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    Have a question for Josie Maran about her Deluxe Argan Hydrate & Protect TSV?  Submit your questions below and Josie and her team will be answering throughout the day on May 5th! 

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    Before joining the Clarks team about two years ago, I was a fashion editor for a weekly magazine and traveled to London, New York and Los Angeles to see runway shows each season. I still attend the shows twice a year in New York and love to stay on top of new styles. So I am thrilled to be bringing you the Leisa Apple double adjust, lightweight sandal. Not only does it capture the season’s desert glam look with its cut-out details and woven leather accents, but it’s also jammed back with Clarks’ comfort qualities. From its weightless, yet durable EVA outsole, to the backstrap security to the two hook and loop closures, the Leisa Apple is sure to make the perfect sandal for everyday errands and grand getaways.

    Stay stylish,


    Clarks TSV Leisa Apple

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  • 04/30/14--10:25: The Q Quiz with Jill Martin!
  • Jill Martin took the Q Quiz!


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  • 04/30/14--10:34: Jacqui's Breakfast Bake
  • This week’s recipe comes from our resident Model/chef Jacqui.  On Fashionably Early we are always looking for a reason to celebrate and of course a party is not a party without great FOOD!! 

    Jacqui is an amazing cook.  She was happy to share her recipe for her Breakfast Bake!


    Jacqui's Breakfast Bake


    1 package sausage

    1 package cooked chopped bacon

    1 package simply potatoes

    1 package sharp cheddar cheese

    1 dozen eggs

    1 cup milk

    2 cup chopped ham cooked ham

    Salt & pepper 


    • Cook the sausage in a large pan.  Add the potatoes.  Cook for 10 min.  
    • In a bowl combine eggs, milk, cheese, bacon, ham, salt & pepper.  
    • Layer the sausage & potatoes in the bottom of a 9 x 12 nonstick pan. Pour egg mixture over the top.
    • Bake at 350 for 45 min. until golden brown.  


    You can find me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/JayneBrownQVC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/jaynebrown1

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/jaynebrownqvc

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  • 04/30/14--11:31: Canon Rebel T5 DSLR Camera
  • Every photograph we take tells a story.  Most of us have shoeboxes full of faded and torn photos from different stages of our lives.   How many times have you looked at one of those photos wishing it were sharper and more vivid?   Maybe it’s time for you to step up to a DSLR camera so all of your digital photo stories will always be razor sharp and in bright, vivid color.  Believe it or not, I have a lot of photos from the 70’s when I actually had shoulder length hair.  Unfortunately, they were not taken with good cameras and most of them are out of focus! 

    DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex.  When you look through the viewfinder of a DSLR camera, you are actually looking directly through the actual lens.  You are actually seeing a more accurate representation of your subject. This also gives you the ability to change lenses between wide angle and telephoto depending on the shooting situation. 

    Over the past two weeks, I have had the opportunity to use a fabulous DSLR camera from Canon. You see the Canon name on the sidelines of professional sports events and at major news conferences.  Canon is the choice of most professional photographers.  Their livelihood depends on the quality of their photos so they depend on Canon cameras and lenses.

    Today I am going to show you how I was able to capture some really cool stories with the Canon Rebel T5 camera which QVC will feature as a Today’s Special Value beginning midnight ET, Thursday, May 1st. 

    The Canon Rebel T5 DSLR camera features an effects wheel which allows you to easily “dial up” the right settings for every situation.  In the first sequence of shots I used the sports icon for a fast shutter to capture my grandson’s first hit in a tee ball game.  Notice how every picture below is razor sharp and blur-free.  Even though he was swinging the bat very quickly, the Canon T5 captured every stage of his swing.  The “money” shot is where the ball is just leaving his bat.  You can actually see the laces on the baseball.  I had one chance to capture his first lifetime hit and the Canon Rebel T5 didn’t let me down!  I captured this once in a lifetime moment forever in vivid color and razor sharp detail.  By the way, the bleachers where I was sitting were about fifty feet away from home plate so I used the 75mm-300mm telephoto lens that is included in our QVC offer  to get these amazing close-ups of Cole in action.

    The sports mode has a picture of a runner on the wheel and is also great for capturing pets and animals that move quickly.  This beautiful horse came running up to the fence when I jumped out of my car to take his picture.  The baby goat thought I had food and rushed up to the fence.   Finally, my cat, Lacie, never looks at the camera for very long so I had to shoot in rapid fire style to get this great close up that captured her beautiful blue eyes. With my Canon Rebel T5 in sports mode, I was able to capture these amazing close up shots of these beautiful animals.

    This camera features a built- in flash and when you have the effects wheel set on the green A (for auto mode) the flash will fire automatically when needed.  I am a big fan of natural light so, whenever possible, I capture my memories with the existing light. For extremely fine detail in natural light you need a camera with a high quality lens. The Canon Rebel T5 lenses always deliver the details.  QVC is offering this camera with a wide angle (18mm-55mm) and telephoto (75mm-300mm lenses in our Today’s Special Value today, May 1st. 

    May is national photo month which is why we are offering this awesome camera.  With the beginning of vacation season and all the flowering trees and shrubs in full bloom, there are plenty of colorful memories to capture.  I used the Macro mode (which has a symbol of a flower on the wheel) to capture these beautiful flowers.  I really like the grape hyacinth that is directly in front of our house.  Notice that I was fortunate to capture a bumble bee who was visiting these blue bells, my name for the blue flowers not the technical name.  Patience is important in photography so when I heard a buzzing sound I just waited for this special visitor to arrive.

    While most of us purchase a good camera to photograph our favorite people and animals, I also like to keep an eye out for “artistic  treasures.”  This old, horse-drawn plow has been sitting by the side of a road by my home for decades.  I have never photographed it until last week when I decided that it would make an interesting photo.  I shot if from several angles but my favorite is the one where I shot through the wheels.  The spokes, the rust and the overgrown grass make this intriguing. The story is up to the beholder.  I look at it and wonder how many miles of fields did this plow?  When was it used for the very last time?  How many stories could this plow tell?  Every picture tells a story, but this picture tells many.

    I am by no means a professional photographer, but since I purchased my own Canon Rebel DSLR camera several months ago, I’ve not only become a better photographer I’ve had a blast taking photos.  I love to experiment with different settings. The great thing about the Canon Rebel T5 is you can start by taking all of your photos in auto mode.  The big green A on the effects wheel is your best friend.  I think you’ll love the quality of your photos in this mode.  When you are ready start “experimenting” with different settings, however, the Canon Rebel T5 will grow with you.  I am always experimenting! I’m going to wrap things up to by showing you a dreamy affect that I achieved by shooting directly up from the base of a beautiful white flowering tree in my front yard.  I used the 75mm-300mm telephoto and zoomed up for a close up on a flower near the top of the tree.  The long zoom and the sunlight pouring through this tree created a magical dream-like effect by throwing everything around the flower out of focus.  This is one of my favorite photos and it happened because I tried something new. 

    My hope is that will you have a lot of fun experimenting with your new camera.  More importantly, I hope you will enjoy capturing all your life’s stories in the way you always dreamed of! Feel free to share any photos you take with me on my Facebook page!

    Happy National Photography Month!!!



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    It's #ThrowbackThursday…QVC Prom Edition! May means prom season, and some of our hosts were willing to share their prom pictures! Here’s a peek at some of our favorites:

    Jennifer Coffey

    Kerstin Lindquist

    Rick Domeier


    Nancy Hornback


    Albany Irvin

    Shawn Killinger


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  • 04/30/14--14:06: Tubogas Jewelry Styling Tips
  • Last year, when I was in Italy I fell in love with a tubogas necklace. It was a 60" necklace that you would wrap around your neck five times. I loved the look when it was right, but getting it right required a number of attempts! This G.I.L.I.(TM) 5 Row Tubogas is the perfect solution. You can wear it a number of different ways, and it is dramatic but easy to wear. There have been some questions on it, so we thought it would be a good idea to try to answer them in this video. Hope this helps. :)

    We also have a brand new concept from Fresh coming up this week too, so you can get a head start on that.

    See you Friday for The Lisa Robertson Showat 10pm ET! :)


    P.S. I'll be on bethennytomorrow talking about the new trend in beauty industry...oils! Hope you can catch it.

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    From the moment I arrived at QVC, I knew it was the perfect venue to showcase my designs and bring my vision to life. What an incredible platform to connect with women in a way that had never been done before. Through QVC, I'm able to receive instant feedback and understand exactly what the viewer wants. Everyday I strive to bring my best and keep this amazing journey alive. Thank you for the wonderful years and many more to come! Starting from humble beginnings; I've been blessed with a career I love and enjoy doing.

    Vote below to guess how many years I've been designing at QVC:


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  • 05/01/14--07:00: Crème Ancienne Soft Cream
  • The spirit of Crème Ancienne is rooted in innovation, as it's inspired by the world’s first cold cream—arguably one of the most innovative beauty products. While doing research in my lab in France, I came across an ancient book that contained this unique formulation developed in the 2nd century by Claudius Galenus. He created a variety of his own treatments, among them this cold cream.

    Because the original Crème Ancienne is exceptionally rich, we wanted to pursue this level of innovation to reinvent the formula and create a revolutionary texture. It took several years and a very high level of technology to achieve this completely unique, cushiony whipped texture, and I'm thrilled to finally share Crème Ancienne Soft Cream with you.

    Ships 6/13 Fresh Creme Ancienne Soft Cream 1 oz.
    Fresh Creme Ancienne Soft Cream

    This virtually weightless cream is infused with precious ingredients that provide the skin with supreme nourishment. Now, no matter if your skin is dry, normal, oily, or combination, you can experience the Ancienne tradition. I can’t wait to hear what you think of this precious innovation.

    —Lev Glazman

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    My husband, Jim, is from Providence, RI, just a stone’s throw away from the factory where many of the EternaGold jewelry items are made. After our first show together, Ted Leach kindly extended an open invitation to tour the factory. 

    There are so attributes about EternaGold that are incredible. My favorites are the strength of their gold and their Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.  Who does that?? 

    Anyhoo, 2 years later, I finally made my way to Attleboro, Mass for the tour, and it was awesome!!  I was so happy that my sister-in-law, Carmen, who is a jewelry fanatic, was able to come with me.  The first thing we saw were bricks of gold (actually, they were more like 2x4’s of gold).  I kid you not!  We were both blown away by that and that the vast scope of technology, innovation and the sheer size of the factory.  It was huge!  Here are a few pictures of our trip last Spring (captions by Ted Leach).


    Cupels in the fire assay lab.  The little beads are pure gold.

    • A cupel is a shallow, porous container in which gold or silver can be refined or assayed by melting with a blast of hot air (which oxidizes lead or other base metals).

    Leach & Garner gold casting grain (nuggets of gold used as raw material for casting jewelry).

    Picture of Ted’s grandfather Ed Leach (on the right) who founded Leach & Garner in 1899, and his partner Stephen H. Garner on Ed Leach’s dock in Vermont.  C. 1945.

    Wire being drawn through diamond dyes.

    Discs of gold to be formed into tubing.

    Polishing shot.  This is used in the finishing process by tumbling jewelry in it to clean it and polish it.

    Patent on Leach & Garner Gold.

    Grigory Raykhtsaum—co inventor of Leach & Gold

    Me - enjoying the beautiful fruits of their labor!! :)
    Happy Gold Month!!

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  • 05/01/14--07:26: Work in Progress...
  • You have been so kind with your comments concerning my art.  THANK YOU!! It is tough putting myself out there.  I even find it hard calling myself an artist...I am a work in process and I feel like my artwork is too.  

    I am still learning new techniques and working in different mediums.  The peacock, flower pot, pool, and portrait pictures are acrylic paint; the 2 landscapes are both soft pastels.  I love colorful art. (no surprise).  When I look at a subject, even if it is not particularly colorful, I find myself searching for colors to bring out in it. 

    One of my great loves is my art.. and being able to express myself with painting.. I am very lucky to have the chance to share that love with you... here are some of my favorites:


    Our Pool in acrylic (bottom of picture)...  with the actual picture of the pool at top... :


    Acrylic on stretched canvas. The inspiration was a flower pot I found. I loved the colors in it. The background is inspired by my dining room wall color and the color of my hardwood floors. My attempt at impressionism: 


    Self-Portrait in acrylic:

    Composition is also a work in progress for my artwork.  I do most of my work from pictures that I take (the shadows are easier to see) and I am working on getting better at creating a well composed photo to work from.  I am hoping that in the near future I can find an art class.  The last class I took was pre-Lauren & Chelsea, 23+ years ago.  My hope is that with some guidance I can really define who I am as an artist and develop a signature look and style to my work. Even if I don't quite get to my goal it will be a colorful journey that I am so happy that you want to share it with me.  


    This is a soft pastels landscape. It is from a magazine picture of Castellina in Chianti, Italy. Someday I would love to visit there.



    You can find me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/JayneBrownQVC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/jaynebrown1

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/jaynebrownqvc

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  • 05/01/14--08:53: Vitamix Smoothie Recipe
  • Smoothie

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    Saturday, May 3rd is FASHION DAY!

    Monday, May 5 is Cinco de Mayo!


    If you read my recent blog about my vacation in Mexico, you know how much I love the color, the people, the sunsets, and the beaches in Mexico! And, oh yes, the food and party beverages! Such a wonderful place to relax and enjoy!

    It’s almost as much fun as FASHION DAY at QVC! Well, starting Saturday we can celebrate both! Join Jane Treacy and me on Saturday at 5pm EDT for a full hour of fabulous Quacker fashions that will put you in a SUMMER party mood! I call it a Quacker Fashion Fiesta!

    (Wearing our Quacker Factory DreamJeannes Capris with Rhinestones (A222997) and Quacker Factory 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt with Fun Dangle (A198608))

    And you can get a head start on Cinco de Mayo by preparing this recipe that’s one of my very favorites…

    Ole’—did you say Mexican Stuffed Shells?!?!?!

    I wanted to share this awesome recipe with you and tell you the story behind it. A few years ago, Glen made Mexican Stuffed Shells for me on our third date – after my very first motorcycle ride!! His sister-in-law, Maureen, had made them for him many times, and he was addicted. He could no longer wait for her to make them, so he learned to make them himself and eventually taught me!

    Now I am excited to share this recipe with you!! Why not try these for your Cinco de Mayo celebration!! Enjoy!

    Mexican Stuffed Shells


    1 box of jumbo pasta shells

    2 lbs. of ground beef – I try to use 85% lean

    24 oz. jar of Pace HOT Picante Sauce (the hot can be hard to find—try Target or Wal-Mart)

    (2) 8 oz. cans tomato sauce

    (2) 4 oz. cans chopped green chilies

    1 bag shredded cheese

    1 large can of French fried onions

    These are delicious and go very quickly!! Try not to stray from the recipe, but some people do not like the heat from the Hot Picante sauce.


    Mix in a bowl the picante & tomato sauces. Put aside.

    Boil the shells, but don’t cook all the way through. Remember they are going to bake.

    Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

    Brown the ground beef, then drain. Return the beef to the pan and add the chilies and one cup of the sauce mixture (more if it seems too dry). Also add 1/2 of the cheese and 1/2 of the can of onions.

    Place some of the sauce mixture onto the bottom of a baking dish (13X20) – just enough to cover the bottom. You may need two dishes. I bake one and freeze one to bake later.

    Stuff the shells with the meat mixture. Place the shells, opening side down into the dish. Continue until the baking dish is full. Place a small spoonful of the sauce mixture on each shell. Cover the shells with foil and bake covered for 30 minutes.

    Remove the dish from the oven, then sprinkle the shells with the remaining onions (I crush them in my hand while sprinkling them) and the remainder of the cheese. Place the dish back into the oven for FIVE more minutes. Remove from oven and enjoy!

    Enjoy for Cinco de Mayo or anytime!

    Quacker Hugs and Love,




    To stay up to date at what’s Quackin’ at the Quacker Factory, join the email list! Click here to sign up to receive emails from www.QuackerFactory.com: http://bit.ly/Join_QF

    Follow Angel on Facebook:  http://bit.ly/A_Facebook

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    Follow Quacker Factory on Facebook:  http://bit.ly/QF_Facebook



    Check out the Quacker Factory collection on QVC.com.

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    I've been putting off writing this post because I knew that seeing it in black and white would be painful. We've been trying to expand our family for the past couple years, and we finally came to a place where our last chance has passed.

    I don’t say complete our family, because that would imply that my family of four is anything less than perfect just the way it is.  Those of you, who know me, would agree my life revolves around my two lovely four year olds.

    Our first, Grace, was adopted after a long, emotional, expensive & difficult process.  Every second was worth it however; when I placed my hand on her baby foot seconds after she took her first breath, and I took the first breath of my new, now blessedly whole, life. 

    Our second daughter Georgia is a medical marvel.   Conceived in a lab, she is the only life my body ever held on to.  We tried to make her for more than three years, and all those failed fertility attempts and lost babies led us to her.

    Born just 5 months after her sister, she gave me the gift of knowing what it was like to grow a human being.

    They have both given me the gift of feeling such intense love that I often burst into tears on any given normal afternoon while watching them doing nothing more ordinary than just existing.  Being a mom is the best thing I have ever done.  It is what I am best at. Even in my most difficult mommy moments, which happen every day, I know my strongest skill is being a mother.  I do nothing better.  Though I adore my job, I would run away from it without a second’s pause, for the chance to be nothing more than Grace and Georgia’s mom. 

    We've never been able to complete another pregnancy naturally, or with the help of a doctor, since Georgia was born. There is no explanation. No reason. Nothing to fix.  I’m healthy and young, as is my husband (though I’m younger ill be quick to point out ;) But years of “assistance” and loss that, each time threatens to take me to a place of sadness that I never fully believe I will come back from, is now over.  We won't do it again.  I can’t do it again.

    I never adored being pregnant which is ironic given how badly I tried to get to that state. You can read about my pregnancy (I gained 60 pounds while on ABC news) here. Adoption is more natural for me. You can read this early 2012 blog to hear about the long history of adoption in my family and how Grace became ours. I would adopt an entire brood of children if the Lord willed it. 

    Sometimes I fantasize about a baby just showing up on our door-step, not literally, but with that type of ease.  A family member with a friend, or someone from our church with a teenager who needs help.   Those are the only types of scenarios in which we could ever adopt again. We just don’t have enough money to save another baby. It’s just that expensive.

    Our first time adopting we had help, yet we were barely able to scrape together the funds needed to bring Grace home. We saved money by selling a car, canceling everything from cable TV to dental insurance, and taking second jobs.  But we didn’t have two children to support then. We were in our 20’s and we could live like that for a while, denying ourselves everything and sustaining ourselves with the knowledge that we were insuring the life of our baby.

    Five years later, and it’s not just my husband and I anymore. Thankfully, we have those two fabulous little lives we are responsible for, and I won’t take away from the children I have been blessed with in order to have more.  

    All it takes is some time with Grace and Georgia for me to be reminded that it would be so unfair for me to spend less time with them in order and try to make some extra money or tell them that they need to go without in order for our family to be able to save money to give them a sibling. I couldn’t do it. But that’s not the point.  The point is, it costs more than thirty thousand dollars to adopt.   If I can’t do it, I wonder how anyone can, and unfortunately, most can’t.

    In the past, when people who wanted to adopt came to this realization that they would be unable to welcome a child into their homes due to financial reasons, they had few places to turn.

    Now however, thanks to a wonderful organization that provides light and hope to families faced with the same dilemma that I have found myself facing, many more families have been able to realize their dreams of becoming parents. I became involved with Helpusadopt.org 2011, when their CEO, an adoptive mom of two, found me through an article I wrote for our college alumni magazine.  It was love at first meet.

    Becky went through the same things I did trying to get pregnant and then adopting. But she didn’t stop there. She started a non-profit organization that helps the childless become parents and the parentless find forever homes.  The organization doesn’t discriminate; they don’t decide what parents should look like. They just give grants to loving people who want nothing more than to adopt a child. Since 2007 Helpusadopt.org has given over $770,000 in aid and helped create more than 91 families. 

    I now tell my story at their events and help raise money for them any way I can. QVC has been kind enough to support me and donate every year at the annual Neiman Marcus King Of Prussia Spring Fashion Show. 

    This year we raised 30 thousand dollars!  But we have more to do. Our goal this year is over 600 thousand. That money will help children know the love of a parent. These children will have the blessing of knowing someone who will teach them to tie their shoes, and kiss them goodnight. 

    My constant supporter, confidante, cheerleader and friend Rachel Boesing comes with me every year. She is also adopted and she encourages me as I stand up in front of everyone and try to not cry through my adoption story.

    This year, I once again put on my pretty dress and praised the Lord that he put me in a position to share the helpusadopt story. But, it was also a difficult night for me. This whole year has been a challenge. Perhaps the Lord has brought us to the end of this journey and allowed us to remain without a third child so that I can better understand what so many people go through.

    The pain isn’t as severe as years ago, because I have my two little miracles to hold and kiss and dance around the patio with on a warm spring afternoon. But, the pain of loss and closure of that door into new motherhood, hits those buried, yet still tender, feelings I went through during all those years when I was childless and didn’t know for certain if I would ever become a mom. The harsh reality that one of the main reasons Grace and Georgia will never experience a younger sibling is because it’s too expensive to adopt just kills me.  Wondering if there is a child out there that will be born into a family that needs us and we can’t do anything about it, could and has kept me up at night.  

    I know so many of you have your own stories of infertility, miscarriage, and adoption. I encourage you to share them. Tell your friends, your pastor, write it down, tell me. Just get it out; you never know whom it can help.  I know it’s painful.  Life can be painful.  I go through hours of hair and makeup to get to that happy face you see on TV.  Under it, I’m just like you.  I’ve cried my eyes out at work and gone back in to get the running mascara fixed so I could talk about a bed, a TV, or a pair of shoes 10 minutes later on national television.  I have pain, I have loss, I don’t want to get out of bed some days. But, I also have the immeasurable joys that the love of my perfect family of four has brought me. If the end of my story can help one more person complete their family, than it’s all been worth it.   


    Read more about helpusadopt.org on their web site.  You can also read the transcript from last year’s event here. See pictures of my little blessings and follow our world 24/7 at www.facebook.come/kerstinlindquistqvc

    God bless you and thanks for being part of my supportive QVC family.


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    Well, where to begin? I am thrilled to be on-air with my dear friend Antonella at 1P EST on Monday May 5th. We will be sharing more fabulous pieces from my Opening Night Collection. Every time I go to an opening night performance, it is just as thrilling as the first! It is the anticipation, hearing the orchestra tuning up, the lights dim calling you to your seat and then the curtain lifts and opening night begins!

     Ah, back to work, my factory is humming as the team prepares every piece to shimmer and shine just for you!

    I am introducing the first piece from my Opening Night PEARL Collection. Modern, glamorous and sophisticated; a new perspective with these gorgeous pearls. The mirror like highly-polished sterling silver design is the signature style from my Opening Night Collection. If you are looking for a new style of pearls earrings, I believe you will need to take a look.

    Oh yes, my show times are 4P EST on Monday, May 5th and for my night owls Tuesday, May 6th at 1AM EST.

    Now I know from my years with you on QVC, you have always enjoyed wearing my over-sized, highly polished sterling silver rings with really big statement gemstones. This time get ready because each one is personally selected and hand set. PINK OPAL, it is going to be someone’s statement ring for spring and I mean statement piece!
    Warning, do not drive and wear this ring it will be too distracting. 

    One more teaser and I will let you go. Antonella introduced my Charming Slide Bangle and she asked me if I would do a necklace to match. Supple leather and intricately designed sterling silver necklace is coming your way. I must say she was right and I am already wearing mine and stacking up those bangles.

    So much more to share and I can’t wait to catch up! 


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    Meet me in St. Louis! 

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    I am so glad to see that you love your Roma totes! I have been enjoying all the pictures that you've been sending in. I find that it is a bag that I got to again and again and it seems that you do too. Here are the wonderful pictures that you sent to celebrate your totes; thank you so much for sharing them! I'll see you on May 12 for a sneak peek at the new Roma 2 Today's Special Value(R).








     See you soon!

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  • 05/02/14--09:18: Okinawan Red Algae
  • Okinawan Red Algae

    One of the most wonderful parts of my work has been discovering the treasures nature has to offer. A true hidden treasure lies off the southwest coast of Japan, in a collection of islands called Okinawa.

    The translucent waters of Okinawa are some of the most beautiful in the world, home to a nutrient-rich red algae treasured by the island’s inhabitants. This algae has long been prized by the island’s inhabitants as a part of their beauty rituals. It's revered for its ability to help restore skin’s luminosity.

    I learned that, beyond its beauty, Okinawa is a truly special place. The warm waters offer the perfect minerals and temperature for the delicate algae. This environment allows it to thrive.

    Science now tells us that algae’s incredible hydrating property is thanks to polysaccharides. Our red algae comes from a small fishery in Okinawa.

    I’m honored to present this “treasure from the god of the sea” as a key ingredient in our Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum for radiantly glowing skin.

    —Vicky Tsai

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    While I was building my career in the fashion industry, I became pregnant with my first child, Michael.  My husband, Richard was in law school at the time so I knew I would go back to work shortly after. What I wasn't prepared for, was the journey I was about to encounter. After returning to work, I had an opportunity to open my own business to design, manufacture, and market my product. Well, it was a bumpy road, with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but my business took off and grew... so did my family!


    Vote below to guess how many children I have!


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    While thinking about adding a new puppy to our family, we wanted a small-medium sized dog that was not overly active. We hoped for a puppy with a good temperament, loyal, and obedient.  Little did we know we would come home with a beautiful corgi!  She was only eight weeks old, full of curiosity and ready to explore!  Our house instantly came alive with love and happiness as her cute little tail wagged throughout the day. Our corgi puppy has brought so much joy into our lives. You've seen her on TV and all over my Facebook page but do you know her what name is?

    Vote below to guess:


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