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I Can See Clearly Now...


I typically spend time checking email at my computer every day and I can’t see a thing without my readers. If you wear reading glasses, you know exactly what I mean. You keep them handy EVERYWHERE!

For me, it started out simple enough... I noticed when I hit my forties the type was a little easier to read if I held things away a bit. Once I realized I needed readers, it was all about finding ones that were as stylish as I like to think I am. :-)

That’s why I’m so excited about the Tashon brand of readers. They’re all about stylish “looks”, that help us “see”!

I thought I’d share just a few of the places I always keep my reading glasses. The list is long, which is why having many pairs is a must. By the way, if you like the Tashon readers in the photos, join me at midnight tonight for the first ever Tashon Readers TSV! Great colors, 7 pairs, cute styles, and plenty of magnification. :-)

Here I am wearing my Tashon anti-glare computer readers. I love the shape of the frame.

I keep readers in my junk drawer.

I keep readers with my datebook.

I keep readers in my glove box.

I keep readers on my desk.

I keep readers in my purse.

I keep readers on my nightstand.

Cool colors

Neutral Colors

And when I'm feeling blue.

Where do you keep your readers?

I’ll “SEE” you soon,

Leah :-)

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More Information About The New Community Launching Monday June 15


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for posting your questions regarding the new Community that will be launching Monday morning. Below you will find more information about the most popular questions.

All of the changes on Monday are only for the forum experience and does not impact your account you use to place orders on qvc.com.

Preparing the Move to the New Community

On Monday at 12:00am ET we will close commenting to the forums in preparation for the transition to the new Community. You can expect to have access to the new Community by 9:00am ET.

Post Count & Registration Date

Customers who have been participating in the Community before March 2010 will see a smaller post count. Registered dates will not be older than March 2010. 

Nicknames & Signatures

Your current nickname will remain the same in the new community. You will not need to create a new nickname.

The Signature feature is available but you will need to setup your signature in the new Community.

Email & Notifications

The 1st time you sign-in to the new Community you will be required to provide a valid email address for participation. You can provide a different email for this one time registration process if you do not wish to use the same email you use for your QVC shopping account. Using a different email is optional.

Your personal email is not shared with other members of the Community and, at this time, private messaging is not available.

You will not receive email notifications. You will only receive notifications within the Community alerting you when another user has engaged with you by responding, "hearting", or sharing your post.

Moving Existing Discussions to the New Community

Discussions in the current Community are being moved to the new Community, however we have identified some inconsistencies that we will not be able to resolve prior to launch. There will be some discussions that are lost.


Our new community will make it easier for us to engage with you and moderate conversations. “Poofing” is a thing of the past! “Poofing” is a term often used by the Community to explain when a post is deleted from the forums by a QVC moderator. In the new Community posts that violate Community Standards will be removed; but there will always be an explanation for the post’s removal.

iPad Safari Browser compatibility

The new Community supports the iPad Safari Browser and will format messages with proper paragraph breaks.

New Terms & Symbols

Here are just a few terms that you will see in the new Community.

“Breadcrumbs” is a term used to describe the path you have taken to arrive to the page you are currently viewing.  Breadcrumbs are always located at the top left of every page on qvc.com and the words in the breadcrumbs are clickable.

“Topics” in the new Community means discussions or original posts.

“Posts” in the new Community means a replies to a topic.

There are a variety of symbols to help you navigate the new Community. When you see a symbol that you are not aware of, place your pointer (using your mouse) directly over the symbol without clicking on the symbol. You will see a text box appear with a description of the symbol (this is not a feature available from a tablet or mobile device).

Post Questions for the QVC Community Team (Monday June 15)

The suggestion to have a specific place for questions has been requested a few times and we think this is a great idea. There will be a featured topic titled “Post Your Questions and Suggestions Here” in the Suggestion Box category of the new Community. This is where you can leave all of your questions and suggestions for the new community. We will do our best to respond to your questions related to the new Community. 


Additional information posted this week regarding the new Community:

What You Need to Know Day One

Countdown to the New Community

FAQ Forums & Blogs Changes