque"!


    Please come say "Hi" to me on my Facebook page and click "Like" so we can stay in touch: www.facebook.com/jacqueqvc 


    Best wishes and blessings,

    Jacque G. 

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    to come

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  • 06/13/14--14:07: Welcome to my Home
  • Welcome to my home!  

    My style can be described as lived in and well loved! My house is filled with special memories and lots of QVC products...I hope you will accept my invitation and keep me company in my home...

    My front door is always adorned with a wreath..this happens to be a gift from my sister Deb and I added a Bethlehem light string lights to the wreath...you will have to come visit during the holidays to see my decorations...

    I have not only a guard dog, Misty to greet you but Catdog can be found on the steps ready to great you...she has been known to growl at the UPS man when he comes onto our porch...

    My home is filled with lots of Valerie Parr Hill items to add warmth like my jar candles on my kitchen table and my many angels.


    I love my many special things that Nicole made for me like this pretty glass plate.

    My sister Deb decorated these ballet shoes in celebration of Nicole's graduation.

    Lots of ballet influence in this house with pictures:

    and inspiration:

    I have even let Nicole use her old pointe shoes to decorate the posts of her bed and the curtain rods too.

    I cherish this shadow box from Nicole's baptism that holds her shoes, hat and bib plus special Kenneth Jay Lane pearls which are a treasured gift for us.

    Of course we love our furry friends....I love this Misty plaque:

    .. as much as Misty loves her comfy My Pillow dog bed:

    Britney spears adores the fluffies blanket:

    Catdog loves my Northern Nights comforter and My Pillow too!

    I love spending time outdoors with my QVC patio umbrella and our Q mat...

    I have lots of solar lights and QVC in my garden including heirloom tomato plants from Cottage Farms...


    As you can tell I have lots of company joining me both inside and out. 

    I love to look at my plants on the kitchen windowsill...

    Bethlehem lights window candles are in all my windows year round to add warmth to my house both inside and out.

    As you can tell I love my Q products especially in my kitchen..(Scrub Daddy)

    One of my favorite Q products is definitely my Keurig complete with my original Morning Show mug.

    Many Royal Palace rugs decorate my floors to add color and comfort...

    The fireplace is my favorite focus with the mantle holding not only Fearless my Fish but the Bethlehem top aqua candles and fresh flowers.

    Truly a home that is lived in and well loved...My angels will watch over you from above..

    Thanks for giving me a chance to share my home....


    You can find me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/PatJamesDeMentriQVC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/pdementri

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/PatJamesDeMentriQVC

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    Hello Fellow Q Beauty Shoppers!!

    Nowadays there are many choices when it comes to anti-aging skincare. They all claim to do this or that, and some actually do and others not so much. As a gal in my 50's, I have been asked by many of you about my skin care regimen. So today, I am thrilled to be able to tell you all about our Today's Special Value from Peter Thomas Roth, a man and a brand that I am a total FAN of !! I have been incorporating Peter's powerful, effective anti-aging skin care products into my daily and nightly skincare routine for quite some time now. Personally, I am also a total FAN of less fine lines and wrinkles and a more youthful complexion too!  You can imagine how excited I was to learn that today we would be offering you TWO of PTR's MAJOR Customer Favorites in a SUPER SIZE DUO, which can ONLY be found at QVC! Introducing, the Peter Thomas Roth Super Size Retinal Night Duo, both in a big 2 oz size, which of course means big VALUE as well!  It is truly a "dream come true", as as these proven anti-aging formulas help you get some REAL beauty sleep!! The set includes Peter's 2013 Customer Choice Beauty Award winning Retinol Fusion Serum, which YOU voted the Best Retinol product on QVC! It also includes Peter's new and improved Unwrinkle Night Cream, which is now  approved to be used on the neck and decollete area as well as the face!!  Throughout the day, you will be seeing some amazing "before and after" photos which show results after only ONE week of the combined use of these two products, as well as even more impressive results after four weeks of use.

    Peter Thomas Roth's skincare line is famous for rejuvenating and promoting clear skin and for addressing all skin care needs, including anti-aging and hydration.  Peter works closely to research and develop his products in his own lab, using only the latest, most progressive methods and formulations.

    In our Today's Special Value, the problem of fine lines and wrinkles and skin texture is addressed by the first product in the set, the Retinal Fusion Serum. It uses a potent concentration of 1/5% microencapsulated retinol to encourage your skin's renewal  process while you sleep!  It is clinically proven to make the skin appear more vibrant, more youthful, and with a more even skin tone. It is infused with vitamins C and E to help fight free radicals which are so detrimental to our skin!  PLUS, you are ALSO going to receive Peter's new and improved Unwrinkle Night Cream, which provides intense hydration while fighting signs of aging overnight! AND you can now use it on your neck and decollete too! This has been a big customer request and many have been waiting for the green light to use this amazing night cream on the neck area. Along with intense hydration, the retinol in this cream helps to rejuvenate the skin and imparts a more clear and vibrant complexion.

    All of this and value too!! Our QVC Beauty and Skincare customers like you and me, LOVE to see Super Sizes of their favorite products, because that always means you get a lot more product for your money!!  We're offering you the opportunity to "lock it in" with Auto Delivery today as well, which means you'll receive a new shipment of this amazing duo every 4 months for 2 years. Personally, I am a big fan of auto-delivery when it comes to Peter Thomas Roth!!

    One last thing....if you are currently using a different brand of skin care, or maybe you enjoy using a combination of products from different brands (like me), this TSV set is a perfect way to try Peter Thomas Roth, because it is only used at night, and you can use your other favorite products during the day! This is an easy set to incorporate into your current skincare regimen and still see the amazing results we all love from Peter Thomas Roth!

    Here's to some REAL Beauty Sleep.....from Peter Thomas Roth!!





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    Father's Day is a perfect time to pay tribute to all dads, who have done so much to help us grow into the people we are today - and my father has without a doubt, helped me become the woman I am.

    Growing up I thought my dad was a superhero - always protecting me and keeping me safe.  Just holding his hand made me feel like nothing could ever go wrong.



    Many times at night, I would crawl out of bed to find him asleep on the couch and I would curl up next to him knowing that was best place to be on earth.

    Of course I thought he was the smartest, most handsome man ever and I realize as I look back how much time we spent together early on in my childhood. Whether singing "New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra in our living room, coaching my softball team, teaching me how to drive or making me 18 pancakes for breakfast on Sunday mornings, he always did it with the sweetest smile and kindest heart. (Yes, I would eat four stacks of four pancakes for breakfast and they weren't the silver dollar size!)  

    (Wrapped around my finger. Here is the puppy he said we couldn't have)

    When I was sick, he was there at my bedside (you should hear about the now infamous Pork and Sauerkraut episode of 1990, the details are gruesome but let's just say only the true love of a father could do what he did that night!)

    Even as a teenager, when my life became more about me and my friends, he watched quietly from the background, observing and listening, knowing just when to step in to hold me accountable for my actions. 

    High School Graduation.

    He's seen me at my best: runner up in Carvel ice cream's Little Miss Half Pint pageant, graduating college, becoming a Philadelphia news anchor and becoming a parent myself to two wonderful boys. 

    And he has seen me at my worst...(I won't mention those, but some of it was ugly!)  Those times, my dad would tell me things I didn't want to hear - but in the end, its exactly what needed to be said, and I have no problem saying now, that he was ALWAYS right!

    My Hero, Always!

    Many women are close to their mothers and I love mine very much... but it’s my Dad with whom I share a very special bond... the man who still makes me feel like that little girl he cooked so many pancakes for all those years ago. 

    Cheers to my best friend, my Dad!


    Thanks Dad, for simply being you!  Happy Father's Day!  I adore you! 

    Love, Stinky!

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    Venice is a magical city. It is a city with many layers. You can visit a million times and never see everything. This year, we thought we would take you on a tour of Venice. It is a little insight into one of my favorite cities in the world. If you are lucky enough to have been there, it will bring back wonderful memories. If you have ever thought about going, I think this will make up your mind for you. Enjoy the video tour! 

    I will see you tonight at 11pm ET for Vicenza Style! :)

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    When it comes to Fathers, I was the luckiest girl in the world! I'm so grateful for a Dad who was strict yet loving, clear about the values our family stood for, and prayed for me daily for 53 years! He prayed every night for his kids, our spouses, and for each of his grandchildren, one at a time praying out loud in his bed. I'm so grateful for his teaching us to 'walk in The Truth of God's Word'. I love you, Dad and miss you every day
    Counting our blessings, MB

    Dad's Great Grape Tapioca Pudding

    3/4 cup Minute Tapioca

    2 cups water

    48 oz. grape juice

    1 cup sugar

    2 Tablespoon vanilla

    Put 2 cups water and 2 cups grape juice in a large pot. Add tapioca and heat on medium heat, stirring constantly. When mixture starts to bubble, add the remaining grape juice and continue to stir continuously. Add sugar and vanilla and bring to a second boil. Remove from heat and let it cool. The pudding will thicken as it cools. Serve plain or with whipped cream. Refrigerate overnight for most robust flavor.



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    Read below for answers to questions you may have about this exciting new duo!

    Peter Thomas Roth Super-size Retinol Night Duo


    Q: Why is it beneficial to use Retinol Fusion PM Night Serum and Un-Wrinkle Night together?
    A: This night duo works together to target the appearance of your wrinkles and fine lines, and it gives you a double dose of retinol when you use both products together. This is your complete evening regimen for the face and neck with two unique textures that are perfect for layering. Retinol Fusion PM Night Serum and Un-Wrinkle Night complement each other by combining retinol and a solution of peptides and neuropeptides that work synergistically to maximize results.

    Q: I have been scared to use retinol in the past since it is known to cause redness, irritation, dryness, and flaky skin. Should I be concerned about those effects when using these products?
    A: These formulations are specifically designed to work together to give you the benefits of retinol with minimum irritation. Retinol Fusion PM Night Serum is microencapsulated retinol and Un-Wrinkle Night contains Pro Vitamin B5 and aloe vera which soothe, calm, and hydrate skin.

    Q: Why is this duo only to be used at night?
    A: Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care is known for using high concentrations of ingredients. Both products contain retinol which increases the sensitivity of skin to the sun. To maintain results and help avoid irritation, it is highly recommended that you use sunscreen during the day. In addition, using the products overnight allows your skin to rejuvenate as you sleep.


    Information provided by Peter Thomas Roth.

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    About one mile from the famous Cliffs of Moher in the west of Ireland is a little known but fascinating place - it's the holy well dedicated to St. Brigid. I made a visit there the other day and want to share the story with you.

    Born in 525 AD, St. Brigid is the most famous woman saint, and this well is a sacred place of pilgrimage that has been used for centuries. You enter the well through a little entrance in the side of the hill, and the whole interior is adorned with old statues, rosaries, prayer cards and offerings.

    At the very end is the well itself. Taking the water is said to keep you safe and in good health.

    I really love to visit these hidden gems that can be found all over Ireland.

    AND, hot news, I will be coming to QVC on June 24th and 25th to attend the artisan handmade jewellery shows. I will have two brand-new items!

    I look forward to seeing you all soon!

    Stephen, Connemara Marble



    Shop Connemara Marble jewelry and Stephen’s book The History of Connemara Marble on QVC.com.  

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