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  • 05/06/14--12:11: Cheesesteaks -- Three Ways!
  • Hi, everyone!

    We’re calling tomorrow night’s You’re Home with Jill "Little Changes, Big Impact" and I'll be sharing several ideas that won't take much time or effort. But, in the end, they'll look like they did! On Friday I showed you how to make functional, adorable sewing kits from mason jars. And today, I’m going to show you the power of the cheesesteak sandwich...how a simple change in the toppings yields a totally different sandwich!

    As you know, cheesesteaks are a Philadelphia specialty. I grew up in Southern California, so I really discovered these tasty sandwiches when I moved to the Philadelphia area some 20 years ago. And it’s been a love, love relationship ever since. In South Philly, you’ll get a classic sandwich with Provolone cheese, Cheese Whiz, and onions…if you say the magic words, “wiz wit!” But, all around the city, you can get a variety of cheesesteaks with lots of different toppings. And, they really do give you a whole new sandwich.

    If you’re not able to swing by Philadelphia for a cheesesteak, you can make your own sandwich at home. First thing’s first, pick up some sirloin steaks by Kansas City Steak Company—you’ll get a terrific sandwich. Second, find the freshest rolls you can. Go to your local bakery early in the morning. It’s SO worth it. If you don’t have a fresh roll, you won’t have a good cheesesteak!

    Cheesesteaks Three Ways


    • Olive oil, to coat the pan
    • 3 (4-6 oz) servings sirloin steak (preferably Kansas City) cut into thin strips
    • 3 Italian rolls

    Buffalo Beef Style:

    • 2 (1-oz) slices Buffalo Mozzarella
    • 1 oz Blue Cheese crumbles
    • Buffalo-style hot sauce, to taste
    • 1 Tbsp scallion, finely chopped
    • 1 Tbsp celery, finely chopped

    South Philly Style:

    • 1 Tbsp olive oil
    • 1 onion, thinly sliced
    • 2 (1-oz) slices Provolone Cheese
    • 1 oz Cheese Whiz
    • Ketchup, to taste

    Greek Style:

    • 2 oz Feta, crumbled
    • 1 oz cucumber, finely diced
    • 1 oz tomato, finely diced
    • 1 oz red onion, thinly sliced


    To prepare the Buffalo Beef Style, heat the olive oil in a grill pan medium-high heat. Place the steak meat in the grill pan to sear, moving it around the pan quickly to make sure each side is seared. Place the Mozzarella on top of the steak and cook until melted. Spoon the meat and cheese into the roll and garnish with the Blue Cheese, Buffalo sauce, scallions, and celery.

    To prepare the South Philly Style, heat the oil in a grill pan over medium heat. Add the onions and cook until golden, or about 10 minutes. Set aside. Drizzle the same pan with olive oil to coat, and then place the steak meat in the grill pan to sear, moving it around the pan quickly to make sure each side is seared. Place the Provolone cheese on top of the steak and cook until melted. Spoon the meat and cheese into the roll and garnish with the Cheese Whiz, sautéed onions, and ketchup.

    To prepare the Greek Style, drizzle a grill pan with olive oil to coat, and then place the steak meat in the grill pan to sear, moving it around the pan quickly to make sure each side is seared. Place the Feta cheese on top of the steak and cook until melted. Spoon the meat and cheese into the roll and garnish with the cucumber, tomato, and onion.

    I’m making all three sandwiches tomorrow night—here’s a little something to stir up your appetite!

    Cheesesteaks -- Three Ways!


    Cheesesteaks -- Three Ways!


    Cheesesteaks -- Three Ways!


    Cheesesteaks -- Three Ways!


    Cheesesteaks -- Three Ways!


    Don’t forget—You’re Home with Jill is on at 7pm ET on QVC Plus. If you don’t get the channel from your local cable provider, you can watch it ANYTIME on QVC.com! You can access it right on the homepage tomorrow. After that, the episode lives forever on my “Previous Episodes” page on the YHJ page.

    I can’t wait for you to see what other DIY projects and recipes we have in store tomorrow…these are just a taste! Literally!

    From my home to yours,

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    Hey my friends,

    Over this past year, I have found myself traveling throughout South East Asia and meeting some of the most inspiring and talented craftsmen in the world.  I’ve been able to work with these talented craftsmen and bring their stories to life through beautiful pieces of jewelry that are statements of the heart.

    Shown above:  A Hindu monk at a floating market in Thailand, making an offering at a distant temple, the making of our Croco inspiration video, and one of the inspirations for our new Sukhothai designs.

    I’m excited to celebrate our upcoming shows on May 8th as it will mark my one year anniversary as the curator of JAI John Hardy for QVC.  It has been such an amazing journey and I have enjoyed sharing this experience with each of you.


    Shown above:  Jill Bauer and me at our JAI press preview NYC, the ancient capital of Sukhothai, the launch of the Croco Collection, and Olive and me at Live from the Red Carpet.

    I’ve been blessed to experience cultures and traditions that I didn’t even know existed.  The pieces I present to you are like my travel diary from one of my latest inspiration trips.  Here are some of the featured inspiration photos that show the influence of the travels on the pieces.

    Shown above:  Inspiration for the Croco Collection:  Local artisan painting of the Hindu ‘Makara’ & our new Sterling Silver Croco hoop earrings featuring faceted green agate (J292972).

    Shown above:  The inspiration for the new Sukhothai Collection:  A Thai palace outside of Bangkok and two traditional dancers & our new Sterling Silver and 14k accent hinged Sukhothai Cuff (J292987)

    Shown above:  The inspiration for our new leather bracelets:  Local artisans practicing the art of hand weaving & our new Sukhothai sterling silver and 14k accents hand braided leather bracelets (J292983)

    During this past year at QVC, I’ve made so many great new friendships.  The hosts have embraced me with such love, the talented behind the scenes team have taught me so much, and of course, each of you have made it all possible.  I’ve enjoyed sharing the google + gatherings, the on air calls, the interactive blogs, daily conversations on our JAI Jewelry Facebook page, and the cute comments on our Instagram account.

    Shown above:  Mally and I at last year’s Q Summit, Lisa R and myself after a quick catch up, Alberti, Renee, and myself at last year’s Super Saturday in the Hamptons, and Iris and Jennifer, our Q models.

    I’ve also had the pleasure of sharing the best journey of my life with you:  the birth of my first child.  My cup runneth over with the joy that Olive brings me every day.  I have taken your advice and enjoyed every minute.

    Shown above:  The day Olive was born, Olive (5 months) at bath time, Olive (9 months) headed out to brunch, and Olive (10 months) and me taking selfies.

    I want to offer my sincere appreciation for joining me on this journey here at QVC together.  I look forward to many more years, exploring this beautiful world together, creating memories, and curating the most beautifully designs, crafted, and sincere jewelry possible.

    Please join me on our next journey this Thursday, May 8th at 1am ET for two hours of beautiful new designs and then again at 11pm ET for another hour of inspirations and gorgeous jewelry, including a stunning One Time Only Value.

    Join me on our JAI Jewelry Facebook page and our JAIjewerly_ Instagram account so we can visit, discover, and share together!

    Safe Travels,


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    The big day is finally here! For Today’s Special Value®, I am beyond excited to bring you a storage solution that's as beautiful as it is functional. Because this 6-piece Storage Set gives everyday organization a makeover…Temp-tations style. And I can’t wait for you to see the before/after for yourself!

    I started with over 36 cups of gorgeous, versatile, BPA-free storage capacity in your favorite Temp-tations patterns and colors. Then I made sure to include a variety of shapes and sizes you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again...not just in your kitchen, but anywhere you need beautiful storage solutions. And best of all, each container comes complete with an airtight silicone seal that keeps your food fresher, longer. So whether you’re storing, prepping, organizing or serving, your food looks great and tastes even better.

    Temp-tations Storage Set

    And, could the timing be any better? This time of year, I find myself elbows-deep in reorganization projects in just about every area of my home. Perking up your pantry? Organizing your office? Clearing out your closets? This 6-piece Storage Set gives you a range of sizes and shapes to choose from, to fit just about every storage need. Plus, it’s an easy way to add a pop of pretty to any area of your home…and the perfect excuse to do some spring cleaning. Out with the mismatched, the warped, the stained. Start fresh and stay fresh with Temp-tations 6-piece Storage Set!

    I can’t think of anyone I’d rather share Today’s Special Value® with than you, my Temp-tations family. Know why? This one is all about you!

    For over 11 years, you’ve been showing me how much you love Temp-tations stoneware. But when you asked (and asked, and asked!) for an airtight storage solution that was as fabulous as it was functional, I made it my personal mission to deliver the very best.

    That means the patterns and colors you love, combined with that airtight seal you need. And because it’s Temp-tations, the sets stack for easy storage, and they’re microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer safe. Because I know you value convenience and quality as much as the Old World and Floral Lace patterns you know and love. So I wouldn’t settle until I developed a solution that combined the best of all worlds into one incredible set.

    Temp-tations 6-piece Storage Set is available in a variety of gorgeous colors, too, just perfect for upcoming BBQs, pool parties, picnics and more! So I hope you’ll join me on QVC today and start your own storage and organization makeover with Temp-tations 6-piece Storage Set!



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    A shout out to my Family, Friends, and Fans!  I am super excited to get to 25,000 Facebook Fans and over 1,000 followers on Twitter that I just had to say THANK YOU!!.. to all of you for being part of my QVC life!

    Let me quote something I said back in 2012, "I'm very honored to have been a part of QVC for all of these years. If I take you back to the beginning, I'll say home shopping was very new to our customers, but so was the internet, etc.” 

    It’s amazing how Facebook has evolved in my life and how it has become an important part of how I connect with my family, friends, and fans.  Each fan I consider a family or friend and so I thank you....from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my life for these 27 QVC years and these 5 years on Facebook.

    27 years ago, I remember taking orders after being on air and packing products to ship on Black Friday. That was when hosts also took inventory of QVC products. At the time, the most memorable products were Capodimonte collectibles, a satin bedding set, pest remover, air cleaners, and classic gold jewelry. I remember selling Sears Craftsman tools, too. Cooking shows meant the host found the recipes, shopped for the groceries, and even did the dishes after the broadcast. Fashion shows began with our backstage crew modeling T-shirts. My have we come a long way…!

    QVC has given me the chance to continue to grow with all of our exciting opportunities, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now ToGather.

    Much love and thanks to you all!  

    25,000 Facebook Fans and counting!!

    You can find me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/PatJamesDeMentriQVC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/pdementri

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/patjamesdementriqvc



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  • 05/07/14--08:55: Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
  • Do you ever get to the point where you are tired of eating everything?  I don't want chicken, I don't want beef, I had pasta... what's left? I went to the grocery store hoping something I saw would inspire me and it worked.  I came up with this very tasty dish.  Sorry I am not a professional food stylist, I know my pictures do not look like something out of a magazine but you get the idea. :)

    Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms


    6 giant Portabella mushroom's
    1 lb ground turkey
    1 5 oz container of Feta cheese
    1 small onion chopped
    2 garlic cloves, crushed
    2 tomatoes, chopped
    2 big hand full's of fresh spinach
    1/2 cup white wine
    Olive oil
    Lawry's Seasoned Salt
    1 heaping tb. Hellmans Mayo


    • Sauté onions, garlic in olive oil, until golden. 
    • Add ground turkey, season with Lawry's and pepper. 
    • Cook until the turkey is no longer pink. 
    • Add spinach and tomatoes cook until the spinach is wilted.  Remove from heat. 
    • Add Feta and mayo to the turkey mixture.
    • Remove the stem from the mushroom's.  Place in a baking dish cap side down.  Drizzle with a little olive oil. 
    • Stuff with a heapin' helpin' of the meat mixture. 
    • Pour in wine.
    • Bake covered @ 350 for 25 minutes.

    I served it with rice and Caesar salad.  Yummy!!


    You can find me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/JayneBrownQVC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/jaynebrown1

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/jaynebrownqvc

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  • 05/07/14--08:57: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

    Raising a child takes a lifetime of hard work, dedication, ingenuity and lots of love! But nothing can replace the love that you receive in return. 

    Now that my children are grown, it's nice to know that I'm appreciated and I'm so excited and fortunate to be spending Mother's Day with them. 

    I want to wish a happy and healthy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there... Mothers who are, mothers to be, and mothers who have been. I hope your day is wonderful. 



    PS- Tune in at Midnight EST to see the dress I'm wearing!

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    Monday was beautiful!  The sun was shining, and it was actually HOT on our porch.  Since it was so nice and warm, Kristen (20), Iz (4) and I (49) decided to style Susan Graver’s latest terry dress, coming up at midnight, and take the pictures outside.  As usual, we had a ball!  Check out what we did;

    Kristen:  First, let me say, that I love the bright colors Susan gave us in this dress.  The second thing I love about the dress is the pockets!  They make it better by a mile, in my opinion.  For accessories, I debated between a statement necklace and a scarf (my everyday struggle).  In the end I decided my mint green floral scarf looked super cute.  I added matching bubble earrings and a couple of pearl bracelets.  For my feet I chose wedges.  (I’ve become obsessed with wedges this season.  They’re a COMFORTABLE fashion staple.)  What cute outfit. This is every Fashionista’s dream!

    Nancy:  A complete no-brainer dress!  There are endless possibilities; but, ultimately, I settled on styling it as a swim cover-up.  I’ve got my beach towel, Joan Rivers sunglasses, Philosophy sunscreen, Orthaheel sandals, and a cool drink of water with a big juicy red strawberry.  Summer, here I come!

    Isabella:  I like to play outside.  Mommy can play with me.  She has pockets to carry my toys.

    How would you style this great summer dress?



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    We have so many amazing beauty experts on QVC, that I'm taking advantage of their experience and asking them to share a spring beauty tip. Maria McCool from Calista Tools owns a prestigious salon in the Philadelphia area and had a lot of clients complaining that they could not do their own hair. So, she invented the Ion Hot Rollers. Maria recently put them in my hair before a show and I loved the look. That made me think about all of the proms, weddings, graduation parties and a million other events just around the corner. I asked her why these work so well.

    Maria: For really great, quick hair that looks like you left the salon, hot rollers are the key. But those old style hot rollers could damage hair and don't always give you a good result. These rollers have the technology to make it look like you got a great blow dry, not a stiff curl from a roller.  You can get the look you want by adjusting how many rollers you use. If you just want to put a few in, you can achieve extra volume. For curls, use all 12.

    Sandra:  But why are these easier than the tools I already own? 

    Maria: When it comes to thinking about curls, you think about a curling iron, right? Well, you’re dealing with the heat of the rod, and the sectioning of your hair, the crimping and clamping, and the holding it for a longer period of time. With this, it’s just one little roller you put in with your hands. Then go about your business. When you pop them out, your hair looks great.  It’s kind of dummy proof. Irons are too hot, and that can cause styling mistakes.

    Sandra: Do you need long hair for these?

    Maria: No! We have them in longer and shorter lenghts. Even if you only have two inches of hair, you can get the look you want.

    So here is the final product! What do you think? 


    Click here {CLICK} to see more from Calista Tools, and be sure to check out my Facebook page for more Spring Beauty tips at Sandra Bennett QVC

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    1 oz. Lemonade

    1/2 oz. Orange juice 

    Handful of diced Cucumber

    2 thin slices of Jalapeno

    1/2 oz. Fresh Ginger Syrup

    1/2 oz. Sweet sour

    Fresh Ground Black Pepper

    ***If you would like to add liquor add 1-1/2 oz. Cachaca or Karma Tequila


    In a mixing glass, place cucumber, Jalapeno, Ginger syrup and Sweet & Sour and start mudling. Throughout the mudding process, keep checking the level of spiciness and STOP muddling when you feel the spiciness is at the level you will enjoy most. Now, let's add the Triple Sec and Tequila (if you want to add alcohol) and shake it hard for 5 fast seconds. Next, strain and pour into a long drinking glass on the rocks . Before serving, top it off with a little fresh ground black pepper. 

    The taste is uniquely refreshing and addictive because each sip leaves your mouth with the tingly sensation from the jalapeno...leaves you thirsty for more!

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    The exotic trend went from leopard print as a trend to a slew of exotics that are mainstays. How do you incorporate exotics into your wardrobe in a way that is up to date, and not overwhelming? That's what we are covering in our video blog this week. I hope it is helpful!

    Also, Kate Somerville will be in the show with a new concept as well.

    Only two more shows in this season! And this one is packed as usual. :) See you Friday night for The Lisa Robertson Showat 10pm ET!

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  • 05/08/14--06:23: A Day with Rachael Ray
  • Rachael Ray has been telling me to come to her show for the past 4 years, but I just haven't taken the time, because of my hectic schedule.  However, this spring, I said 'Let's do it!"  I had promised my friends I would take them when the time came, so 5 very close friends I've known for more than 20 years came with me.

    Debbie, Karen, Kim, Heather, Alison and I got on the train, went to NY to Rachael's show May 6th.  Having worked with Rachael on QVC for 4 years, she made sure her staff treated us so well! We had so much fun!

    When you first get there and everyone is waiting in this room, they have a mock up of her kitchen where you can take photos with your friends.  Of course, we had to do it, too, and had a good time doing it!

    Her guests for the day included a couple of chefs, Travis Stork from The Doctors, and my favorite, Regis Philbin! If you've shopped with QVC for quite awhile, you might remember when Regis brought a line of menswear to the Q, and he and I sold his products together several times. He was always so kind to me! When he saw me at the show, he recognized me, and we chatted for a few minutes in front of the audience. I asked him when he was coming back to QVC, and he asked what products he should bring. Any ideas?

    After the show, Rachael's audience coordinator, Joe, took us on a backstage tour of her studio. What a sweet guy he is! They took our photo behind Rachael's actual kitchen counter top, which was fun to be up close and personal. There's lots of her dishes backstage, her studio chair, her prep kitchen where everything is prepared for the show. I also took a photo with the head of her company, John.

    I also have to tell you her Audience Director, the gentleman who gets the audience revved up and leads you through the show, was hysterically funny! My face hurt afterwards from laughing so much. He's a stand up comedian named Joey Kola, and he was incredibly entertaining! Definitely worth seeing!

    Several of Rachael's staff members and people who were there in the audience watch QVC and were excited to tell me what they like to shop for! It was exciting to meet them!

    As we were about to leave the studio, Chef Guy Fieri, who has been on QVC with me a few times, was coming into the studio to do a taping for a future show. We saw each other, hugged and reminisced about the time on air where we guessed how many tattoos each of us has. Guy guessed I have three tattoos, but I actually have zero! He has 13!
    What a great family guy!

    After we left the studio, we had lunch at a place Rachael's staff recommended called Cook Shop, which was delightful. We walked a lot, and it reminded me, I'm no spring chicken, especially when my hips and legs felt like wet noodles the day after!

    What a fantastic day it was! I highly recommend that you try to get tickets to her show in NY this fall (they are off from filming for the summer), but in the meantime, if you need any of her practical and colorful products, just visit click here! She truly believes in, and uses her own products all the time.

    Counting our blessings, 
    Mary Beth

    The Train ride to the Big Apple


    Guy Fieri

    Rachaels' chair

    The Rachael Ray Show Prep Kitchen

     My friend, Heather, who took most of these pictures, obviously, not this one!

     Rachael's company is run by John. 

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  • 05/08/14--09:27: Celebrating Moms!!
  • Jeanne Bice really had a special place in her heart for mothers. As a mother herself, she knew that raising children and sharing traditions and teaching them values and showing them love was a full-time job in itself. She also knew that in our modern world there were a lot of single mothers out there, like herself, who made the world more special.

    I remember when I first met Jeanne in 2006, and one of the very first questions she asked me was: “Are you close to your mother Patrick?” I told her I was. She then asked me, “Do you love her?” I told her I definitely did. She then said, “That’s great news, Patrick! Make sure you tell her that you love her as often as you can – Mothers really love to hear that!”

    So, I know that Jeanne really loved Mother’s Day and all that ‘Mother’s Day’ represents. She also told me when we had that conversation that she used to love hearing Quackers tell her stories about how much their mothers meant to them and how much those stories inspired so many of her creations.

    I thought it would be fun to share with you some pictures of some of the Quacker Factory team members – and our mothers – and also some fond remembrances we have of how we each celebrated this special day with our own mothers!

    Here’s a picture of me with my beautiful mother who I told Jeanne about when we first met. This picture was taken in October last year when Mom and I went on a two-week cruise through New England when the leaves were changing and in all of their glory. I remember growing up that each year on Mother’s Day, my brother and I would give Mom a fresh corsage – usually with a red rose in it – to wear to church. After church, we would all go out to eat brunch – and what a fun time that always was! I do love living in London, but I just wish it were closer to my parents in the States – especially at Mother’s Day!

    Here’s a picture of Kristy and her mother – and her daughter. Kristy does so much for our team. Amongst many things, Kristy makes sure that the sets on our shows look extra special. If you see Angel drinking out of a fun and decorated mug or glass, then Kristy’s the one to thank! She’s also fantastic with a camera! (And she keeps Angel and me in line – which is a full-time job in itself!!) I love this picture of her. In November last year, she and her husband took the kids to Disney World, and her parents went with them. Kristy remembers when she was in 3rd grade that her parents took her to Disney World with her grandparents. Her beautiful daughter Madison is in 2nd grade here. What made this trip so special is that Madison was born on Kristy’s grandmother’s birthday – April 13th– and that Madison got to enjoy Disney World with her Grandmother just like Kristy got to enjoy it with her grandmother at the same age! How wonderful is this picture of three generations with Cinderella?!

    Here’s a picture of Page and her beautiful mother. Page has worked with Quacker Factory for many, many years. She manages our office and warehouse in Florida, and she used to be Jeanne’s right-hand gal. This is a picture of her and her mother that was taken in 1990. Have you ever seen a more beautiful bride in your life?! Page said that her mother always says that her happiest Mother’s Days are when she’s reminiscing about important events in her children’s lives. Her mother loves looking at pictures of the births of the grandkids, graduations, weddings, etc. Page told me that since they live one mile from the beach, their annual Mother’s Day tradition these days is to make a picnic dinner, grab some big blankets, and then head to the beach at sunset. They bring their favorite foods and champagne. Her brother brings his guitar, and they all share stories of fun times. Then, the ‘singers’ in the family belt out some tunes – sometimes remembering the words, and sometimes just making them all up as they go along!!

    Here’s a picture of Jeanne’s grandson James. James is our newest member of the team and has been working on something that his grandmother created – The Quacker Community. This is a great place for all of you to gather between our shows – a place where you can chat with each other, share pictures, recipes and stories. If you haven’t joined the Quacker Community, what are you waiting for? You are going to LOVE what James has done to honor his grandmother! This is a picture of James with his mother and father, Karin & Tim Bice.

    Another member of our team is John Mason. John and Tim were best friends growing up in Wisconsin. When John and Tim were kids, John used to cut ‘Mrs. Bice’s’ lawn! John’s memory of Mother’s Day was going to church and then coming home to plant flowers. His mother loved to have flowers in a wide variety of planters, and her favorite was hanging baskets. Here’s a picture of John and his mother on the day that John got married in 1988. Don’t they look great?!

    And I just HAD to share this picture with you because, when John and his wife went to Florida on their honeymoon, they stopped by to see Jeanne, Tim and Lee. This was taken in July 1988 – look at how beautiful our Jeanne looked – and yep, even BEFORE QVC Jeanne was wearing her headbands!!

    And, of course, I’ve saved the best for last – our own wonderful Angel and her memories of her beautiful mother! Angel and her sisters loved celebrating Mother’s Day and treating their mother to a really special day. They would wake up early and make breakfast for their mother – and deliver it to her in bed! Angel told me that her mother always gave them so much every day of the year, so it was their opportunity to treat her like a queen for the day. Here’s a picture of Angel and her mother. I really love this picture – you can just tell by the way that Angel’s mother is looking at her at how very much she loved her.

    Here’s another wonderful picture of Angel’s gorgeous mother. It’s so very obvious where Angel gets her beautiful smile from!!

    And here’s another picture of Angel with her mother, one of her sisters, her mother’s aunt, and two of her cousins. Can you guess which cutie is Angel?!?

    How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?! We’d love to hear on our new and improved Quacker Community site! And if you have some pictures of your mother that you wish to share with all of us, please make sure to post them – we would LOVE to see them!!! 


    To join the Quacker Community on QuackerFactory.com, just click here:  http://bit.ly/QF--Community


    Wishing you all the happiest of Mother’s Days!!!!

    Quacker Hugs & Love From Across The Duck Pond!!





    Quacker Factory Facebook Page - http://bit.ly/QF_Facebook

    Angel’s Facebook Page - http://bit.ly/A_Facebook

    Patrick’s Facebook Page - http://bit.ly/P_Facebook


    To join our Email List to receive emails from QuackerFactory.com and be the first to hear about all that’s new in the duck pond, click here: http://bit.ly/Join_QF



    Check out the Quacker Factory collection on QVC.com.

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    Hello to all and Happy Spring!  It’s been a busy couple of months for me and I have some exciting news to share about some developments in my business.  Everyone who knows me will tell you that, after my family, the thing I am most passionate about in the world is designing beautiful things to delight my customers.  For me, the creative process is as natural as breathing, and I can’t imagine my life without an idea for a new design forming in the back of my mind.

    As many of you may know, I recently joined the growing family of brands at Xcel Brands, Inc. which is going to allow me to grow the Judith Ripka business in ways I never thought possible.  With Xcel’s help, I’m thrilled to announce that I am going to be expanding the Judith Ripka line in the future to include not only the jewelry that I am known for, but also select other product categories that will express my design aesthetic.

    Through all of this I want to reassure all of my loyal followers and collectors that business is going to continue completely as usual.  I’m still doing what I love, every day, as the Chief Designer of my brand.  The new pieces you see will come straight from my imagination, and all my jewelry will continue to be manufactured by the exact same craftsmen and with the same dedication to quality and detail that you’ve come to expect from me.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Photo:  A behind-the-scenes look at the design process for our upcoming handbag line.

    I’ll be sharing some of our new projects with you on the blog as soon as I can, but I’m sure you’re more interested to see what we have coming up in my shows!

    To start, for the first time ever we’re offering our Monaco ring in Green Goddess Doublet (J293591).  This glowing colorway formed from green Chalcedony is made even more beautiful by over one carat of genuine emeralds embedded within the shank.  It pairs perfectly with our new Green Goddess cuff (J293598), which you’ll find stacks easily with your watch and other bracelets. This lush green look is fantastic for Spring!


    J293551 Green Goddess Monaco Ring and J293598 Green Goddess Cuff

    We also have two pieces in our gorgeous Double Brilliant Collection - a pendant (J293152) and matching earrings (J293153).  These brilliant Swarovski Diamonique crystal designs catch every bit of light in a room.  Each stone has 118 facets, and if you look closely with a loupe, you’d see that every stone is also engraved with my signature!  These true classics would make elegant wedding or graduation gifts for your June events!

    J293152 Double Brilliant Collection Necklace

    J293153 Double Brilliant Collection Earrings

    And on the topic of gifting, there’s still time to find something beautiful for Mother’s Day!  We all know that our mothers deserve the moon and the stars, so I created something special to show her how much she’s loved.  This whimsical man in the moon pendant (J293251) with coordinating moon and stars earrings (J293250) are a playful treat.  The earrings come in a right and a left – the kind of attention to detail I know you all appreciate.

    Moon and Stars Collection Pendant (J293251) and Earrings (J293250)

    So tune into the shows this weekend to hear more:  4 - 6am Friday morning, 8 - 10pm Friday night, and Saturday 1 - 3am, 4 - 6pm, and 8 - 10 pm!  (All times are Eastern Standard Time.)

    With love,


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    I’m proud to be an American! We live in the best damn country in the world!!  -Joan Rivers




    Joan, you are the most patriotic person I know!! I didn’t know how patriotic until I recently found this amazing picture of you, and I think it really speaks to how you feel about this great country of ours:


    That’s me entertaining the troops on my first U.S.O. tour of the Far East. I must have been in my early 30’s!! What a thrill to travel the world and see our proud American soldiers in action. I performed in South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and God knows where else! And we had a blast! I was so proud to support the troops then and just as proud now. 


    Flash forward a few (ahem…) years, and here you are being named the U.S.O. Woman of the Year!! What an amazing honor!! You must have been very proud!


    Receiving that award from the U.S.O. was a very special moment for me. It was the 60th anniversary of the U.S.O., and they chose me for this incredible honor!! David, I love this great nation. I will not tolerate anyone in my life knocking America. My father and mother came here as immigrants, and look what they made of their lives! My Dad became a very successful doctor living in Larchmont, New York and put his two daughters through Ivy League schools. Only in America!!

    That’s why I love the patriotic theme that’s inspiring our new collection. We can show we are proud Americans and (I’m so shallow!!!) look very chic at the same time!

    Our new Stars & Stripes Forever Scarf (A254638) is exactly what you are talking about. Four beautiful versions of the Red, White and Blue!! It’s a perfect way to say Happy Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day or any day you want to say God Bless America!!!

    Stars & Stripes Forever Scarf

    And our red, white and blue jewelry items are the perfect complement! I love how we dressed up our famous bee pinin a wonderful new patriotic way!

    God Bless America Bee Pin (J288908)

    Stars & Stripes Bow Pin (J277518)

    Stars & Stripes Bee Pin (J277513)

    Stars & Stripes Button Earrings (J277514)



    So I hope you will join David and me this month as we salute The Red, White and the Blue!!!


    Catch Joan and David at the following times this month:

    Monday, May 12th

    1-2am      Joan Rivers Classics Collection with David Dangle

    4-5am      Joan Rivers Classics Collection with David Dangle

    6-9am      Fashionably Early with Jayne & Pat

    10-11am Joan Rivers Classics Collection

    6-7pm      Joan Rivers Classics Collection

    7-10pm    PM Style


    Tuesday, May 13th

    8-9pm      Joan Rivers Classics Collection


    Follow Joan on TWITTER at www.twitter.com/joan_rivers

    Or on FACEBOOK at www.facebook.com/joanrivers

    Or on INSTAGRAM at www.instagram.com/joanrivers

    Or on WhoSay at www.whosay.com/joanrivers

    For Joan’ concert, TV and QVC schedule go to www.joanrivers.com

    Follow David on FACEBOOK at www.facebook.com/daviddangleqvc

    Or on INSTAGRAM at www.instagram.com/daviddangle

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    There are countless varieties of annuals to select from to fill any container, pathway or landscape with textures, either a kaleidoscope of colors or a monochromatic theme can be quite effective.  I get so excited thinking about the possibilities!  Two things to address before selecting or planting annuals are when and where to plant them.

    When do you plant annuals? If you do not know, find out what your “frost-free” date is so you can steer clear of planting too soon and harming your plant.  Rule of thumb is, it’s a safe bet to plant annuals in the spring after the threat of frost.  But with the wacky weather we’ve experienced across the nation, checking the extended weather forecasts would be a smart thing to do.    

    When it comes to where to plant my annuals, some of my favorite sun-loving annuals include Wax Begonia, Ageratum and Alyssum.   For my shady areas – or not full-sun, some annuals that bring great color to my shady spots are Coleus, New Guinea Impatiens, Begonias, and Browallia.  You can also use tropicals such as Croton, Crasandra, and Caladium – and yes don’t let the “tropical” category fool you - these plants prefer shade to direct sunlight.       

    When to plant perennials is in the spring too.  The great thing about some of my favorite perennials is that they are hardy, colorful and bloom every year.  My choice perennials for direct sunlight include Lavender, Peony and Daylily.

    For my perennials that like shade, I enjoy landscaping with Hosta, Bleeding Hearts, Vinca Vine and Red Coral Bells.  These all come in a wide array of colors and varieties perfect for any landscape and personal taste.

    Lastly, I love to try out a new pairing each year into my landscape.  This year I am going to couple perennials.   I have been admiring “Pewterware” Hostas and  “Ogon” Sedum  and think the pale blue of the “Pewterware” against the bright green leaves of the “Ogon,” which actually bloom tiny yellow flowers, will be fantastic. 

    I would love to hear what new additions you are adding to your garden this season! Be sure to check out our Gardening Guide if you're looking for inspiration.

    - Barbara

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    1/2 oz. Ginger Syrup

    2 oz. Lime Juice

    1 1/2 Agave Nectar

    1 Pinch of Cilantro

    4 Cooked Beets (in small cubes)

    2 Dashes of Habanero Bitters


    Dill-Salt rim

    **Add 1 1/2 oz. Tequila Resposado if you really Juan more :)


    In a mixing glass, place cucumber, Jalapeno, and Ginger.

    In a mixing glass, place cooked beets, and cilantro, limes, and Agave syrup and muddle until your beets are in a puree form.

    Now add all the other ingredients. Before you start shaking, make sure you have your glasses ready to go, rim them with salt and dill. If you feel crafty, you can make the beet rose. Add a scoop of ice and shake for 5 seconds fast.

    The taste is uniquely refreshing and addicting because each sip leaves your mouth with the tingly sensation from the jalapeno...leaves you thirsty for more!

    Now double strain and serve your drink on the rocks and party like you mean it! It's a great sipping concoction to pair with some guacamole, chips and tacos! 

    Hasta Luego!



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    Hello, foodies…

    Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Dads and grandpas, it’s time to show the women in your life how “sweet” they are. (Moms and grandmas, if your boys need a hint, print out this blog and leave it on the counter.) Below you’ll find 10 Mother’s Day treats that will appeal to every sweet tooth. The links below each photo will take you straight to the recipes housed on “David’s Recipes” page. Or, as always, you can get all of these recipes in a great little pin on Pinterest

    Sarah's Apricot Cake

    Sarah’s Apricot Cake

    Dads (or grandmas)—while the cake is baking, why not print this coloring page so the little ones can surprise mom! 


    Springtime Lemon Raspberry Coconut Cake

    Springtime Lemon-Raspberry Coconut Cake



    Summer Fresh Key Lime Squares

    Summer Fresh Key Lime Squares


    Carrot Cake Ice Cream Cupcakes

    Carrot Cake Ice Cream Cupcakes


    Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwiches



    Vanilla Cupcakes with Whipped Strawberry Frosting

    Vanilla Cupcakes with Whipped Strawberry Frosting


    Summer Fruit Parfait with Sweet Cream Pound Cake

    Summer Fruit Parfait with Sweet Cream and Pound Cake



    Nana's Nanner Pudding

    Nana’s “Nanner” Pudding



    Chocolate-Raspberry Mousse Cups

    Chocolate-Raspberry Mousse Cups


     Cannoli Cups

    Cannoli Cups


    Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there--including my mom, Sarah.

    Keep it flavorful!

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    Hello Denim Divas,

    I sure hope you are having a great Spring! Things are always busy here at QVC and Denim & Co., but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at some new items that will be on air soon. And, as you can see in the photo, we will have our first ever Denim & Co. scarf!

    By the way, the shirt I am holding is a really cute star print – great for upcoming picnics and summer gatherings…even 4th of July.

    As always, my team and I love to hear your feedback, so please let us know what you think!

    Are you a fan of the TV show DOWTON ABBEY? It is one of my favorite shows, and I love the story line and the period costumes. Currently, the WINTERTHUR MUSEUM in Delaware is hosting a DOWNTON ABBEY costume exhibit, and recently I had the opportunity to visit.

    If you by any chance have the opportunity to go, I would highly recommend it!

    Below, please find some photographs I wanted to share.





    Check out the Denim & Co. collection on QVC.com.

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  • 05/08/14--15:02: So...What's in Your Roma?
  • The Roma is the easiest bag I have ever carried, so I carry it a lot! I tend to carry everything but the kitchen sink in mine. A few of our friends took pictures of what's in their Roma totes. I have heard that what you carry in your bag says a lot about you...


    Cooper (from Wen)

    Cooper's Roma (You know, Cooper from Wen!)


    Doris Dalton's Roma

    Doris Dalton's Roma


    Laura Geller's Roma

    Laura Geller's Roma


    Jamie Kern's Roma

    Jamie Kern Lima's Roma


    Leslie Blodgett's Roma

    Leslie Blodgett's Roma

    So...what's in your Roma?! :)

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  • 05/08/14--18:49: Welcome to TULA
  • Hello to the QVC community! I'm thrilled to join you. I'm also excited to approach beauty and skin care from a new angle. First, a little background on me. I'm a practicing gastroenterologist and internist with a special interest in women's health and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at NYU School of Medicine. Ten years ago, I embarked on a second career in the media, and I currently appear on TV several times a week. I'm also the medical editor for Health magazine. Working in the media has allowed me to reach a bigger audience and to do what I'm really passionate about: breaking down complex health information into easily understood takeaways. Last, but certainly not least, I'm the mother of two rambunctious boys, living in NYC. So my plate is quite full, as you can see!

    People often ask me, "How do you balance it all?" and the truth is, it's not easy. We all live very busy and complicated lives, often prioritizing the well-being of others above our own. But it's truly essential to find time for ourselves. This is what motivated me to start TULA. TULA is the Sanskrit word for balance, and this product line is all about helping women achieve true balance in their lives.

    So I wanted to find effective ingredients to keep our skin gorgeous, and I created the TULA skin-care line using various skin nourishing ingredients and probiotic technology. Probiotics—organisms (bacteria or yeast) naturally found in humans—have always fascinated me and attracted my close attention. TULA probiotic technology features rice proteins; vitamins A, C, and E; and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as green tea and blueberry extracts.

    The TULA line includes a purifying cleanser, an illuminating face serum, a revitalizing eye cream, and a day-and-night hydrating cream. The line delivers skin-nourishing benefits while also providing antiaging skin-care solutions. As women, we're always on the go, and this line enables us to experience a simple and comprehensive skin-care regimen.

    I want to welcome you to the TULA community and embark with you on an exciting journey towards a healthier and more beautiful you!

    —Dr. Raj


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