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  • 07/23/13--13:18: Hamptons, here we come…
  • Hamptons, here we come…

    I am so excited for this coming Saturday, July 27th.  After close to three years of living in NYC, I am finally going to the Hamptons to be part of the annual event, QVC Presents Super Saturday LIVE, benefitting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

    We have designed an exclusive JAI John Hardy charm bracelet and 36” necklace to be feature on the live broadcast that will start at 2pm EST and will be hosted by Kelly Ripa and Lisa Robertson.

    The day long fundraiser once known as “The Rolls Royce of Garage Sales” features one-of–a-kind designs and takes place in the villages of the Hamptons. Presented by Instyle Magazine and QVC, top QVC brands including JAI John Hardy,  Philosophy, Aimee Kestenberg, Josie Maran, Amrita Singh, Honora and many more take over the Hamptons for a day of giving.

    I don’t know what I am more excited for, the great people watching or all of the amazing exclusive designs at great prices.  Either way, I have already put myself on a budget and promise to take lots of pictures throughout the day. 

    Please take a moment to “like” our JAI Jewelry for QVC Facebook page and follow us on Instagram @ Jaijewerly_ so we can share all of my adventures together.

    Safe Travels,

    Scott Grimes

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  • 07/23/13--13:29: My Summer Me
  • Tova & Lisa
    Fall is for fashion, winter is all about  regal elegance, and spring is the season of renewal and rebirth. Summertime is for unlocking that passionate, inspired, and creative side of yourself that brings joy and meaning to life. It's about unleashing your summer you.

    We all know that special liberating feeling we get from wearing sandals, billowy cotton dresses, and impromptu wispy up-dos. I find myself constantly experimenting with things I like to give that little extra summertime kick. For example, why settle for ordinary lemonade when you can have cucumber lemonade with a sprig of mint? Mexico City street vendors taught me that one of the best ways to enjoy watermelon is to sprinkle some hot chilies on top. The heat of the chilies and the sweetness of the fruit do a dance of pleasure and pain on your palate and help keep your body cool.

    TOVA Summer
    TOVA Signature Summer is the untamed, fun-loving sister scent to TOVA Signature. It starts with a base of bergamot, absolute jasmine, and sandalwood with the added zing of cooling California grapefruit, scintillating pink cyclamen, and the subtly seductive amethyst calla lily. I spray some on moistened towels that I roll up and keep in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for a refreshing and invigorating post-workout pick-me-up. TOVA Signature Summer is an expression of my spontaneous, imaginative summer me. It always gives me the uplifting sensation of real summer joys, like waves gently lapping on the shore, a lark's song in the evening, or children's peals of delight when the ice-cream truck comes around. I think of it as the Creamsicle version of TOVA Signature and really, what could be a better treat on a summer's day?

    I recently had the pleasure of sharing TOVA Signature Summer with a group of QVC customers who participated in the Lisa Robertson Weekend for Customers, a fun-filled weekend culminating with a dinner party in the atrium of QVC's headquarters. All of the women were wonderful and it was an honor to meet them and hear their stories. Some have been wearing TOVA Signature for many years and all were delighted with the summer version. Try it today and let it become your summertime signature.    

    Weekend for Customers

    —Tova Borgnine

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    Do you remember back to the days of infants and toddlers and carrying diaper bags everywhere? I sure do! And although they were a very necessary accessory, they were never cute. Somehow they always screamed, “I hold diapers, wipes, bottles, etc.”

    As we move through summer, I’ve noticed the same about camera bags. The luggage-like black canvas bags are super efficient, but they aren’t exactly fashionable. Plus, I might as well have a sign attached to my beach umbrella or sports chair that says, "very expensive photographic equipment inside." It’s like a beacon for someone to walk right off with your device! I’ve been on a mission to remedy both issues and add a little purse-onality to these accessories.

    Enter Jo Totes. These seriously stylish messenger and hobo bags are actually camera bags on the inside! How cool is that? Now you can match your personality and style without giving up any of the organization or protection of a traditional bag for your gear. 



    If you’re an on-the-go gadget girl, we’ve got you covered, too! Check out these camera straps by Capturing Couture today.

    How cute are these?


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    Coming Soon!

    Hello fashionistas... It is the middle of July... I have blinked and summer is half over.  First and foremost let me just say it was lovely meeting so many of you at the dinner Friday night of the Lisa Robertson weekend. What a wonderful beautiful talented group of women. It was an honor to get to chat with most of you and talk about life, friendship, husbands, children, shopping, and of course QVC. Our dinner inspired me on what to write in my blog this week. So stay with me, you never know where my thoughts will travel.

    What is in a NAME? With the baby watch over in London now, the frenzy is what will be the name of the new king one day. We place so much emphasis on a name.  Our name is our tag line... when you hear a name it evokes emotion, good or bad. With our fine group of ladies Friday evening we discussed QVC alot.  I asked the question what is it about QVC that you would give up a weekend and travel from 18 different states to be with US. You can guess the number one answer: a get away from the husband and kids... for some FUN. All kidding aside, it is what QVC stands for that brought us together. The name evokes a wonderful positive response. A great shopping experience, a sense of community and friendship. Quality, value, and convience; straight to the point.

    I told my new friends Friday night that a very special LCny item was coming up at MIDNIGHT this Wednesday. I asked what does the name LCny mean to you?  WOW the response was humbling. Wonderful sophisticated fashion. Classic lines for the everyday modern woman. Whether single, married, mom, working, retired; it fits all lifestyles. The fact that LCny covers all ages beautifully was pointed out by a gorgeous mom of twins... TIMELESS!!! So what is in a name? LCny has been a leader in fashion for over twenty years and is still rocking and we are so proud to have this brand at QVC. On Wednesday the very special item (pictured above) is a beautiful set of two shirts, on short sleev and one 3/4 length sleeve, a basic color and a pop. You can shop with confidence because everything is in a name, especially one you can trust.

    At the end of the evening a lovely woman approached me and told me my name to her means friend.  She looks forward to Wednesday mornings with MBR and myself. As she stated it is like shopping with her sisters. That is the best compliment I have had in a long time. So to all of my beautiful friends (sisters) join me on Wednesday for a day filled with LCny.  The two essential shirts are a great way to check out the LCny NAME and join in the fun. P.S. You need them, as I always say to my sister Karen.


    Be sure to tune-in during the day on Wednesday, July 24th to chat LIVE with Carolann Wileczek. She'll be logged on to answer your questions! Leave your comments, shout-outs, and questions in the comments below!

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    Welcome to a very special edition of Throwback Thursday.  Today’s #tbt is a photo of my hubby and me on our wedding day: September 5, 1987…..26 years ago! OMG – look how young we both look!  The awesome man behind me is THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY, my Grandfather and the light of my life. When my Father was out working three jobs, this man stepped in, swooped me up and TAUGHT me how to shop!! We had the best times together and as you can see by the photo, he had a hard time giving me up to Hubby that day. Lol! 


     Our wedding was held at the church I grew up in, Saint Theresa's. Our reception was at the Army War College. I don't really remember eating, but I do remember that I felt as if I was floating on air the whole day. It was kind of funny at times, half of the people were from the South (Hubby's side) and had thick Southern accents and the other half of the people were Italian (my side, duh) and also had thick accents ... Everyone had trouble understanding each other, BUT everyone had a BLAST……love truly is the universal language!!{#emotions_dlg.wub} 

    Here is my handsome dad walking me down the aisle:

    And for a really far-back throwback photo, I included my mom and dad’s wedding day photo too.  Just looking at it gets me all teary.  They looked amazing! 

    Do you remember every minute of your wedding day or did it fly by in a blur?  I would love to hear your true love stories!  Tell me everything!!!!! 

    :-)  Xoxo  A

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  • 07/24/13--08:03: The Jovella Event
  • Dear Friends, 

    This is our third year with the Jovella event on QVC and almost 4 years since we launched the Or Paz brand (over 7 years for Adi Paz!). I will never forget the date we launched Jovella as it was just a few weeks before Ethan – my 3rd son was born. For me it is pretty amazing what we have accomplished in the past 3 years and just like a little baby that learns to eat, walk, talk and grow so fast before our eyes, The Jovella event along with the PAZ brands have grown, developed new looks  and improved our designs and materials. I feel that the combination of the organic- hand crafted designs along with exotic gem stones and varied materials use these days, are much more mature and better define ‘Or Paz’. I believe that designing jewelry based on natural motifs along with modern elements yet always staying true to our path is what made Or Paz so popular, a trend setter in many aspects in the jewelry industry.

    On the upcoming event next week, we have a lot of new looks that are brand new! For the first time we are going to present the Or Paz look with 14kt gold plating!

    A new designer – Smadar Eliasaf is joining our family with an amazing leather bracelet (which I know will not last for long….) and as always, I am bringing new textures and gem stones and many more new looks for your jewelry collection…

    I am so excited and truly cannot wait to share all the new designs… meantime; I enjoy the summer time with my family - lots of swimming pool and beach time, remembering that these are moments that forever will be cherished …

    See you all in a little while! Shalom!!!

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  • 07/24/13--08:45: Update on Spell Check
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    Please post comments here if you have problems with the automatic spell check.

    Thank you for your patience while we resolved this problem with the spell check button.

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    Wash your face twice daily. At night, I use my Clarisonic to wash off the day’s makeup. Then in the AM, I wash my face (using my hands) with a gentle soap and cool water. It’s a nice “wake up” and its makes sure your skin is ready for your new makeup application! -Carolyn, QVC Home Décor Team


    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! There’s nothing more gorgeous than healthy, naturally glowing skin. - Rebecca, QVC Programming Team


    Switch to an oil-free moisturizer when the temperature soars to keep skin hydrated. -Ashley, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare


    For a perfect blowout, always start with clean hair! For curls, be sure to hold your brush vertically while drying and to amp up the volume, blow the crown area in horizontal sections.  -Alli Webb, Drybar


    No time to do your hair?  An over-the-shoulder braid is fast, easy, and totally on trend.  -Hillary, QVC Beauty Team

    Short on time? Add hot curlers before you leave the house and let them set while you drive to work.  Just remember to take them out before you walk into work :) -Melissa, QVC Accessories team

    Embrace your freckles! Avoid heavy liquid foundations and opt for a loose powder to even out your skin tone without losing your unique complexion! -Liz, QVC Cook & Dining Team


    No time for a manicure?  A quick coat of clear polish will clean up your hands in no time.  Plus, no one can tell if it chips. -Marissa, QVC Beauty Team


    Be a sweet tarte! Mix a little organic sugar with your lip balm to exfoliate lips and keep them soft.  -Maureen Kelly, founder of tarte cosmetics


    Less is more! For optimal airbrushing results, apply airbrush makeup in sheer light layers and build to your desired level of coverage -Samantha, TEMPTU


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  • 07/24/13--11:29: Shoes and the Silver Screen

    We love shoes! There's no getting around it. The other day I was thinking that there is something so special about them. I mean, we have other accessories that we love, but they somehow don't have the ability to transform you! Then I was watching a movie and shoes, once again, were a part of the heroine's story. It got me thinking how many times Hollywood has used shoes to make the movie. So, here's my informal list. Feel free to add your favorites too. Grab some popcorn and let's go to the movies!


    The Wizard of Oz:  Nobody wears glittery red heels quite like Dorothy Gale! And those magical shoes are the force that brings Dorothy home. 

    The Red Shoes: An oldie but goodie with British Ballerina Moira Schearer. Sometimes those red shoes can be a little deadly.... 

    Cinderella: The shoes made the princess, right? And Walt Disney's favorite animated scene was when Cinderella morphs from her rags to her ball gown. 

    Ever After: Love this version with Drew Barrymore! Even though she is a strong woman, the glass slipper still fits! 

    PS I Love You: A two tissue box movie that combines a love of Ireland with a love of shoes, wait till the ending! 

    Enchanted: Even though Giselle doesn't need her glass slipper to find her true love, Idina Menzel finds her love - thanks to those famous clear pumps. 

    What other movies come to mind??      


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    Hi my friends,

    This past Sunday, I flew down to South Florida to my parent’s house and had the ultimate Sunday Funday.  I called my mom last week and told her I had some BIG shows coming up on July 25th where I would be introducing our first ever JAI TSV along with several new designs. I asked her if we could invite my sister-in-laws and a couple of close family friends to come over and see the new designs, try them on, and offer me their feedback.

    That was on a Wednesday, by Friday she called me and said that some of her girlfriends at her nail salon  read on our JAI Johnhardy for QVC Facebook page about the party and wanted to know if they could join. Within a matter of days, we had gone from an intimate group of friends, to well over 25 ladies including my elementary school teacher.

    An hour into the party, I was able to get all the ladies to gather in the living room and I did a brief presentation on the new designs. Afterwards, everyone gathered around the dining room table where the jewelry was displayed and started trying the pieces on. I loved how once one of the ladies would see the piece on another lady, she would say;  ‘Oh, I didn’t see that one, let me try that one on’ or ‘Oh, you totally need to get that, it looks amazing on you’.

    About an hour later, everyone was sitting back in the living room wearing all the different pieces and catching up on their kids, grand kids, and deciding which pieces they wanted to buy come Thursday.

    When I asked everyone if they had a favorite design, one of my mom’s friends said, ‘Scott, that is like asking us to choose a favorite child… you just can’t do it’.  In the end, the same designs my friends 7 year old daughter loved were the same designs that my Mom fell in love with.  The versatility of the designs, the quality of the craftsmanship, and the classic silhouettes made each of our designs a favorite.  It was great to hear that no matter their lifestyle, each of them felt the designs were something that they could wear every day.

    One of the pieces that really stood out was our TSV. They loved the design and its versatility.  Each of the ladies said it was a piece they could see themselves wearing all the time.  They loved that it came with the leather necklace and a choice of beads. When I showed them how the leather necklace or the beads could be worn as a double wrap bracelet when not worn with the slide pendant, they got even more excited.

    We had the best time. What better way to spend the day then surrounded by great friends, amazing food, and gorgeous jewelry.  It was great to share with friends and family my passion.

     Please enjoy some snap shots from our Sunday Funday.  I look forward to seeing each of you for our upcoming JAI shows and introducing all the new designs.  Please tune in July 25th: midnight – 2am, 11am-noon, 3pm, and 6-8pm to hear all the new inspirations and see all of our new designs.

    Please leave your questions about the TSV and any piece within the JAI John Hardy line.  I will be answering your questions throughout the day, all day on Thursday.

    Safe Travels,

    Scott Grimes

    Sukhothai Slide Necklace

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  • 07/24/13--13:47: Most-Wanted Eyeliners
  • Hi, gals!
    With the hot and humid weather upon us, I want to share some great suggestions for long-lasting eyeliner. I have so many gorgeous options that are perfect for the summer months!
    i-care eyeliner
    My eyeliner staple for any season isI-Care Waterproof Eyeliner. With a built-in sharpener and blending tip, it's a great all-in-one option. Soft, smooth, and super long wearing, the waterproof formula virtually floats into place. This unique liner is called I-Care because its treatment-like formula contains beneficial and nourishing ingredients that are perfect for the delicate eye area. The highly smudge-proof formula helps to perfectly line the inner eyelid. Unlike most eye pencils, I-Care Eyeliner has a retractable point. Easily take your summer look from day to night with shades like Rose Gold, Lapis, and Purple Sapphire.

    If you’re looking for versatility, try Eye Rimz Baked Wet/Dry Eye Accents, which offer everything you need to complete your eye look. They're buildable and versatile shadows/liners that create endless incredible looks. The swirls of rich colors create multidimensional results for a stare that smolders. Best of all, they set into place for transfer-proof longevity.

    Eye Rimz Wet/Dry
    Some of my other Baked eyeliners include Baked Cake Eyeliner Duo and Baked Marble Eye Shadow & Baked Cake Eyeliner Duo, both of which can be used wet or dry for versatile looks.

    Baked Cake
    Marble Eyeshadow & Cake Liner Duo




    Shadow Rimz Baked Marble Eye Shadow Eye Rimz Duo and Baked Sateen Eye Shadow & Eye Rimz offer the same versatility with a variety of finishes from solid to shimmery.

    Shadow Rimz DuoSateen Eyeshadow

    For easy-to-apply precision liner, look no further than Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner. This is one of our best, silkiest, and most long-wearing gel-based liners you’ll ever get your hands on! A special gel formula gives the no-budge, transfer-resistant liner its luxurious feel and crease-free finish. Unlike other gel liners that tend to dry out, Inkwell stays soft, moist, and emollient thanks to a well of skin-loving ingredients. You’ll love how easy it is to apply. And, once it sets, you’ll forget it’s even there.
    Gel Liner 
    Last but not least, I want to share with you one of my favorite classics: Powder Pencil Eyeliners! These vibrant, wearable shades feature a cream-to-powder formula. What does that mean? It means application is a breeze with a creamy pencil that never tugs or pulls. Let it dry a few seconds and you’ll see it set to a powder. That means no running or smudging.
    You can shop all of my eyeliners 24/7 right here on QVC.com!
    Laura Geller

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    You guessed it... I was at another wedding last weekend. My childhood friend, Amanda, got married at Gustavino's. Amanda and I go way back to age five, when we bonded over riding our bicycles through the neighborhood and playing kickball in my backyard (I know, kickball! I’ve dated myself). I bet the next generation of kids, glued to video games, won’t even know what kickball is!

    Amanda and I grew up together in Long Island and have stayed in touch through college, grad school (we were a year apart at Harvard Business School) and work. We both started our careers in investment banking. She's still in finance, but I've transitioned to the greener pastures of fashion & beauty :) Speaking of which, I gave myself a full beauty makeover for her wedding. I started by massaging warm olive oil into my scalp on Friday night. I slept with a towel on my pillow and washed out the olive oil the next day. My hair was hydrated and cleaned, but not clean enough. I was going to attempt blowing it out at home given that I learned these tricks from Drybar but I got lazy and went for a pro blowout at Blo.

    Once I got waves, I started prepping my face. I used a mild cleanser and decided it was a good day to use my bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing mask. Five minutes later I was feeling radiant. I moisturized and mixed my tarte bb cream andsmashbox foundation for extra coverage for a long night. I opted for a seriously chocolate smoky eye and a coral/nude lip Revlon's "Coral Berry" is one of my faves. And, of course, I couldn’t go without my Spanx.

    After putting Ashvin to sleep, we rushed out and we were the last guests to arrive at the ceremony. It was a beautiful, romantic setting with white flowers and warm candlelight.

    My favorite part of the ceremony was when they shared why they wanted to marry each other. I have to say, it was very telling as Richard used one word to describe being with Amanda...home! She, being the practical, analytical person she is, talked about the qualities she always wanted in a spouse and how he fit the bill :)

    On to an amazing cocktail hour, lots of dancing and a fabulous performance by the groom himself. Just as we were leaving, I made Manoj take a picture with me to remember the special evening.

    Lots of love and congratulations to the wonderful couple. May they enjoy a life filled with happiness and love!

    On my wedding day, our a photographer captured Manoj and I laughing together right before we cut our cake. I will remember that moment forever.

    photo credit: Jay Seth Photography

    What is your favorite wedding memory?

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    Hurray for National Girlfriends Day!

    I hope you’ll take some time to gather with your girlfriends in celebration of those precious relationships on August 1, National Girlfriends Day!!  I am grateful for the girlfriends who have blessed my life since childhood and for those of you I have come to know and love through our time together at QVC!  I believe there are many angels in our lives, people who bless us with their presence and add a new twist, turn, or sparkle to our lives.  Without that special friend, we may not have met so many others, or maybe even the man we would eventually marry.  Without that special mentor/friend, we may not have had the courage to pursue our dream jobs, travels, or a nerve-wracking first appearance on QVC!  And without the love and support of girlfriends our laughter would be less frequent and less boisterous, and our tears lonelier. 

    In our busy lives, it may not be possible to physically gather with our friends on August 1st, but we can certainly pick up the phone, skype, or get a love-fest going via text!  National Girlfriends Day is definitely one of the most important holidays on my calendar! 

    I thank you for your special friendship, and wish you a beautiful, vibrant, joyful day!



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    I'm just back from vacation, a much-needed trip to the Florida beaches with my mini-me. We swam, we sand-castled, we stayed up late watching movies, ate way more than we should have and loved every second of it! I feel even closer to my daughter after trips like this, and for that I'm so grateful.

    What's funny is that these trips also make me realize how much QVC has become part of my life both at home and on my travels! I threw in a few pics to illustrate: 

    -Supergoop SPF kept Gabby and I burn-free even on the most sizzling days,

    -Gabby toted her new favorite Vera Bradley on our shopping excursions,

    -my Aimee Kestenberg crossbody bag was my constant companion on the beach and beyond (notice also the Tatcha blotting papers I stashed to keep a fresh face in high temps!),

    -of course while I made pancakes in our tiny kitchen I had QVC on in the background...can never be too far from our pretty sparklies!


    And that last pic? That one to me really illustrates how these mother-daughter trips make us both feel. Carefree, happy, and loved by eachother. 


    Are you planning any more family trips this summer? Taking the Q with you? Let me know here and at www.facebook.com/jennifercoffeyqvc !!  

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    A message yesterday from my Auntie Mame…

    That’s how its been since my family heard that the Perfecter was going to be back in stock.  My aunts all used it last time they were at my house and fell in love!  Usually I give them things they like when they come to visit but I really couldn’t give them that little grey curl maker, I use it every day! 

    My friend Maria from Calista Tools gave me mine late last year before it came on the air at QVC and then promptly sold out.  Everyone in the building was a buzz about it since it was so unlike any other curling iron/straightner/waver etc... I kept getting questions and ended up bringing mine to work with me so that the stylists in our QVC salon could use it too. 

    One day before the new year we found out there were a couple left in the QVC store and within hours they were gone, sold to QVC employees who fought their way to front of the building on coffee breaks.   Now finally it is back in stock at and even better, a Today’s Special Value. 

    I do truly use this every day when I am not at work and the stylists I love the most at QVC, use it everyday on me when I am working as well.  It is just so darn easy and quick.  I thought I would give you a few pointers on what works for me.  Please understand I have shorter but very thick naturally wavy to straight hair.  So, what works for me might not be perfect for you, I really think you need to watch Maria on Friday and watch the video on line for more tips, but here are mine.

    1)      Clean hair or brushed out dry day two hair work best

    2)      Don’t twist too deep.  – it does work on long hair but on the longer portions of my short hair (the front pieces)  I find not twisting too deep down works best.

    3)      Don’t twist too tight.  Be loose with it, or you can get it stuck a bit.

    4)      Keep twisting!  Even when most of the hair is through keep twisting, and it keeps making the curl even in the part of the hair that isn’t in the brush.


    5)      For cowlicks hold for 8-10 seconds.  I have so many  of these with my short razor cut hair and this has been amazing!!!!

    I really hope you love this as much as my aunts and me do.  I’d love for you to add your tips below.

    Have a blessed day, and don’t forget to continue the conversation on my Facebook Page www.facebook.com/kerstinlindquistqvc and on twitter www.twitter.com/kerstinlindqvc.




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    Every week on my Facebook page, I post a picture of my Weekend Polish Pick. This week, when my 10 year-old daughter saw my pick, she screamed "Those are so cool!" and asked if she could help me.

    I'm trying Ciate's Corrupted Neons. Not only are neon nails hot for fall, this pick combines both matte polish and shiny glitter, creating a totally new look. The sets come in hot pink, electric blue and orange. Ava picked the blue. I picked the pink.

    First, you brush on two coats of the bright polish, which quickly turns matte.

    Next, you sprinkle on a coat of glitter and then brush away the excess.

    Finally, you apply the top coat that comes with the kit. Ava did her own nails, complete with the word "Love" written in pen on her finger. :)

    Our manicures are not salon perfect. We were just enjoying a girls night.  However, we both thought the kit was super easy, dried fast, and left our nails with a really unique, sugared finish.

    These are not the sets to use if you need a subtle and classic look, but they are definitely fun! Every Friday, I post my Weekend Polish Pick on my Facebook page. Please feel free to "like" my page and join the discussion and/or post pics of your own manicures. Have a great week!!

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    philosophy is celebrating a big milestone this week: 14 years on QVC! dara lynn, heidi guest, and mari lyn are sharing their personal milestones with you and they invite you to share yours as well!
    dara lynn
    every time i visit QVC, i have something exciting to look forward to. although, i have to confess that my favorite time of year is our anniversary/milestone shows. it's our biggest party of the year! we work on the offerings and new items an entire year in advance. we believe every day is a holiday, particularly our anniversary/milestone event when we have a giant party on the air to celebrate you!
    i was asked to write something about a milestone in my life to commemorate this special time of year. i've decided to write about how grateful i am that you've given me the chance to be an on-air guest for philosophy for over a dozen years. i never expected to have a job on television. it truly just happened by chance. years ago, i was heading up education for philosophy. i mainly concentrated on traveling to our retail locations to attend events and conduct seminars on the great benefits of our philosophy products. travel was always on deck in my position and, one day, i got a call saying that i needed to go to QVC to do a show. i thought, "what an exciting assignment!" little did i know it would open up such a gateway of new experiences.
    before i appeared on QVC, i had no idea what an "on-air guest" was. i didn't know much about being on television, but one thing i knew for certain was my love of philosophy. when my nerves rose to epic proportions before the show, i knew i could go out there and talk honestly about what i love about philosophy products. like a mini miracle, once i got out there, i felt just like i was in a one-on-one consultation with you sitting right in front of me. i also had another thing going for me. i knew people who loved philosophy were instant friends, and that's exactly what i felt the second the camera light went on. QVC and philosophy made a place for friendship, a place for sharing ideas, and a place where showing the emotional side of your life was safe. even though i can't see you in person, the feelings do translate over the airwaves. i feel like i'm completely surrounded by friendship when i'm on the set chatting with you about philosophy.
    i have to thank you for giving me this milestone of being able to celebrate 14 years on QVC. i'm forever grateful for all of the friendships and connections we've made over the years. i must admit, i still get butterflies when that red light goes on, but not because i'm nervous. it's because i'm so ready to show you our new items and longtime favorites that i can hardly contain my excitement. i hope you can join me in sharing a philosophy milestone.
    with gratitude,
    heidi guest
    when i think of milestones, i tend to think of them as defining moments that have occurred in my life and events i look forward to experiencing.

    as i look back, there are two defining moments that stand out. certainly, the most important milestone for me was becoming a mother...twice. creating life, nurturing, and helping another human being fulfill their destiny is the most significant work that i'll do on this earth. i've celebrated my children's milestones as my own. through being a mother, i've learned the true meaning of unconditional love, the most defining lesson of my life.

    my second milestone was making the decision to move cross-country and leave everything familiar to us in our native california behind for a new life in the new york metropolitan area. that decision forced us to go outside of our comfort zones personally and professionally, both as individuals and as a family. the move opened us up to new experiences and new people. as a result, we're more open to change, different points of view, and cultural traditions than we would be if we had played it safe and not made the move. when you do something that scares you and overcome your fear, you become more adventurous. that one lesson has made a monumental difference in how i live my life today.

    mari lyn meier
    mari lyn
    i've always looked up to my big brother of 11 years. when my dad passed away in 1988, greg stepped in as a father figure and friend. as a medical doctor, he understands health and well-being. he became involved in running as a form of exercise and participated in marathons. he invited my husband, david, and me to watch him participate in the disney marathon. it was so inspiring to see so many people running for so many reasons! it goes beyond exercise for your health. it's a way to give back.
    david and i signed up for the next year’s half marathon the day we got home in january 2006. by october, neither of us had begun our training. the race was in three months. most races are linked to a charity, so i was ready to write my entry off as a charitable donation. my brother convinced me otherwise. at this point, i was concerned that i couldn’t even run a mile, let alone 13.1. greg told me i had to take baby stepscrawl, walk, then run. i told him i couldn’t run a mile and he said, “then don’t…walk.” i said, "i can’t run down the block." he said, “then don’t…walk..” so, i began my training. i laid out a schedule and followed it the best i could with my busy, unpredictable work schedule. in january of 2007, i ran my first half marathon. in january 2010, i ran my first full marathon…26.2 miles. i completed both in disney where it all began. that place is magic!
    runners run for different reasons. some run for exercise, some for bragging rights, some for fame and fortune, some for others who can’t. i was inspired this january when i ran the half marathon in jacksonville, fl. it was a 26.2 mile race for donna, a breast-cancer survivor. my mother was a breast-cancer survivor for 20 years, so the end of this disease lies close to my heart and soul. the city of jacksonville and her doctors embraced the idea of a local race to benefit breast-cancer research. donna runs every year with her doctor by her side. i witnessed a survivor honor her with her medal, thanking her because without the money donated from this charity, she would've lost her house due to unpaid medical expenses. the fans were in abundance this chilly january morning. did i mention it was 17f at the start of the race? a sea of pink flooded the race route in honor of breast-cancer awareness. i was so touched and overwhelmed, but it wasn't until i reached the last hill, which was less than a half mile from the finish line, that i was truly inspired and changed. at the top of the hill, a breast-cancer survivor held a sign that read, “thank you for running because i can’t.”
    i think of that survivor and her message every time i run. i never feel like i’m doing enough, but i know when i run my races, i'm always inspired to do more. i just signed up for the philadelphia rock 'n' roll half marathon and the philadelphia marathon. anyone want to join me? it can be life changing.
    —mari lyn

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    I will admit it....I DO have a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to my favorite dessert...homemade apple pie, with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on the side! Of course, that is one calorie-filled dessert! So, since I got my Vitamix, I have discovered a delicious and less fattening alternative, when I get a craving for apple pie a al mode. It's called the Apple Pie A-La-Mode Smoothie! It's yummy and made with fresh apple, unsweetened apple sauce, non fat frozen vanilla yogurt, apple  juice and a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg. I love it year round....just a great in the Fall and Winter as it is in Summertime! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!



    PS: Did I mention that I LOVE MY VITAMIX!!!!!???!!!! :)


    Apple Pie A-La-Mode Smoothie


    • 2 cup frozen vanilla yogurt, nonfat
    • 3/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
    • 1/4 cup apple juice, chilled
    • 1 cup apple, peeled and diced
    • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
    • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

    Combine frozen yogurt, applesauce, and apple juice in a blender.
    Add the apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Blend until smooth.


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    Happy summer, Argan lovelies!

    Summer is all about having fun, preferably in ways that are good for you. Right? Well, I can’t reveal the secret mix of beautifiers in my forthcoming summer set—you’ll find out soon enough! But I can tell you that everything in this kit offers both: beauty that’s fun to apply with your fingers, and fun to use in a variety of ways, they’re all multi-taskers, and good for you, since they’re all infused with Argan oil.

    Stay tuned for the big reveal, and here’s to a happy, healthy season of fun.

    With mysterious love,

    Josie Maran Argan Bright & Beautiful 6pc Beauty Collection


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