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    I can't believe that last weekend was Super Saturday. It was an important day and a big event, and I am so glad QVC is a part of it. This event is the primary fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, and it has traditionally only been available to people who could actually be in the Hamptons. Through the live broadcast on QVC, the event has been opened up to the entire country. You have been our best partners possible in this endeavor. With your support, we have raised over $7,400,000 for OCRF in the years that we have broadcast, and this year, although we are still waiting on the final results, we know we raised over a million dollars more. Thank  you, thank you, thank you. It would not be possible without you. There are still a few things available if you'd like to shop for a cause, and we have included some of the videos from the event in case you missed it. Here's hoping next year is even better. See you then! :)






    See you soon!

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    One of the most exciting things about shopping with QVC is feeling like you’re browsing alongside your best friends—from the comfort of your living room. We not only get to learn more about the products—everything from the number of pockets on a handbag to the outfit you’ll want to carry it with—we get to know the hosts and guests who begin to feel like our friends. We tune in to hear about Courtney Cason’s engagement, Amy Stran’s new baby, and to see David Venable’s “happy dance.” 

    Many of you have shopped alongside Dooney & Bourke On-Air Guest Sue Clifton for more than 15 years. You’re familiar with her upbeat personality and may know a little bit about her personal life—from her home in Florida to her two children, Nicholas and Nichole. Now I’d like to introduce you to a new member of the QVC family, Dooney & Bourke On-Air Guest Ashley Bellman. I recently got the chance to chat with both Ashley and Sue about their relationship, favorite things, summer plans, and of course, new Dooney & Bourke bags! Enjoy the scoop!

    Ashley – QVC Copy Editor

    Sue Clifton (left) and Ashley Bellman (right)

    Howdoes it feel to be part of the Dooney & Bourke on-air team?

    Ashley B.: I am thrilled to be a member of the Dooney & Bourke family! It’s such an honor for a brand that I have always adored to welcome me with open arms and allow me to be a part of the QVC experience.

    Tell me a little bit about what led you to the luxurious handbag maker.

    Ashley B.: I received my first Dooney & Bourke bag as a gift when I was in junior high school, and I have been a devoted fan ever since! My admiration for the luxurious brand has only grown since I started working with Sue and Dooney & Bourke. The eminent aesthetic appeal reflects the quality and craftsmanship that I have had the pleasure of seeing and learning about firsthand.

    I love fashion, shopping, accessorizing, and television, so being on QVC is a dream come true! When I heard that Sue Clifton from Dooney & Bourke liked my audition video, I was beyond ecstatic.  

    How do you two like working together?

    Sue C.: It has been so great having Ashley on board; she has been so helpful to me and QVC. She is a very organized and smart young lady!

    Ashley B.: I am so lucky to be able to work with Sue! She is one of the most down-to-earth, genuine people that I know. If you watch her on QVC, you know exactly what I’m talking about. She is the same wonderful person in front of the camera as she is behind the scenes. Sue knows everything there is to know about each and every Dooney & Bourke item, and she is an excellent teacher and role model.

    What do you like to do when you’re not busy sharing your love of luxe handbags?

    Ashley B.: I love to be at the beach! Everything is better near the ocean! I also really like to cook. I got married last October, and I haven’t even scratched the surface experimenting with all of my newlywed cookbook recipes. I love spending time with my family and friends, too. My sister is my shopping partner in crime, while my husband and I like finding fun, innovative ways to work out. We like to do mud runs and explore different parks and trails. And last but certainly not least, I love playing with my little dog, Myla. She is the cutest Maltese Yorkie mix who loves going for walks and jumping in my mom’s pool.

    Sue C.: I most enjoy entertaining family and friends at home. My husband, Joel, and I love to boat and fish in the summer and are big snow skiers in the winter.

    If you had to choose, what’s your favorite food?

    Sue C.: Joel makes the most amazing smoked ribs on the grill—they are my all-time favorite.

    Ashley B.: Mine is caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella.

    How about a favorite restaurant?

    Ashley B.: La Stalla, an Italian restaurant in my hometown of Newtown, Pennsylvania. 

    Sue C.: Riverwalk Café in downtown Stuart, Florida—best tuna nachos in the world!

    Favorite TV show?

    Sue C.:Masterchef.

    Ashley B.:How I Met Your Mother was one of my favorite sitcoms. I also love House Hunters.

    How about your all-time favorite movie?

    Ashley B.:Love Actually.

    Sue C.:The Green Mile.

    Where’s your favorite travel destination?

    Ashley B.: Maui! I went there on my honeymoon last October and it was breathtaking.

    Sue C.: Colorado and the Bahamas.

    Any special summer plans this year?

    Ashley B.: My family has a place in Ocean City, New Jersey, so my husband and I try to make it down the shore as much as possible! My husband’s family lives in Ohio, so earlier in the summer we took a trip with them to the lake they vacation at in Coldwater, Michigan. And beyond that, I plan on just being outside and enjoying the warmth!

    Sue C.: Summer plans are a vacation in Colorado and a “staycation” at home in Florida with family and friends.

    Best QVC memory so far?

    Ashley B.: I would have to say my first Dooney & Bourke show! It was a two-hour show with an amazing line-up. Jane Treacy was the host, and the callers were wonderful! We had so much fun—I couldn’t believe two hours had gone by when the show ended.

    Sue C.: I’d say ALL the fun I’ve had and the relationships I’ve developed over the past 16 years at QVC.

    Do you remember your first Dooney & Bourke bag?

    Ashley B.: Yes! It was a signature multi-colored wristlet with a white background. I got it for Christmas when I was in 8th grade, and I’ll never forget how excited I was to receive it!

    Sue C.: Mine was an all-weather leather satchel in Air Force blue that I still have 28 years later! Check it out:

    Be honest, how many Dooney & Bourke bags do you own now?

    Sue C.: Yikes! To be honest, I have owned and shared hundreds.

    Ashley B.: Right now I have five bags, but with the new purses coming out, that number is going to undoubtedly increase.  

    What can we look forward to from Dooney & Bourke? Your new line, Samba, sounds like it’s going to make me want to get up and dance!

    Sue C.: Our fall line-up is amazing!—full of luxury leathers showcasing the most wonderful colors. We have added many new styles to our core collections, including great functional small leather goods sure to please the Dooney & Bourke gals!

    Ashley B.: All I can say is, get excited! I literally have had dreams about this one bag that comes out in November. It was love at first sight, and I saw it for the first time back in May. While patience is not my forte, this one will be worth the wait.

    I have a list of favorites for the fall and winter collections. There are so many spectacular silhouettes with innovative styles that possess all of the perfect qualities we love about Dooney & Bourke! 

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    With all of the wonderful things summer brings, weeds and unwanted insects are NOT two of them.  Every gardener knows you can win the battle maybe, but rarely the war.  The reason we all strive for “weed-free” is twofold; first because weeds just look terrible and furthermore compete for nutrients with our soil, grass and perennials.  

    Some of my friends find the weeding process relaxing, but sadly I find it frustrating more times than not.  Insects, whether the annoying flying kind or terrible plant eaters, have a place in the ecosystem, but not necessarily in my garden.

    Summer weeding is all about consistency and trying to pull the entire root system out before it goes to seed and propagates.  If you cannot devote the time to removing weeds from you entire property, try to weed especially around your plants in your vegetable garden and perennials.  At the very least this will give your plants an extra advantage to flourish.  To make this process easier on you, many find using a garden hoe is helpful and less strenuous. 

    Fighting insects in your garden can be a battle too.  I have had some success with various natural insect repellents such as birds, yes birds.  Birds consume a large amount of insects.  Birdhouses, feeders and baths throughout your property will make for fewer insects and plumper, happier birds.   Depending on where you are, you might consider a bat house – these little creatures like insects too.  A quart spray bottle of water mixed with 1 tsp. canola oil and 1 tsp. liquid dish soap is a safe repellent for your plants.  And lastly, there are some plants that naturally repel insects such a marigold, petunias, rosemary and garlic all of which can be planted around your cutting and vegetable gardens adding not only a “bad” smell for bugs, but fragrance and color for you.  Although I am not a fan of chemical sprays, use them if need be as a last resort.

    - Barbara


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    I hear from so many women frustrated about their skin looking older than their years. They look in the mirror and see lines, wrinkles and lack of firmness. A picture is worth a 1000 words and when you see the before and after photos, you will agree my very special Day To Night Firming Collection is extraordinary!

    Help improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, firmness, brightness and skin radiance. All the things that make us look older than our years.

    In fact, when using Firmatone in a three-week, 10-subject consumer study, 100% of participants found that lines, wrinkles and pores appeared to be visibly reduced; and 90% found the skin to appear firmer in the eye area, chin area, and forehead. All these benefits are available at a price that is truly irresistible.

    —Dr. Denese

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    Hi, everyone!

    Happy August! Our “Get Inspired” month is officially underway. I talked about this idea a little in my last blog, but essentially, you all inspire me so much with your posts, comments, blog replies, and photos. I love seeing what you’re doing on social media and I want to highlight YOU this month...the moms, wives, and talented women out there who cook, craft, and make their houses homes. On Tuesday, I asked to see photos of your kitchens…I wanted to know how you incorporated a pop of color into your décor. And now…here are the results!

    Sherry's Kitchen

    This is Sherry’s beach-themed kitchen. She painted the walls aqua, the cabinets white, and then she painted the island yellow for a pop of color. LOVE, Sherry! You know how I love the beach…this is SO my style!


    Sherry's Kitchen


    This photo is also from a talented lady named Sherry! She painted her walls “Royal Garnet” last spring and said it’s given her the most color she’s ever had in the kitchen. I love how she has the Keurig, wood stove, and curtains to match—even the trash can matches!


    Barbie's Kitchen


    And last but not least, there’s Barbie’s kitchen. WOW, Barbie! She used her Raspberry Ice KitchenAid mixer as inspiration for her kitchen and I think it looks terrific!! Did you see the T.V. above the oven? How AWESOME! She can watch YHJ, In the Kitchen with David, and all her favorite shows as she cooks.

    Thank you to everyone who shared photos—I was THRILLED that so many of you took the time to share your homes with us. So are you ready for your next challenge? I want to see how you recently re-decorated or updated a bedroom in your home. Did you get a new comforter and accents to match? Did you paint an accent wall? Let me see your ideas! Just like before, you can submit your photos to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter but be sure to use #YHJInspired so we can find them! Or, you can email your photos to us at yhj@qvc.com. We need them by Monday, August 11.

    I’ll see you on Monday for a special You’re Home with Jill at 2pm ET—mark your calendars so you remember the special time!

    From my home to yours,

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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  • 08/01/14--12:35: It’s time for Meratrim®!
  • RE-BODY® Meratrim® Fruit & Flower Formula™ is a unique, clinically tested weight management supplement that can help assist with  weight loss efforts when combined with a reduced daily 2,000-calorie diet and a walking program of 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week.*†

    Derived from fruit and flower extracts, this formula offers 800 mg of Meratrim per day in just 2 capsules.*†

    • Original proprietary formula that was clinically studied

    • Contains just Meratrim®, no other dietary ingredients

    • Non-stimulant ingredient and caffeine free


    To your good health,

    Naomi Whittel



    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    † Meratrim® is intended to be used according to the procedure in the clinical study. The 8-week study was conducted in India on adults with an average BMI of 34 and between the ages of 21-50 years old. Study participants took Meratrim® twice daily, consumed a prescribed 2,000 calorie per day diet  and exercised 30 minutes per day 5 days a week. .

    MERATRIM® proprietary blend of two plant extracts is a registered trademark of Laila Nutraceuticals and is used under exclusive license by InterHealth Nutraceuticals.


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    Patients at my Manhattan clinic ask me all the time, "What made you create the new Medi-Spa Peel?" The answer is the very essence of my work…

    As a dermatologist, it's truly my passion to help all my patients look in the mirror and love what they see. I hear disheartened comments like, "all of the sudden my skin looks crinkly and dull", or "where did these wrinkles come from?" And along with comments like those comes a certain loss of confidence and personal well-being. Women confide in me about these issues, which has given me an even deeper drive to use my 20+ years of clinical expertise to help.

    That's what motivated me to create the Alpha Beta Medi-Spa Peel. Just like my daily peel, it’s loaded with antioxidants and acids, but it’s an enhanced version. The best part: there are only two steps to this power peel.

    Step 1 blends acids (glycolic, salicylic, ellagic), and includes an AMAZING antioxidant (rehmannia glutinosa root extract). Step 2 brings the luxury: it's a brand new firming peptide milk.

    Ready to see this skin care revolution for yourself? Tune in to QVC at 9pm ET this Tuesday, August 5 for Tuesday Night Beauty. Meanwhile, if you want daily insider skin-care tips, keep in touch via my blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

    —Dr. Dennis Gross

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    Below are the results of the survey conducted in July, over 1,500 people participated in the survey.  Click here to read how we plan to respond to the results.


    Community members logged in page

    When asked about the Community Members Logged In (page located here) 48% of the survey participants did not know this page existed. 36% want the page removed, and 16% want the page to stay.

    QVC employees posting comments in the forums

    When asked about QVC employees posting in the forums 83% of the survey participants are ok with QVC posting. Of the people who are for QVC posting in the forums, 55% welcome posts anywhere, 22% are ok with posts anywhere to help answer questions, and finally 23% want QVC to post in a specific category.

    Survey questions about managing nasty posts

    73% of the survey participants want QVC to remove negative/nasty posts about Community members. 14% do not care either way, and 13% are against QVC removing negative posts about Community members.

    50% of the survey participants want QVC to remove negative/nasty posts about hosts.  25% do not care either way, and 25% are against QVC removing negative/nasty posts about hosts

    50% of the survey participants want QVC to do nothing about negative posts about brands and on-air guests. 21% do not care either way, and 29% would like QVC to remove negative posts about brands.

    Good posts that take a bad turn and become nasty

    72% of the survey participants want QVC to take some action when a discussion takes a negative turn. 28% are against QVC taking action on a post that turns negative.

    The majority of the votes went to QVC removing the negative posts only (60%), QVC closing comments came in second (23%), and last was QVC removes the entire discussion (17%).

    Forum maintenance of older posts with thousands of comments

    64% of the survey participants would like to see older threads closed after a certain time period or reach a maximum number of replies. 36% don’t want the long standing discussions to be closed ever.

    Click here to read how we plan to respond to the results.

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  • 08/04/14--06:56: National Sisters Day!
  • Sister, sister! Peek at some of your Q favorites showing off their siblings on National Sisters Day!

    Amy Stran

    Angel Smedley with sisters Diane, Kim & Vicki

    Jane Treacy

    Leah Williams

    Sally Combs, Earth Brand on-air guest with sisters Leigh & Marna

    Rachel Boesing

    Sandra Bennett

    Sarah Potempa

    Mary Beth Roe

    Amy Oselkin, Clarks on-air guest, with sister Alison

    Bethanie Lori, orYANY on-air guest with sister Vanessa


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    Thank you for participating in the Courtney Says I Do poll to help me plan my big day!


    Here are the winners:


    Which wedding favor should Courtney choose?

    Mini Champagne Bottles with Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    BBQ Sauce with Peach Preserves

    Krispy Kreme Donuts with Burlap Coffee


    What should Courtney and Aaron’s first song be?

    “All of Me” by John Legend

    “At Last” by Etta James

    “Love Song” by 311


    Don’t forget to visit the poll this week to help me choose my cupcake flavors and appetizers!

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
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    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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  • 08/04/14--07:28: A Taste of Fall
  • I have this bad habit of always looking forward to the next season. Sometimes I think it takes away from the season I'm actually in, and it definitely says that I'm not "living in the moment", but I can't help it. Everyday, all day long I look forward to the next meal, and in the same way I think I look forward to the next season of food and eating. Fall is just around the corner and although I'm still enjoying the summer fruits and vegetables, I can't wait to start braising and stewing foods again, making the house smell so delicious. I suppose I could start making all those dishes now, but with the temperatures outside still in the 80s and 90s, I'd heat my kitchen up too much. Well, that was until I figured out that I could make all those braises and stews in my MICROWAVE!

    Now, the first cooking class I ever took was called "Microwave Cooking", but I've been as guilty as the next person of using my microwave to just re-heat foods or make popcorn. We all have these great microwaves in our kitchens, but we don't use them to their full capacity because our experience has taught us that microwaves make foods rubbery, dry and frankly not very tasty. This has all changed for me, however, because of the Cook's Essentials(R) Microwave Pressure Cooker. If you know me at all, you'll know I love pressure cookers and pressure cooking. I had never even THOUGHT about combining pressure cooking with microwave cooking until my friend Eric Theiss introduced me to the Microwave Pressure Cooker. Now I get to have the beautiful results of a pressure cooker, but with microwave speeds without having to wait for the pressure to build inside the cooker before the time starts counting down and the cooking starts. It also doesn't heat up my kitchen and it gives me more time to do the things I love doing (or chores I HAVE to do!).

    This Wednesday is the Taste of Fall cooking event on QVC and I'll get my fill of Fall foods - sort of a preview of what I have to look forward to. You'll be able to get a chance to prepare for the Fall cooking season too, stocking up on what you don't already have, or would like to have in your kitchen. The Cook's Essentials(R) Microwave Pressure Cooker is just one of the items that you'll be able to pick up to get ready for meal making during one of the busiest times of our year.

    Here are two recipes that I can't wait to make this Fall (or sooner!). The meatloaf recipe is one of the best meatloaf recipes I've tasted. (Big Tip: use the best ketchup and steak sauce that you have. You're finished meal can only be as good as the individual ingredients.) The Philadelphia Beef Stroganoff is an interesting recipe - you can eat it like stroganoff over pasta, or you can put it into a hoagie roll and eat it sort of like a cheesesteak!

    Do I have you looking forward to the next season yet? Bring on the Fall!


    Mama’s Meatloaf

    Serves 4 to 6


    • 2 pounds (900 g) mixed ground pork, ground veal and ground beef
    • 1 medium onion, diced
    • 1 small clove of garlic, minced
    • 2 egg yolks, lightly beaten
    • ½ cup (120 mL) tomato ketchup
    • 1 tablespoon steak sauce
    • ½ cup (75 g) dried or Panko breadcrumbs
    • 1 teaspoon onion powder
    • salt and pepper, to taste
    • ½ cup (120 mL) chopped fresh parsley, plus more for garnish


    • 1 14.5-ounce (411 g) can crushed tomatoes
    • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
    • 1 teaspoon honey


    1. Combine the first ten ingredients in a large bowl, mixing well. Shape the mixture into a rectangular loaf just long enough to fit into the Microwave Pressure Cooker. Using a knife, score the top of the loaf in a diagonal pattern with ½-inch (1 cm) cuts. Place the meatloaf into the Microwave Pressure Cooker.
    2. Combine the sauce ingredients in a bowl and pour the sauce over the meatloaf.
    3. Place the lid on the Microwave Pressure Cooker and lock into the closed position.
    4. Cook the meatloaf on HIGH for 25 minutes.
    5. When the time is up, let the pressure come down naturally by leaving the lid on the cooker until the white pressure indicator has dropped.
    6. Allow the meatloaf to rest for a few more minutes and then transfer the meatloaf to a serving platter. Slice the meatloaf and drizzle the sauce over the slices. Sprinkle parsley on top and serve.


    Philadelphia Beef Stroganoff


    Serves 4 to 6




    • 1 medium onion, chopped
    • 2 stalks celery, chopped
    • 2 tablespoons olive oil
    • ½ teaspoon salt
    • 1 teaspoon crushed black pepper
    • 1 pound (450 g) shaved beef
    • 2 cups (500 mL) dry medium egg noodles (uncooked)
    • 2 cups (500 mL) beef stock
    • ¼ cup (60 mL) dry red wine
    • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
    • 1½ teaspoons dried thyme
    • 1 teaspoon paprika
    • 1 teaspoon onion powder
    • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
    • ¼ cup (60 mL) sour cream
    • ½ cup (120 mL) Neufchâtel cheese (or cream cheese)
    • 1 tablespoon butter
    • 6 hoagie or Kaiser rolls (optional)




    1. Place the onions, celery, olive oil, salt and pepper in the Microwave Pressure Cooker and cook, uncovered, on HIGH for 3 minutes.
    2. Add the beef and egg noodles to the Microwave Pressure Cooker and stir well. Combine the stock, wine, Dijon mustard and dried spices and pour this over the meat and vegetables in the Microwave Pressure Cooker. Stir well to combine.
    3. Place the lid on the Microwave Pressure Cooker and lock into the closed position.
    4. Cook the Stroganoff on HIGH for 15 minutes.
    5. When the time is up, let the pressure come down naturally by leaving the lid on the cooker until the white pressure indicator has dropped.
    6. Remove the lid and stir in the sour cream, cream cheese and butter.
    7. Serve in a bowl with a piece of bread to mop up the sauce OR serve over a hoagie or Kaiser roll. 

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    Here are the most frequently asked questions from our customers about the LG306G Tracfone No Contract CellPhone w/1500Min & Replacement Plan - International Calling.  If you don't see your question listed in the FAQs, post your question to this blog, below, and check back throughout the day on Tuesday, August 5th to have your question answered by our Tracfone team of experts!



    Q: Do I need to activate my phone right away?

    A: Your phone must be activated within 60 days from the order date in order to redeem the promotional minutes. The phone can be activated at any time outside of the 60 days, but the promotional minutes cannot be redeemed after 60 days from the QVC order date.

    Q: Are there minutes included with this phone?

    A: Yes. The promotional service included with the LG306G Prepaid TracFone is 1500 minutes and 365 service days.

    Q: How do I redeem my promotional minutes?

    A: Follow the steps on the Welcome Guide enclosed with your shipping package. Activate your device through TracFone by visiting them online at www.TracFone.com or calling 1-800-867-7183. Once your phone is completely activated, contact the Wireless Center at 1-888-238-0828 to redeem your promotional service.

    Q: I did not receive all or some of my promotional minutes. How do I receive all my promotional minutes?

    A: Contact The Wireless Center at 1-888-238-0828 for correction and assistance with your promotional minutes.

    Q: How do I receive Triple Minutes? (Note: some phones include Double Minute Benefit)

    A: Triple-minute benefit is already programmed into your phone. For every minute you purchase, you will receive two minutes at no additional charge. Bonus or promotional minutes do not qualify for tripling. Existing minute balances do not triple. Triple minute benefit is automatic and the confirmation message you receive on your phone will reflect the triple minutes. Data-only cards do not triple or add service days. Double-minute cards will not work on triple-minute devices. Cancellation/deactivation of your TracFone service may result in the loss of the triple-minute benefit. Triple-minute benefit is for the life of your phone and is non-transferable.

    Q: If the phone is returned before using all the time purchased, will there be a refund on unused time?

    A: Unused airtime and funds paid toward airtime are non-refundable.


    Q: How do I activate the phone?

    A: Activate your phone with TracFone Customer service at www.TracFone.com or by calling 1-800-867-7183. Promotional airtime must be redeemed from The Wireless Center by calling 1-888-238-0828 (after the phone has been activated by TracFone).

    Q: Is there a credit check?

    A: No.

    Q: Are there activation fees?

    A: No.

    Q: Can I move my existing cell phone number to the new phone?

    A: Yes--your existing phone number can be transferred. Porting or transferring your existing number to TracFone may take several days to complete. You may be without service during this time. Some restrictions may apply.

    Q: If I move my phone number from a different carrier, will the unexpired minutes transfer?

    A: No, minutes from other carriers will not transfer to TracFone.

    Q: If I transfer my number from a different TracFone phone, will the unexpired minutes transfer?

    A: Transferring minutes is at TracFone’s sole discretion; however, most balances are transferred. Some restrictions may apply. Please note that you are not able to transfer minute/text/data balances from an Android device to a non-Android device. Only service days will transfer.

    Q: Can I transfer my landline phone number to this phone?

    A: Landline number can be transferred. Porting or transferring your existing number to TracFone may take several days to complete. Landline transfer may take extra time to complete. You may be without service during this time. Some restrictions may apply.

    Q: How do I find out which areas will not provide wireless service?

    A: Zip code verification is posted on product page on QVC.com.


    Q: How do these minutes work?

    A: Traditional TracFones have one airtime balance where talk, text, and data are all deducted. For every minute you talk on the phone (both sent and received calls), one minute will be deducted from your airtime balance. For every text message you send or receive, you will be deducted one third of an airtime minute. Each time you access the TracFone wireless browser with your TracFone, a half minute will be deducted for every minute used. Access charges are deducted in full minute increments. Browser access of less than 60 seconds is rounded up to the next full minute.

    Q: Who is the carrier or network you have to use with this phone?

    A: The wireless carrier is TracFone. The LG306G device is a GSM device and uses the AT&T or T-Mobile network. A GSM phone requires a SIM card to operate. A TracFone specific SIM card is provided and already inserted into the phone.

    Q: Does this one price per month include all taxes and fees?

    A: There is no monthly plan. You pay as you go by purchasing TracFone Airtime Cards. You can opt to enroll in TracFone’s Monthly Value Plan. Please visit TracFone.com/valueplans for more information.

    Q: Are minutes deducted if I text using Wi-Fi?

    A: Minutes will deduct for calling and texting when connected to Wi-Fi. When connected to Wi-Fi, only data/web browsing will not deduct from the airtime balance.

    Q: Does this TracFone have voicemail and caller ID?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Do I get free 911?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Do minutes round up or down?

    A: Minutes round up; any portion of a minute used will count as one full minute.

    Q: Does billing begin at the start of the ring or at the beginning of the call?

    A: Minute use begins as soon as the call is answered.

    Q: Are local and long distance calls the same price?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Is mobile-to-landline calling included?

    A: Mobile-to-landline calls will deduct airtime minutes per usual.

    Q: Do the airtime minutes expire?

    A: Yes--your service end date determines when the minutes will expire. In order to carry over any unused minutes, simply purchase more minutes/service days through TracFone. Your unused minutes will carry over to your new service end date.

    Q: How do I refill my TracFone service to continue using my TracFone?

    A: When you are low on balances or nearing your service end date, you will need to refill or replenish your service through TracFone. You may replenish your service a number of ways: online at www.TracFone.com; purchase a TracFone Airtime Card at a retail location; or call TracFone at 1-800-867-7183. See the enclosed TracFone Services Guide for complete details.

    Q: Can I buy the phone cards for this phone at Walmart, CVS, and other retailers?

    A: Yes. TracFone airtime cards are available at participating retail locations. You may also visit www.TracFone.com to replenish your airtime.

    Q: How much do additional minutes cost? What is the cost per minute?

    A: The cost per minute will vary depending on the value of the Airtime Card you purchase. Airtime cards range from 30 minutes plus 30 days for $9.99 to 1500 minutes plus 365 days for $199.99. The largest selection is available through TracFone’s website at www.TracFone.com. If you have the triple-minute benefit, the minute face value will triple.

    Q: Are their termination fees or penalties if I stop using the phone?

    A: No.

    Q: Is termination required?

    A: No, you do not need to deactivate your device if you return the item. If your phone is lost or stolen, please contact TracFone to report the issue. They can suspend the service. When you replace the phone, contact TracFone and they can transfer your TracFone wireless number along with any remaining balances to your replacement device.

    Q: How do I find out which areas will not provide wireless service?

    A: Zip code verification will be posted on product page on QVC.com


    Q: Can you make calls to Canada or Mexico?

    A: Yes--you may call both Canada and Mexico (landline and cellular phones) with no international long distance fees. You will only be deducted for airtime minutes. TracFone offers over 100 international destinations for their international long distance. Please visit www.TracFone.com/ild for a complete list of destinations as well as instructions to use this feature.

    Q: How do I dial internationally from a TracFone?

    A: Call 1-800-706-3839 (in Alaska, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands, please dial 305-938-5673). Select your language. Listen to the dialing instructions (instructions can be interrupted at any time and you can skip to step 3). Dial 011 + country code + city code + telephone number. Please wait to be connected; do not press any other key on your TracFone or you may be disconnected.

    Q: Can you use the phone in Canada to call the US?

    A: This phone cannot be used outside the United States, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Service is not guaranteed and may vary.


    Q: What is the warranty period?

    A: TracFone offers a 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty, which is separate from the Wireless 4 Life plan being offered with this phone. With TracFone’s warranty, shipping is free, but the user will typically receive a refurbished phone instead of a new one. Please contact TracFone at 1-800-867-7183 or visit them online at www.TracFone.com for more information and warranty repair/replacement.

    Q: Is a complete owner’s manual included? If not, where can it be found?

    A: TracFone Services Guide and a Quick Reference Manual are included with the phone. A full owner’s manual is not included in this package. You may find further information on the phone functions at www.TracFone.com: select SUPPORT and under the HOW-TO section, select Learn More About Your Phone. Select your phone model LG306G, or use the direct link.

    Q: Is there a way to use the phones features without activating service?

    A: Some features may be accessible without activation: camera/camcorder, calendar, notepad, and other productivity tools. Calling, texting, emailing, web browsing and other main functions will require activation. If the phone is equipped with Wi-Fi access, you may use data/web browsing without activating the device.

    Q: Will it work with Adobe Flash programs?

    A: No, the phone is not compatible with Adobe Flash.

    Q: Can I download Android apps to this phone?

    A: Android apps are not compatible with this phone.

    Q: Where can I get apps?

    A: Games and apps can be downloaded or purchased under the “Games & Apps” folder in the phone menu.

    Q: Does the phone have text-to-speech capability?

    A: No, but the LG306G has a Voice Recorder feature that can record voice recordings and then send them via MMS messaging. It does not transcribe to text.

    Q: Does the phone have Voice Command feature?

    A: Yes, you may perform a variety of voice commands with the LG306G: dialing a specific contact or phone number, listening to voicemail, finding the date and time, or playing music. The Voice Command feature is listed in the main menu on screen #3 under VOICE COMMAND.

    Q: My LG306G is reading out different menu items. How do I turn this feature off or on?

    A: Go to your main menu and select “SETTINGS” icon then select “ACCESSIBILITY”. You may turn off (or on) the Menu read out feature.

    Q: Can I change the size of my font with the LG306G?

    A: Go to your main menu and select “SETTINGS” icon then select “ACCESSIBILITY”. Select LARGE TEXT to have a larger text size available on the main menu options.

    Q: Is the phone 3G or 4G capable?

    A: It is 3G-capable, but has a limited Web browser, TracFone OS, and TracFone app store. It is not compatible with Android apps.

    Q: Is the phone Wi-Fi capable?

    A: Yes, this phone is equipped with Wi-Fi. You will need to configure the Wi-Fi settings on the device to work with your Wi-Fi access point or any free Wi-Fi hotspot/access point.

    Q: Can it be used as a wireless hotspot?

    A: No.

    Q: Can you watch videos or download music to the phone?

    A: You can record and watch video files and download MP3 files.

    Q: Does it support YouTube video?

    A: The LG306G TracFone supports YouTube video when connected to Wi-Fi.

    Q: Can I get AOL and Yahoo email on this phone?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Can I give different ringtones to different contacts?

    A: Yes. Select a contact, select edit, and scroll to the bottom. Open “+ More Fields”. Select Ringtone, then select Custom Ringtone and Save. These instructions may vary from model to model.

    Q: Does it have visual voice mail?

    A: No.

    Q: Can I send and receive a picture on this TracFone?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Can the firmware be updated?

    A: No.

    Q: Does it have a GPS app for getting directions?

    A: The LG306G does have the capability to download the third-party Google Maps app (TracFone does not support or assist with third-party apps). STEPS FOR DOWNLOADING GOOGLE MAPS APP:

    · In the URL field type: boostapps.com/jump

    · Enter 6944 in the Jump Code box and touch the “Jump” box.

    · You will see “Google Maps 2.3.2 Signed Touchscreen Version.

    · Scroll down and click on DOWNLOAD (jad) link.

    · Message appears: Same Version of Google Maps Exist – Select YES.

    · Select DOWNLOAD on your bottom left touchscreen display.

    · Select Launch Now to complete the installation.

    · Scroll to the End of the T&C box and select ACCEPT.

    · Google Maps will appear in the Games and App icon from your menu screen.

    First time opening Google Maps:

    · Open Google Maps.

    · Click on MENU (bottom left).

    · Click Search Map--enter your home zip code to get to your local home map.

    · Click for Options and select Save as Favorites.

    NOTE: Downloading the Google Map App and using the App will deduct minutes for Data usage.

    Q: Is the phone GPS-enabled? What does that mean?

    A: You must download a third-party app for GPS functionality. TracFone does not have a GPS feature preloaded.

    Q: Does this have internet access?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Does it require an anti-virus program?

    A: No.

    Q: Does it have push-to-talk like a walkie-talkie?

    A: No.

    Q: Will it scan bar codes?

    A: No.

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    Hi, ladies!

    I hope everyone enjoyed our beautiful lamb leather TSV over the weekend and the launch of fall fashion! What are you looking forward to this fall??

    We have some great jackets for your this season. In today’s show we have our “How Comfy” Denim Style Jacket with Bling Buttons (A235368). It is a great staple for your wardrobe, and it is a great customer favorite! 

    What do you love in your jean-style jackets? Is it the fabric, the easy body, the length, the fun trims? What is your ideal jean jacket? What is your favorite Denim & Co. jacket that you already own??

    We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions about any items in the show or just want to chat, just let me know. 

    Talk to you soon!




    Check out the complete Denim & Co. collection on QVC.com.

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    We are excited to announce an amazing Clarisonic offering for Today's Special Value featuring the PLUS cleansing device for face and body, paired with a selection of bliss cleansing and moisturizing products.  Dr. Robb and the Clarisonic team will be here all day on Friday August 8th to answer all of your questions and provide cleansing tips. Maybe this is your first time hearing of Clarisonic or maybe you have seen it before but have been holding out, either way, make sure to tune in to learn more and post your questions here to get a response directly from Dr. Robb.  You will love Clarisonic for your face and body, it’s proven to leave your skin softer, smoother, and healthier!  Ask away!

    -- Team Clarisonic

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    I’m sitting back and listening to a conversation at lunch.  Usually I’m the one talking, but no one here knows one another, so I am enjoying the sound of something other than my own voice. The brunette to my left is reliving the weeks after her premature boys were born and the desperation and loneliness she felt as the doctors piled on bad news. It takes her all of 30 seconds to get to the point, which is, she went to the internet and mommy blogs in order to find other parents like her who could give her hope and make her feel like she wasn’t alone.

    I start crying into my quinoa and kale lunch.

    It wasn’t the story, though sick babies will put me in tears every time, it was the fact that she found comfort with strangers online.  It reminded me of why I started blogging five years ago. It was the exact feelings I had when I was dealing with the third year of infertility and the terror of adoption.  No one was talking to me about this deep loss I was experiencing, at least not honestly, and the online community was just beginning to empower women to discuss the shame.  So I started writing. I put each brutal experience into words and found that I was not alone. 

    Hearing that mom of now healthy toddler boy’s talk about the comfort she found during the worst time of her life was a swift kick to my stomach from our heavenly father reminding me to keep on writing. Over the years, my blogs have been shared and read by hundreds of thousands of people. Before QVC I blogged for ABC news in San Diego. My stories have been picked up and shared on different websites and even quoted in Parenting Magazines. The letters and emails I get from women like me have kept me going. But, after five years of talking about and working through the pain, I sometimes wonder how long I can keep it up. 

    Being at one of the largest blogging and social media conferences in the world, BlogHer, really helped me take another look at why I write.  

    More than any other groups of people, bloggers have the ability to change the conversation.

    We were asked to think about that for a minute, and you should too.  Journalists give us unbiased information, authors hand us something to read for entertainment or reference, but bloggers give us opinions and breach topics that many of us think about, but don’t have the courage to say out loud.  And then, in most cases, we all get a chance to comment. 

    Of course that comment section is one of the reasons I have contemplated shutting down my laptop and keeping my stories to myself. Kerry Washington (of Scandal, love that show don’t you?) was at the conference and she urged us to not read the comments. She said, “it’s brain clutter…it’s none of my business what you think of me.” 

    But, for most of us mortals, it’s hard to avoid reading what people write about you and not end up getting your feelings hurt. Still, it’s that same comment section that keeps me going. I thrive on hearing from those of you who find comfort in knowing someone else feels just like you do. We really aren’t that different. 

    In addition to being inspired to keep writing, I attended other sessions during the three day conference in San Jose, Ca. I took notes through grammar and structure classes (did you know there is now only one space after the period?!) I Heard from the leadership at Twitter (www.twitter.com/kerstinlindqvc by the way, i’d love for you to chat with me in 140 characters) and I vowed to protect my creativity by taking a “digital detox” day each week. 

    But, the highlight for me was listening to Arianna Huffington.  

    She is a verified media mogul and one of the most powerful women of our time, but she remains down to earth and kind. I felt like I was talking with one of my best friends, she even gave us all her email address. You don’t need to be a blogger to take what she said and apply it to your life, and I really feel like you can benefit from her advice; so here is what I learned.  

    “Stop worrying and get more sleep…When you get enough sleep you worry less.” (Now if you can tell me how to do that please!)

    “Change the delusion that you need to burn out in order to succeed - that’s an illusion created by men.” (Amen!)

    “Don’t do things that make you feel empty.” (Try it just for a day; it’s harder than you think.)

    “Every day the world will grab you by the hand and tell you this or that is important and you must take your hand back, put it on your heart and say no this is important.” (You are enough.)

    And finally……

    “There is no good answer on the scale.” (enough said!)

    Women like Arianna Huffington continue to change the conversation and get all of us thinking. I truly feel I have an ability to do that too. There are always going to be people just like me and that mother of premature twins, who will need the words of other women to remind them what they feel is normal.  To be assured we are not alone. I found a group of women who are out there 24/7/365 pouring out their hearts and I realize, none of us can stop, it’s who we are.

    So, I’ll be here, blogging, talking, and telling stories, and likely crying in my quinoa. What I can’t promise is my grammar and structure will be any better going forward, but I’m hoping you will have a little mercy on me in the comment section.

    Corie Clark.

    I have posted more thoughts shared by Arianna Huffington and others like, Corie Clark - Southern California lifestyle blogger, on my facebook page www.facebook.com/kerstinlindquistqvc. I’d love for you to join me there. Be a part of the changing conversation and let me know what you want me blog about.

    Stop worrying, get more sleep, turn off your phone, remember what’s important, and have a blessed day.

    Xoxox - Kerstin 


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    Hello, foodies…

    We heard LOTS of positive comments about our new theme for the month of August (which is “A Month of Meatless Meals” for those of you who don’t know) and I am just thrilled. It’s taken me a long time to realize that “dinner” isn’t always “meat and potatoes.” Sometimes it’s a salad. Sometimes it’s a stir-fry. Sometimes, a frittata. In the last few years, I’ve had some truly incredible vegetarian dishes. And the fact that it’s August just seemed like the perfect time to show you the hidden potential of these healthful ingredientson In the Kitchen with David.

    Our second recipe for the month is hearty, comforting, and flavorful. And, thanks to a handy microwave pressure cooker that’s airing this Wednesday, it can be ready in minutes. Here’s my Pressure Cooker Spinach Lasagna.


    Pressure Cooker Spinach Lasagna

    Serves 4–6

    Tip: If you’re cooking this lasagna in a regular pressure cooker, just reduce the cooking time by about 10 minutes.


    • 2 cups Ricotta cheese
    • 1/2 cup Parmesan
    • 1 egg, slightly beaten
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 1/2 tsp black pepper
    • 2-1/2 cups marinara sauce, divided up
    • 3/4 cup vegetable stock, divided up
    • 4 dry lasagna noodles, snapped in half lengthwise
    • 3 cups frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained
    • 2 cups shredded Mozzarella


    1. Combine the Ricotta, Parmesan, egg, salt, and pepper in a medium-size bowl.
    2. Place 1 cup of the marinara and 1/4 cup of vegetable stock into the bottom of the Microwave Pressure Cooker and stir together. Take 3 halves of the lasagna noodles and place them next to each other on top of the marinara.
    3. Carefully spread half of the Ricotta mixture over the lasagna. Sprinkle 1-1/2 cups of spinach over the Ricotta. Sprinkle 1 cup of Mozzarella over the spinach. Spread 1/2 cup of marinara over the spinach. Sprinkle a 1/4 cup of vegetable stock over the spinach and marinara surface.
    4. Take 3 halves of the lasagna noodles and place them next to each other over the spinach. Push them towards you, so you can fill the empty space with a fourth noodle (laying in the opposite direction). Spread the remaining Ricotta over the noodles, the remaining spinach on top, and then pour the remaining stock over the spinach. Place the remaining noodles next to each other over the spinach and spread the remaining marinara on top.
    5. Put the lid on the pressure cooker and lock it in place. Microwave on high for 30 minutes. When the pressure has dropped naturally, unlock and open the lid.
    6. Sprinkle with the remaining Mozzarella. Cover again; let the lasagna rest for 10 minutes before serving.

    This recipe is prepared with the Cook's Essentials® 4.5-Qt Microwave Pressure Cooker (K40490).

    Go to David's Recipe Item Page for the full list of items that David has used in his recipes.

    Pressure Cooker Spinach Lasagna


    The microwave pressure cooker is our Today’s Special Value® on Wednesday…stay tuned for that. I’m a big fan of pressure cooking, foodies…it really saves you a ton of time. And, every year the units get better and better. Speaking of the pressure cooker, tell me, in today’s blog question, what are your favorite pressure cooker recipes? Do you make a great pot roast? Brisket? Roast chicken? I’ll see you Wednesday at 8pm ET.

    Keep it flavorful!

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    We are excited to announce an amazing Today's Special Value® offer featuring the Clarisonic PLUS Sonic Cleansing System for face and body--paired with a selection of bliss cleansing and moisturizing products! Maybe this is your first time hearing of Clarisonic, or maybe you have seen it before but have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to bring one home; either way, be sure to check back on Friday, August 8th to learn more about this exciting offer that helps leave your skin softer, smoother, and healthier-looking!

    Have questions? Post them here! Dr. Robb and the Clarisonic team will be here all day on August 8th to answer your questions and provide cleansing tips.

    –Team Clarisonic

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  • 08/05/14--09:00: Dad's Italian Supper
  • Both of my dad's parents came to America from Italy, so his family Italian suppers were legendary! Here is his all-day slow-cooked supper.


    3 lbs baby baked ribs
    1 lb Italian sausage (hot or sweet)

    2 hard-boiled eggs
    Chicken legs (one per person!)
    28 oz tomato sauce
    Fresh basil, about 4 leaves
    Salt and pepper
    1/2 tsp sugar
    1 tsp Italian seasoning


    In a large skillet with a little olive oil, brown the baby back ribs and cut into individual portions. Brown the sausage and chicken legs. Add to large Crock-Pot with the sauce, seasonings, sugar, and fresh basil. Next, add the cooked hard-boiled eggs. Cook on high for 4 hours or on low for 8. (You can also add your favorite meatball recipe to this, browning the meatballs before adding to the sauce. You may also need more than one Crock-Pot or you can just divide everything in half.) 

    Serve with fresh spaghetti cooked al dente, a salad to start off with, and crusty Italian bread. The sauce is amazing–so make enough for leftovers! 


    p.s. The eggs are a family tradition. We used to fight over them, so you may want to add more!

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  • 08/05/14--09:07: Pick a Shining Star
  • I am having a bit of fun picking out my favorite photo from the host photo shoot… perhaps you can let me know what is your favorite.. oh and let’s all be nice!  Lol!

    You can find me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/DanHughesQVC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/danhughesqvc

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    Hi, everyone!

    It’s been a few weeks since our first You’re Home with Jill Weekend…but I have to tell you, I’m still over the moon about the entire event! I was (am) completely honored that so many of you wanted to come be a part of the weekend…and I’m so happy that everyone seemed to enjoy the daily events.  Here’s a peek into our adventures!

    We started at Longwood gardens for drinks, dinner, and our first hellos!


    Everyone seemed to enjoy getting a sneak peek at some of the new Christmas items I designed...and just being together!


    After dinner, we watched the beautiful Longwood Gardens fountain and light show.


    The next morning, we met at Winterthur Estate…the former home of Henry du Pont. Mr. du Pont was a huge supporter of the American arts…and the home is still decorated the way it was when he lived there decades ago. 


    Mr. du Pont loved to garden, too, and always had fresh flowers throughout the estate. But, he never mixed a bouquet of color. As you can see in this photo, there are lots of flowers, but only one color and kind in each vase.


    I loved hearing the history of this home…there are many pieces at Winterthur that belonged to George and Martha Washington. I think that’s so cool!


    But the REAL reason I wanted to bring my YHJ friends to Winterthur was to see the Downton Abbey Exhibit!


    Costumes and props from the show…it was marvelous!


    I loved being able to see all the intricate details of the dresses up close!


    It was really fun to be with all the girls throughout the tour!


    Later that night….live studio audience time! Here’s our YHJ studio selfie!!



    On Sunday morning, I met everyone for a backstage tour of QVC and the YHJ set…and brought a surprise guest, my son, Trevor.

    I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed meeting each and every person who came to the weekend…from 14 states, including Arizona, Georgia, Texas, and more. It was my pleasure to play hostess and I hope I get to do it again soon!

    From my home to yours,

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