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    Here are the most frequently asked questions from our customers about KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor w/ Dicing Kit & Exact Slice. Don't see an answer to your question? Post your question to this blog, below, and check back throughout the day on Sunday, January 25, 2015 to have your question answered by our KitchenAid team of experts!

    Q: What is the ExactSlice™ System?

    A: KitchenAid's exclusive ExactSlice™ System 13-Cup Food Processor has an externally Adjustable Slicing Thickness Control that allows you to adjust slicing thickness from thin to thick, without having to remove the blade assembly. With the slicing disc installed, simply slide the external Slicing Thickness Control to the desired setting—no need to remove the lid or even turn off the Food Processor!

    Q: How many different thickness can I make using the External ExactSlice System?

    A: The External ExactSlice System allows for six Settings from thin to thick.

    Q: Please explain the Dicing Kit.

    A: The dicing kit produces a 12mm dice, perfect for veggies bound for the sauté pan (onions, zucchini, peppers), salsas, potatoes for hash browns, and much more. The Dicing Kit includes the Dicing Kit Base, Dicing Blade, Storage Bowl, Cover, and Clean Out Tool, all of which are top-rack, dishwasher-safe. Instructions for the Dicing Kit are included in the Use & Care Guide that comes with the Food Processor.

    Q: Why do I need three speeds?

    A: Three speeds: Low, High, and Pulse provide precise control to give great results with most any food. Use Low for soft, delicate foods; High for hard, dense foods, and use Pulse for precision results when a light touch is needed.

    Q: What is the advantage of the 3-in-1 Wide Mouth Feed Tube?

    A: The 3-in-1 Wide-Mouth Feed Tube accommodates various sizes of foods including large items—like tomatoes, cucumbers, and potatoes—with a minimum of sectioning or slicing. The 3-Piece Food Pusher consists of three pushers that are nested inside of each other. Remove the medium pusher from the large pusher to reveal a medium-size feed tube for continuous processing. For continuous processing of smaller items (like herbs, nuts, single carrots, and celery), remove the narrow pusher and use the narrow feed tube. A small hole in the bottom of the narrow pusher makes it easy to drizzle oil into ingredients—just fill with the desired amount of oil or other liquid ingredient.

    Q: Will I be able to shred in 13 Cup-Food Processor?

    A: Yes, the 13-Cup Food Processor comes with a Reversible Shredding Disc to allow for fine and medium shredding.

    Q: What is the purpose of the dough blade?

    A: The dough blade is specifically designed for mixing yeast dough quickly and thoroughly.

    Q: Does the 13-cup Food Processor come with any other bowls?

    A: Yes, the 13-Cup Food Processor comes complete with a 4-Cup Mini Bowl that allows the added versatility to process even the smallest batches quickly. The 13-Cup Work Bowl and the 4-Cup Mini Bowl are BPA-Free and dishwasher-safe (top rack only).

    Q: Are the work blades and discs dishwasher-safe?

    A: Yes, the multipurpose and mini multipurpose blades, adjustable slicing disc, and reversible shredding disc are stainless steel and top-rack dishwasher-safe. The Dough Blade is also dishwasher-safe.

    Q: I'm not familiar with food processors. Are any instructions included?

    A: Yes, the KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor comes complete with a Use & Care Guide. The guide provides detailed descriptions for all food processor parts and features, including step-by-step instructions for preparing the processor for use, using the food processor, and disassembling and cleaning the food processor, along with additional helpful hints.

    Information provided by KitchenAid.

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  • 01/23/15--11:49: Mask-erade Me!
  • Recently, I got a text from my friend, Peter Thomas Roth. The text read, "Want to test my gold mask before our show tonight?"

    Hmm.. pass up an opportunity for a skincare treatment? I don't think so! Of course, I texted back, "YES!" and Peter was waiting for me in the QVC salon when I arrived at work that day. 

    As part of our month-long New Beauty, New You event, Peter is offering his Mask-erade Trio. You get the 24K Gold Mask, Rose Gel Mask, and Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. Purchased separately, the three masks would cost $158. Right now at our event price, you get them all for $44.55! What a great and affordable way to try the latest and greatest anti-aging masks from his line. 

    So here's how the process went. Our make up artist in the salon applied the mask to my face. Just an FYI, you don't need to use a brush when applying the mask, your fingers will work just fine!

    I sat with the mask on while I prepared my notes for our show. I got A LOT of comments from people walking through the salon, all of which I let roll off my back because like I said, you never down a skincare treatment! .. Even if said treatment is done while at work. 

    Special shout out to Peter for letting me test drive the gold mask before our show and taking this photo with me even though I looked pretty scary!  

    When I rinsed off the gold mask, my skin felt so smooth and soft. I also noticed some immediate radiance.

     Heres's How the Trio Works:

    Together, the three masks help to address the appearance of multiple signs of aging. QVC.com explains it this way:The 24K Gold Mask is the ultimate luxurious anti aging treatment, infused with 24K gold, colloidal gold, caffeine, peridot, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin. The lavish, pampering treatment helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps skin appear silky smooth, firmer, radiant, revitalized, and youthful looking.

    Rose Gel Mask incorporates plant biotechnology for antiaging benefits. It contains four rose extracts--Rosa damascena, Rosa canina, rose hip seed, and rose water. This mask helps promote skin suppleness and helps the feel of the skin.

    Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is an effective exfoliating treatment that addresses the look of dull, aging skin. The mask peels with alpha hydroxy acid and polishes with aluminum oxide.

     I'm calling the Mask-erade Trio, the Three Muskateer's of Peter Thomas Roths' the anti-aging line! I'm so excited that our event price offers a top of the line set of 3 masks at such an affordable price! We're talking 3 masks under $45! That's amazing!

    FYI --To avoid comments and stares, you should probably wait to apply the gold mask when you aren't in public. Then again, it certainly made for a conversation starter and a great picture to post on Facebook. Haha! Check out my FB page and follow me on twitter for more beauty updates, recipes, and more!

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    Hi Friends!


    If you've been hanging out around my Facebook page lately you can see I have been drinking a lot of fresh pressed juice.  There have been a lot of questions about recipes and why I decided to do it, so I thought I would answer all of it in a blog.  


    I decided to add juice to my overall diet for a couple of reasons.  With getting married, honeymooning, and the holiday's all rolled into 3 crazy months, I felt like I wasn't making good decisions with the foods that I ate.  It was a lot of indulgence that led me to feel a little sluggish at the end of the year and I wanted to empower myself to do something good health wise.


    The decision to start adding juice to my diet was not in effort to lose weight, but in effort to add some really good "stuff" into my diet without making it feel like I was forcing myself to sit down and eat only fruits and veggies.  So far it's been quite delicious and been a great addition to my diet.  


    Juicing vs. The Vitamix


    That's a question I've been getting a lot lately and I'm here to tell you I love both for entirely separate reasons.  Juicing is a great addition to any meal.  I try to have a fresh pressed juice with either lunch or add it to a snack.  Not only does juice kick it up a notch when it comes to nutrients but it gives me a boost of energy that I am so dependent on throughout the day.     


    I use the  Vitamix when I want to replace a meal.  The Vitamix blends everything when it comes to whole fruits and veggies and that includes the fiber.  When making a juice out of the Vitamix I add greek yogurt, a banana, and chia seeds to make it a super filling power smoothie.   The reason I don't make a smoothie everyday is because I don't want to become bored or feel like I have to do it, so I try to switch back and forth as often as possible.  


    Juicing and making smoothies have become an enjoyable part of my diet so far (3 weeks into January, I know what you must be thinking).  I feel like I have more energy that ever and honestly it hasn't felt like I made the New Year's Resolution to go on a "diet." 


    Here are some recipes that you've been asking about for both juicing and the Vitamix.


    The juicing recipes I got from a book written by Joe Cross.  Here is the Green Lemonade I live by daily:


    1 apple

    2 handfuls spinach

    8 kale leaves

    1/2 cucumber

    2 ribs celery

    1 Lemon


    The next one from Joe is my go-to for when I'm having cravings for something sweet.  It's a little sweet and a little spicy thanks to the ginger.  


    4 carrots

    2 red apples

    1 Lemon

    2 inch piece of ginger or more if you prefer


    Here's his Juice Recipe for an excellent Bloody Mary without all of the sodium.


    4 tomatoes

    2 red bell peppers 

    1 carrot

    1 zucchini

    2 ribs celery

    1 small handful parsley

    1 small handful oregano

    1 small handful basil

    pinch of sea salt 

    1tsp olive oil


    For the Vitamix, My go-to power smoothie.


    2 handfuls spinach

    2 handfuls of chopped kale

    1 banana

    1 serving non-fat greek plain yogurt

    1 tbsp chia seeds

    ( On occasion I have also been known to add cucumber, an apple, or berries to this mixture.  I just depends on what I have around and if I'm feeling inspired to throw them in.)


    I hope you enjoy these recipes that have gotten me through the month of January.  If you have any juice or smoothie recipes please share below!


    Cheers to a happy and healthy 2015!







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    Eggplant Dip -- Baba Ghanoush

    I really love eggplant, and this easy to make Mediterranean classic is one of my favorite ways to enjoy it. Baba ghanoush is great as a dip with vegetables, sliced bread or my personal favorite, crispy pita chips. I make it in minutes with my Vitamix. Here’s the recipe. I hope you like it as much as I do.



    • 1 large eggplant
    • 1 tablespoon olive oil
    • 1 tablespoon Tahini paste (ground sesame seeds) *found in the international food aisle
    • 2 cloves minced garlic
    • 1/2 lemon, juiced
    • salt and pepper to taste


    Preheat oven to 400F degrees

    Sweat the eggplant -- cut it into 1/2 inch slices. Lay slices on baking sheet lined with paper towels, salt the eggplant liberally and let sit for 30 minutes. Remove eggplant and wipe away all excess moisture and dispose of paper towels.

    Return eggplant to baking sheet (lined with parchment paper optional) and bake for 30 minutes or until the center is soft and the skin begins to shrink. Remove cooked eggplant and let cool.

    To prepare in Vitamix:

    Add eggplant, olive oil, Tahini, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix on low to desired texture.

    Place dip in bowl and serve with veggies, bread, crackers or chips.

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    Okay, so have you heard the big news yet?? We have a brand new GILI bag coming soon and I have the opportunity to share it with my Facebook friends first, before it’s available to buy from anyone else!! That’s right, my loyal gals on Facebook can be first in line for the gorgeous GILI Large Stirrup Hobo starting Monday 1/26 at noon (ET) all the way until Wednesday at midnight (ET) – So technically, end of day on Tuesday!!!

    I have a feeling this bag is going to be EXTREMELY popular so as a “thank you” to my FB friends, I wanted to make sure YOU are very first in line for this bag! We’re giving it to you at a special featured price AND on 6 EZ Payments!!!! It comes in Ivory, Tarcatta, Dark Gray, Black, and Dusty Pink. PS: I couldn’t get my hands on the Dusty Pink before this weekend to grab a photo, but I will make sure to post one on Monday to give you a look at the color!

    The more I’ve been carrying the new GILI around, the more I fall in love with it. It’s not just your everyday handbag, while yes, you can carry it every day. It will start to replace the old bags in your life before you know it. From your carry on, to your day trip duffle, all the way to your gym bag. You won’t believe how functional  and spacious this hobo truly is until I show you!


    Here’s how I’ve been using my GILI Stirrup Hobo over the last couple of days of test driving!

    The “Get Myself To The Gym" Bag– I am notorious for planning to hit the gym after work, then ultimately coming home to Bree and Steve and never wanting to leave their side. Can you blame me?? It’s just SO hard to get all the way home, then get dressed for the gym, and then actually go. I also try to limit all of the bags I bring into the office because I really hate lugging them around all day from meeting to meeting, so I found the solution – my GILI hobo! I can pack all of my gym clothes and neccisities comfortably in my work bag! This way I have my sneakers staring at me all day telling me I should really hit the gym and I can change before I leave the building instead of going home to do so.  Even if you carry a laptop or notebooks to work, you’ll find that you still have SO much room left over. I encourage snacks and your gym clothes!

    The New Mom Chic Diaper Bag– I’ve been told handbag lines have really stepped up their game when it comes to creating more stylish diaper bags. As a Mom trying to keep her chic, I really appreciate that… but I refuse to believe there is a diaper bag as luxurious and functional as this one!! I am able to pack Bree’s neccisities for a day of running errands while still keeping my handbag, my handbag! I’ve got all I need all in one sophisticated, luxurious, and beautiful bag. That makes me a very happy mama!

    The Over Night/Carry On Bag– No more digging through your luggage to find a duffle bag suitable for the old over night trip. This one is tough because I like to try and keep my packing light when I’m only making an over night trip or a day visit, but if I use a duffle bag I open up the door to over packing, which I always do. I tested out the GILI hobo as a possible overnight bag and it was a success!! I think this would be the perfect way to arrive in style and keep the baggage light for your own sanity. Here’s how I packed for an overnight visit and check out how nicely it all fits in my bag.

    Wahhoo! So what do you think? Clearly, I’m obsessed with my new GILI, and I really think you’re going to love it to. GILI brings us the luxury and sophistication we all deserve and I truly think this bag does that for all of life’s adventures. Remember to check in on my Facebook page starting at 12pm ET on Monday 1/26 to get your hands on this gorgeous bag before anyone else! 

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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  • 01/25/15--11:08: Skinny Minny Soup Recipe
  • This was going to be my #MondayMealMakeover but since today is "Soup Swap Day" (say THAT 3 times fast!  LOL {#emotions_dlg.w00t}) I am sharing it early!

    Skinny Minny Soup

     1 small head cabbage, chopped

    1 cup chopped onion       

    1 cup chopped bell pepper

    10 cups water

    *Boil for 20 minutes



    10 oz. pkg mixed veggies

    1 pkg green beans

    *Boil for 10 minutes




     1 T. Lawry's Season Salt or to taste

    12 oz. can V8-- I like spicy V8

    1/4 cup beef or chicken demiglaze paste

    1 T chopped parsley

    ½ tsp pepper

    ½ tsp sage

    ½ tsp tarragon

    *Cook 30 minutes

     54.8 calories per 8 oz serving


    This soup is fast, easy and delicious and I have been eating it since I was a child.  Scarlet has always called it “Skinny Minny” soup. While I do believe there is a time and place for juicing, I am not a sweets person. I'm definitely more of a savory gal.  During the winter months, this savory, spicy soup, really hits the spot.

    And GREAT NEWS:  It takes your body more energy to digest the soup than there are calories in it – so do the math!!  LOL  It also makes a great soup starter if you want to add leftover pot roast or chunks of chicken. My Littles like to eat it with a scoop of quinoa in the bottom of their bowl. I will make this in huge batches and freeze quart size portions to use in cooking or if I need a quick soup on the go.  Also makes a fabulous and filling mid-day snack!

    Finally, one of the best features of the soup is that you can customize it to your family’s taste.  Because I <3 spicy so much – and so does my family – I add lots of HEAT – hot sauce, red pepper flakes etc to mine….  And, you can do LOTS of substitutions for the mixed veggies/ green beans.  Sometimes I throw in Brussel Sprouts or Cauliflower.  Great way to upcycle leftover veggies in the fridge.

    I hope you and your family like it as much as we do!


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  • 01/26/15--07:44: Happy New Year Ripkanistas!
  • Hi Everyone,

    I hope your New Year is off to a happy start with the promise of many good things to come. I’m particularly delighted to begin 2015 with exciting plans for the Judith Ripka brand.  For me, the new year has brought a fresh perspective and more inspiration than ever.  Every day I think about my designs.  This is my passion and my life’s work – something I’ll never stop doing.

    Sometimes, I wake up dreaming about an idea and scribble down notes!  Then, in the morning, Ron helps me decipher my notes so I can sketch and bring my ideas to life.  

    I look forward to launching lots of my new designs this spring at the Baselworld Jewelry Show in Basel, Switzerland in March and becoming even more inspired for my QVC collections.

    I have so many great shows coming up — you’re definitely going to love our Super Bowl Specials during the January 31st and February 1st shows at QVC.

    Thank you for your continued support which means the world to me, and I’ll see you soon!

    With Love,


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  • 01/26/15--08:08: California Dreamin'
  • One of the perks of my media career is that it gives me an excuse to take fun jaunts to the west coast! This time I was invited to do a segment on Access Hollywood Live, and considering the freezing temps in New York, I was only too happy to oblige!

    From the moment I landed, the palm trees and warm weather won me over. Tank tops in January? I could get used to this...

    [Dr. Raj’s pic with TULA tank top]

    Arriving a few days before the segment enabled me to catch up with dear friends in West Hollywood and explore the local haunts. I’m a big fan of brunch food and every time I’m in LA, I go to Provisions.

    [Dr. Raj’s pic with her friend]

    I was very excited to be back on Access Hollywood Live with the gorgeous Kit Hoover and AJ Gibson who was filling in for Billy Bush. When I arrived, Terri and Chris worked their hair/make up magic and made me camera-ready for my tease with the props.

    [Dr. Raj’s pic setting up the accessories and posing before Access Hollywood logo]

    We had a blast during the segment! We chatted about the hottest health and wellness trends of 2015, including fitness and meditation apps, plant-based proteins, hybrid vegetables and probiotics in skin care. Talking about probiotics was particularly important to me as they are the foundation of my TULA skin care line regimen. I’m happy to see that they are becoming a really big trend in 2015 and it was great explaining their benefits to a wider audience.

    [Dr. Raj’s pic with Kit and Aj]

    I'm saving this morning view from my hotel room for when the next ice storm hits at home.

    [view pic]

    Enjoy and relax,

    Dr. Raj

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    I love January! My birthday is this month, and my Mom always made a huge fuss for birthdays, so I loved when the first of the year rolled around. I found this photo from my 14th birthday, loved the Snoopy card (probably from my big brother John), and the homemade cake with baseball figures on it! In those days it was all about baseball and ballet.  I think the cake was chocolate with seafoam icing, a staple in 1976.


    And I love winter! The snow, skiing, sledding, snowman making, all makes me happy.  It's a little disconcerting when you walk into a store and bathing suits are displayed when I'm in a winter coat. Let's face it, most of us are wearing our boots now! So we have highlighted some winter trends, to buy now and wear now.

    Cara and I on a frozen lake in Skytop Pa.

    The Tall boot: My favorite is the Clarks Ingalls Vicky. Not only is it my favorite boot footbed, but you can choose the width for the foot and for the calf.

    Lace Up Boots: Same great footbed as above, now with a trend right upper, gotta love the colors in the Clarks Ingalls Lace

    Leather and Suede: This will be a huge trend next year. So what you purchase today, you will wear into next fall and winter - like the Dayton from Earth Origins.

    Active: Get ready to see this trend everywhere! It's huge for 2015. I like Ryka's Catalyst suede shoe because it makes me want to get moving!

    Happy shoe shopping!


    Be sure to join me for Shoe Shopping almost every Thursday night and visit my Facebook page to chat about all things shoes!

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  • 01/26/15--10:46: 31 Days of Organization
  • to come

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
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    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Hello, foodies...

    I started my Monday a little later than usual today…it was a late night! If you missed it yesterday, we had TWO episodes of In the Kitchen with David yesterday…one at Noon ET with Jill Bauer and one at 8pm ET with yours truly. It was QVC’s Cooking on Q Kitchen Makeover and the first time we ever tried having two shows on one day. Let me know what you thought!

    We’re onto our final “Budget-Friendly, Make-Ahead” recipe for January this Wednesday night…Fajita Dip!

    Fajita Dip
    Serves 14

    This recipe is prepared with the Le Creuset 5.25-Qt Round Deep French Oven with Cookbook & Spatula (K41329).

    Go to David's Recipe Item Page for the full list of items that David has used in his recipes.


    • 2 Tbsp vegetable oil
    • 1-1/2 lb lean ground beef
    • 1 (16-oz) bag frozen chopped peppers and onions, thawed
    • 1 jalapeño, seeded and chopped
    • 2 (1.12-oz) packs fajita seasoning mix
    • 1 tsp ground black pepper
    • 1 (12-oz) can original diced tomatoes and green chilies (Ro-Tel), not drained
    • 1 cup sour cream
    • 2 (8-oz) packages cream cheese
    • 1 (8-oz) bag shredded Colby Jack cheese
    • 1/3 cup chopped fresh cilantro


    1. Pour 2 Tbsp of vegetable oil into 5-qt pot or Dutch oven on medium heat. Add the ground beef, thawed onions and peppers, and jalapeño. Cook until the meat is no longer pink and the vegetables are tender, about 12–14 minutes.
    2. Add the seasoning packs and black pepper and stir until fully incorporated. Add the can of diced tomatoes and green chilies, sour cream, and cream cheese. Cook, covered, stirring occasionally for 5–6 minutes. Add the shredded Colby Jack cheese and cook until melted and warm. Stir in the chopped cilantro. Transfer to a serving bowl and enjoy it with your favorite dippers.

    Fajita Dip

    If your kitchen is the gathering place in your house, you could keep this dip on the stove and reheat it occasionally, so it's hot and bubbly. Then, guests can help themselves. Or, if you have a slow cooker, just transfer the mixture and set it on low. We spent $19.29 for the ingredients in this recipe at our local supermarket. That balances out to just $1.37 per serving...which is pretty darn good. And remember, if you used the family-sized package of ground beef, your total could be even less.

    So last week we talked about buying family-sized packages of meat. Let’s talk about the pantry today. Coffee, rice, flour, sugar, and cereal are just some of the staples you can buy for less in larger quantities. Portion them out in smaller sizes when you get home, whether in Lock & Lock containers or zip-top bags.

    You can also save on buying a number of items, like canned goods, pasta, and sauce, if you take advantage of store savings...buy 3, get one free; 5 for $5; you get the idea. Just check your circular before shopping or pay attention to any special pricing signs. Also, if you know you make tacos, pancakes, and/or pasta for dinner at least twice a month, make it a point to keep those ingredients on hand. The same logic applies to spices and your favorite condiments. If you have the essentials, you'll only need produce and the occasional extra on a week-to-week basis.

    It’s always a good idea do a monthly inventory of what you have in your pantry. Or, if you know you won’t do it, consider putting risers or additional shelving in your pantry if there are blind spots. More often than not, if you can’t see it, you won’t remember you have it.

    Your blog question today is more of a fill in the blank. Tell me what five ingredients I can always find in your pantry…and be specific! Do you have Jasmine rice or black olives? Lasagna noodles? What about chicken noodle soup? I’ll see you Wednesday night at 8pm ET. If you're on the East Coast, safe travels the next few days as this storm heads our way. Better yet--don't travel. Cozy up at home with some hot chocolate.

    Keep it flavorful!

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    Hi, everyone!

    Closet and vanity doors are wonderful, aren’t they? They just hide so many little messes. Well, not anymore—we tackled the linen closet, the bathroom, and the bedroom closet over the last seven days as part of our “31 Days of Organization” initiative.

    At home, this is my favorite way to keep our sheets organized…use a pillow case as a sleeve! Then, stack the sets in your closet.

    Storing Sheets Neatly

    We used the Northern Nights Zara 600TC 100% Cotton Wrinkle Defense Sheet Set in the photo, in case you're wondering.

    At our shore home, I don’t have a linen closet, so I hang them up in one of the bedroom closets and it works great. By the way—how many sheets sets do you have? Six? A baker's dozen? If you think about it, you really only need three sets for each bed in your home…one in laundry, one on the bed, and one clean. Donate the rest—animal shelters and homeless shelters are DESPERATE for those sets that are just sitting in your home.


    Did you see my video on how to fold a fitted sheet?

    Now here’s how you fold a towel…perfectly. Just so you know, that's a Northern Nights Essentials(R) Micro-Cotton Bath Sheet in the video.




    They say the secret to a happy marriage is having separate bathrooms or dual sinks. I BELIEVE IT! Girls, we just have too much stuff to have to share a space with our hubbies.

     Sink Before...

    My friend Lori Greiner has two great organizers you might try in your bathroom.


    That’s the Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer by Lori Greiner.


    And that’s Lori's Luxury Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box. You can also use this for jewelry, too!

    Jewelry Organization

    And one more thing…when’s the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Experts say those should be cleaned every 2-4 weeks. Yep. At least once a month. Whatever you do, don’t soak your brushes because the bristles and bases are held together with glue. Instead, just run the bristles under warm water and use antibacterial soap. Blot them dry on a paper towel and dry overnight.

    Hair Tools Before...

    Okay, now for our hair stuff. There's no good way to store your curling iron, flat iron, or hair dryer. They don't fit in drawers and they can’t go on the bathroom sink. Planters are the perfect solution.


    Hair Tools After...


    And you can even do this with your cotton balls, Q-tips, and makeup sponges. Those are desk organizers! Cheap and accessible. If you don't like the "industrial" look, you can easily hang these behind a door.


    Makeup After...



    Remember our tension rod trick in the kitchen? It works in the bathroom too. Just use a shower curtain rod and waterproof baskets.

    Bathtub Before...

    Bathtub After...

    From the kids' toys and your husband’s soaps to your Wen and favorite Philosophy scents…it all stays organized!


    Now for the closet. If you're lucky enough to have the space for your whole wardrobe, use color-coded hangers to differentiate the seasons.

    Hanger Tips


    Those hangers (by Jill Martin) are nice because they’re grippy and your strappy or off-the-shoulder tops won’t fall off. If you don’t have Jill’s hangers, you can use pipe cleaners or rubber bands on the edges to help them “stick.”


    Oh, the power of a hanger! With a little creativity, you can find your closet floor.

    Before Boots...

    After Boots..

    I'm sorry to say we're sold out of that boot hanger. But you can use a number of multipurpose hangers.

    And look what we did with all of those wire hangers you get from the dry cleaner…genius!

    Sandals Before...

    Sandals After...

    We’ve got four more tips to share…January is nearly over!! I’ll post them on my Facebook page and in my collection this week.

    From my home to yours,

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    It’s the one item every fashion blogger insists you have in your closet. And I know it will be the most trusted go-to and versatile piece you own.

    I am super-thrilled to share with you one of the most exciting Today’s Special Values we have ever done. Our Classic Tailored Trench Coat is the perfect way to update your outerwear wardrobe and add one of the most versatile and stylish elements of the decade to your look. If you've never owned one, get ready!

    pic 1

    Classic modern style is something that we have always loved. Joan and I talked a lot about our love of heritage fabrications and silhouettes. The trench is the epitome of this.

    The images below will be a montage of QVC model outtakes – please forward whatever you have so we can place…


    I had a wonderful trip to London recently with our VP of Design. We were blown away by the number of women we saw wearing trench coats. Women of all ages and sizes - and all looking amazing. I put together this fun collage from our trip and, as you can see, there are a lot of ways to wear this incredible style icon.

    This will be another montage of street looks from London… including a shot ot two of David with Janie wearing the trench…



    You've heard me say on air many times that I love fashion that never dates itself, fashion that looks as good today as it did 50 years ago… the trench coat is exactly that! Great style icons like Marlene Dietrich, Babe Paley and Audrey Hepburn wore a trench coat their entire lives.

    You can never go wrong in a trench, anywhere in the world, in any season. Don’t be afraid to dress it way down with leggings and sneakers or the opposite - over a dressy suit or cocktail outfit. The trench is chic for all ages and looks great on all body types.

    And, on a historical note, the Trench was invented about 100 years ago for officers to wear during World War One. The design of the coat kept the men dry and warm and protected while they were literallyin the trenches.

    For some fun, visit this amazing website: www.theartofthetrench.com It’s filled with everyday folks from all over the world looking sensational in their trench coats. (And while you’re there, check out some of those prices!!)

    Our first-ever Trench Coat TSV!! What a great way to kick off our 25th anniversary year!!!


    Feb 2nd (Today’s Special Value!)
    Midnight-2am Joan Rivers Classics Collection 
    9-10am Joan Rivers Classics Collection 
    4-6pm   Joan Rivers Classics Collection 
    7-10pm PM Style
    11-Midnight Joan Rivers Classics Collection 

    Feb 23rd
    1-3am Joan Rivers Classics Collection 
    10-noon Joan Rivers Classics Collection 


    Follow Joan’s FACEBOOK at www.facebook.com/joanrivers
    Or INSTAGRAM at www.instagram.com/joanrivers
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    Or on INSTAGRAM at www.instagram.com/daviddangle
    Or on TOGATHER at http://qvc.co/DDprofile

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    We are excited to announce an amazing Today's Special Value® offer featuring the Clarisonic Smart Profile Sonic Cleansing System! Be sure to tune in on Saturday,  January  31st to learn more. Softer, smoother, more radiant-looking skin is only 60 seconds away!

    If you have any questions about how Clarisonic works, which is best for you, or would just like to talk, post your questions here! Dr. Robb and the Clarisonic team will be here all day on January 31st to answer your questions and would love to chat!

    –Dr. Robb and Team Clarisonic

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  • 01/27/15--12:25: Vday with SK
  • Happy Vday. ❤️ Truth told, there were many years I hated this 'card store' holiday. Seeing giant hearts floating in store windows is no fun when ur hopelessly single. So how'd I meet my husband Joe? Eharmony. Thank you Neil Clark Warren. I swore I would never do online dating. But then some kind of supernatural courage hit me (plus I was tired of sitting in my Jammies on Friday nights) and I went online. This was Joe's profile pic...


    This was us on one of our first dates...


    This photo is the night after we got engaged. Joe popped the question on my birthday and the next night a bunch of us piled into a limo for a night on the town.


    How did u meet ur sweetie?

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  • 01/27/15--13:36: 14 Easy Game Day Dips
  • Hello, foodies…

    What kind of food comes to mind when you think of game day? Wings? Yes. Pizza? Probably. Dip? YOU BET! We’ve made quite a few dips on In the Kitchen with David over the last 5 years….14 in fact. If you’re looking for an easy, yummy, crowd-pleasing recipe, I can help.

    Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Buffalo Chicken Dip


    Cheesy Pepperoni Dip with Pizza Crust Dippers

    Cheesy Pepperoni Dip with Pizza Crust Dippers


    Hoagie Dip in a Bread Bowl

    Hoagie Dip in a Bread Bowl


    Artichoke-Spinach Dip

    Artichoke-Spinach Dip


    Chilled Crab Dip

    Chilled Crab Dip


    Savory Sausage Dip

    Savory Sausage Dip


    Garden Veggie Dip in a Bread Bowl

    Garden Veggie Dip in a Bread Bowl


    Healthy Turkey Taco Dip

    Healthy Turkey Taco Dip


    Philly Cheesesteak Dip

    Philly Cheesesteak Dip


    Fajita Dip

    Fajita Dip


    Garlic-Curry Hummus & Sweet Potato Chips

    Garlic-Curry Hummus & Sweet Potato Chips


     White Bean Dip with Garlic & Sun-Dried Tomatoes

    White Bean Dip with Garlic and Sun-Dried Tomatoes


    Chocolate Fruit Dip

    Chocolate Fruit Dip


    Pistachio Dip

    Pistachio Dip

    Enjoy the game, everyone. For even more recipe ideas, go to QVC and search David’s Recipes. You can also find them in the QVC for iPhone(R) app. Hello, portable shopping list!

    Keep it flavorful!

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    You know the old adage….Everything old is new again?  As a Parsons Fashion design student in the 70’s so much of what’s in fashion today continues to be reminiscent of the “of the moment” carefree spirit of that era.  For our senior collections we were matched with top designers (Stan Herman was a mentor. Who knew we’d both be on Q?) and one of my highest rated critiques came from Calvin Klein.  What was it?  A Poncho!  Wish I still had the sketch.  Well, flash forward and meet the new 2015 Layers by Lizden Marvelush poncho. 

    This is not your grandmothers Poncho!  Today’s ponchos are made for real women of all ages!  They’re modern, generous, comfy, and…not just for winter anymore.  Can’t imagine a more perfect trans-season accessory.

    When I designed this I wanted a really versatile poncho.   It had to be in Marvelush, our proprietary cashmere-like luxury fiber.  It had to be something ageless that I’d wear and that our kids would wear too!  And it had to fashionable!  I love the cables + fringe…very retro, very 2015!

    A262828 is my answer to the perfect Poncho.  Offered in 6 fashion neutrals, it’s the accessory you’ll wear when you layer for warmth now and wear later on Springs cooler days.  It’s become my cozy go to piece, and what I love to get cozy in when I’m relaxing.

    I’m always going somewhere.  And, I’m never without Marvelush.  It’s the ultimate travel companion.  Whether you’re always in the car, about to take a cruise, vacation in Disney, or get on a plane for business, this will become your must have piece.  Please join me at midnight, Friday, January 30th and see why our 1st Marvelush Poncho has us saying “Marvelush…You’ve come a long way, baby!” 

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    All of the ladies in my house had been down with this horrible flu that is going around here on the East Coast.  I shared a photo of me and 2 of the Littles eating my homemade chicken noodle soup and lots of you asked for the recipe...so here it is!

    The basis of this soup - and a few of my other chicken recipes is my Stewed Chicken - so I started with that:

    Four large boneless chicken breasts

    2 cans Rotel Diced Tomatoes - Original or Mild (depending on your preference)

    Place for large chicken breasts in a four or 5 quart sauté pan. Cover with two cans of Rotel tomatoes and let simmer for 20 minutes with the lid on.

    Once the chicken is cooked through, set aside on a plate and let cool. Save the tomatoes and juice to add to the chicken broth. Once cooled, you can cube the chicken for the soup.

    Then boil 1 package No yolks wide noodles per the directions on the package. Rinse and set aside.

    For the soup, you will need 2 large cartons of organic chicken broth ( or 4–16 ounce cans).  Pour the chicken broth into a large stock pot and bring to a boil. Add cubed chicken along with the tomatoes.  

    2 zucchinis

    2 medium yellow squash

    2 red bell peppers

    2 onions

    1 large carrot

    While chicken broth is heating, julienne slice or chop all vegetables. I like to sauté mine in olive oil with a little salt-and-pepper and sesame seeds to liven up the flavor.  Add the vegetables to the chicken broth.

    Bring the soup to a boil for five minutes. Reduce heat and let simmer for 20 minutes.

    Serve and enjoy!

    Hopefully you won't NEED to try this soup during cold and flu season to feel better like we did... just try it because it is YUMMY!




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  • 01/28/15--11:25: Random Acts of Cooking
  • In our first years of motherhood, when a friend had a baby, we each made her a meal. It was a small offering of help in those sleepless and stressful peaceful first days home with a newborn. It’s been more than a few years decade since we’ve cooked for each other. But in these days of spaghetti, again combing the internet for healthy and fast meals, a surprise dinner on a friend’s doorstep might just make her entire day year. This Potato Soup recipe makes it a snap to do something kind. The pictures below prove it’s just a matter of chopping, boiling, and blending. Pair it with crusty bread and a salad to completely impress someone. This batch is for my friend Heather as long as my kids keep their mitts off it.


    Your Foodie Friend Tara


    Potato Soup


    • 2 Tablespoons butter or vegetable oil
    • 10 baby carrots
    • 5 red potatoes, peeled and cut into large pieces
    • 1 onion, sliced
    • Freshly ground pepper and red pepper flakes to taste
    • ¼ teaspoon salt
    • 3 14-1/2-ounce cans of chicken or vegetable broth
    • 2-1/2 cups grated cheddar cheese


    1. Melt butter in a large, heavy saucepan over medium-high heat. Add the carrots, potatoes, and onion. Cook, stirring, until the vegetables are lightly browned, about 10 minutes.
    2. Add the salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and one can of the broth. Bring to a boil, stirring to scrape up any browned bits from the bottom of the pan. Add remaining broth, return to boil. Cook until potatoes and carrots are tender.
    3. Puree soup in food processor, blender, or immersion blender.
    4. Return soup to saucepan and add cheese. Heat until cheese is melted.


    Artfully arranged ingredients.


    Cut the potatoes, carrots, and onion.

    Give the potatoes a little color.

    An immersion blender works well.

    Ready to eat!


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  • 01/28/15--13:01: Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle
  • Did your mother tell you to eat “Chicken Noodle Soup" when you were under the weather?

    I have so many memories of eating the condensed cans of soup as a child and doing the same thing when my girls were younger.  You can’t beat the convenience of canned soups but the homemade version is soon much better.  And it is yummy even if you are not sick.  Here is a simple recipe.  One pot.  I used the slow cooker function on my Cooks Essentials Pressure Cooker.  Tip: Freeze individual serving in the Sistema Mugs.

    Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle


    3 Chicken breasts

    5 cups Chicken stock

    5 cups water

    1 cup chopped celery

    1 cup chopped carrots

    1 small onion, chopped

    1-cup peas

    1-cup mushrooms (optional)

    1 bay leaf

    Salt & pepper to taste

    1 package broad noodles

    Put everything except the noodles into your slow cooker.  Set to high, cook for 4 -5 hours.  Remove the chicken, shred then return to the slow cooker and add noodles.  Cook until noodles are done. 

    You can find me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/JayneBrownQVC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/jaynebrown1

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/jaynebrownqvc

    toGather: www.gather.qvc.com/member/JayneBrown

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