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    I loved having the opportunity to catch up with Dr. Roshini Rajapaska (Dr. Raj) and giving you the chance to get to know her and her TULA products better. She will be on the Today program (again) Monday morning. As I told you in my last blog, she is a leader in her field and a recognized guru when it comes to seeing beauty with an “inside-out” approach. I hope you enjoy this interview with her!

    Q) Dr. Raj, tell us about yourself and your practice.

    A) I am a gastroenterologist and internist at NYU Medical Center in NYC - with a special interest in women's health. I also am a medical contributor to Fox5 News, Today show, and several other network programs as well as the medical editor of Health magazine. I love communicating health information to people - in my office when I see a patient, and to the public when I am on TV or write an article. Oh, and I am a mom of two little boys!

    Q) You are the creator of a new brand at QVC named TULA.  What is the story behind the name?

    A) Tula means balance in Sanskrit, and this word is very meaningful to me. Balance is important in every aspect of our lives - our health, our relationships, our diet... the list goes on. As a busy working mom, I know how challenging achieving balance can be, but it is the key to looking and feeling great. Our products which contain a probiotic technology help nourish the skin. 

    Q) Tell us about TULA and what makes it different?

    A) The Tula line of skincare products all contain our unique probiotic technology which is not only made from probiotics but also contain ingredients such as antioxidants from fruit and vegetable extracts, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and turmeric.

    Q) Why did you create it?

    A) I want to help women look and feel their best, and healthy skin is a great first step. I wanted to create a simple yet effective regimen that the busiest woman can use to feel beautiful, young and radiant.

    Q) Since TULA means “Balance” - what are your top recommendations for achieving balance in our skincare routine?

    A) Think holistically - skin health depends on a lot of factors, not just products. Getting enough sleep, eating the right foods, exercising and managing stress can all help your skin look better. And using products like ours that contain "superfoods" for the skin will give you the best results.

    Q) You’re also a busy mom!! What has helped you maintain balance in your life?

    A) So many things! I prioritize sleep, I exercise daily, I meditate and I eat healthy foods - all of these behaviors give me the energy to tackle my many projects. But ultimately, I think what helps the most is that I truly enjoy all that I do - being a mom, a doctor, a media personality, and now an entrepreneur - so I wake up every day excited for what the day will bring.

    Thank you for speaking with me, Dr. Raj. It was a pleasure!

    Join Dr. Raj on the TODAY show on Monday 8/25/14 - I hope you can tune in! 



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    Hello, foodies…

    I’ve got some exciting news to share…Trisha Yearwood will be on In the Kitchen with David this Sunday! She’s bringing a Ceramic Skillet Set with her and here's just a page out of the cookbook that comes with the set...Risotto with Fennel and Green Asparagus!

    Risotto with Fennel and Green Asparagus

    Trisha will be doing an Instagram takeover for me, so if you're not on Instagram yet, now's the time to sign up. My dear friend Mary Beth Roe will introduce Trisha to all of you at home as I’ll be away this week doing some cookbook promotion. I’ve also asked Mary Beth to sample Sunday’s recipe, our next “meatless meal,” and she has kindly obliged. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at it, Penne with Garlicky Greens…a perfect back-to-school, busy-weeknight meal.

    Penne with Garlicky Greens

    Penne with Garlicky Greens
    Serves 4–6


    • 2 Tbsp olive oil
    • 8 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped
    • 1 medium white onion, peeled and chopped
    • 1-1/4 tsp salt
    • 1-1/2 tsp ground black pepper
    • 1 (28-oz) can diced tomatoes, with the liquid
    • 1-1/2 cups chicken stock
    • 12 oz chopped kale, stems removed
    • 1 lb cooked penne pasta
    • 1/2 cup fresh chopped basil
    • Grated Parmesan cheese (optional garnish)


    1. Add the oil, garlic, onion, salt and pepper to a large stockpot. Cook over medium heat for 6 minutes, stirring occasionally.
    2. Add the canned diced tomatoes (and the liquid), chicken stock, and chopped kale. Stir to combine and braise (by covering the pot with the lid) over medium-low heat for 25 minutes, or until the kale is tender.
    3. Add the cooked penne and the chopped basil, stir, and serve immediately. Sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese, if desired.

    This recipe is prepared with the Cook's Essentials® Hard Anodized 10-Piece Set with Color Nonstick Interior (K40940).

    Go to David's Recipe Item Page for the full list of items that David has used in his recipes.

    I don’t know how your family feels about kale. It does have a strong “green” taste. So if you know it won’t go over well, you could use spinach or Swiss chard in this recipe. But remember, because you’re braising the veggie, the flavor will really be muted. At the supermarket, look for kale with thick, crisp leaves. And, if you can find bunches with smaller leaves, even better, as smaller leaves taste more mild than the larger ones. When you get it home, store kale in the refrigerator to keep it fresh longer, but use within a few days, because it gets more bitter by the day.

    I’d like to know how you feel about kale for today’s blog question. Have you ever had it? Do you like it? How have you had it? Maybe in a salad? Maybe you’ve had kale chips? Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Remember—Labor Day is coming up! If you haven’t thought about recipes for your end-of-summer bash, I posted a blog yesterday with 20 terrific summer foods. Have fun with Mary Beth this Sunday...the show starts at Noon ET.

    Keep it flavorful!

    P.S. I ask that all of you keep the family of Matt Haley in your thoughts and prayers. The chef and restaurateur passed away this week while on yet another humanitarian mission. I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Haley at the Mid-Atlantic Wine and Food Festival earlier this year and was blown away by his story and his efforts to make the world a better place. If you missed our interview with Chef Haley earlier this year, I urge you to read it. And why not make the Chef’s Lobster Biscuits and Gravy this weekend in his honor.

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                    When I was a little girl for some reason I had always imagined my Bridal Shower would be in my Mom’s hair salon.  Which is odd if you think about a 5-10 year old girl 1) even thinking about a bridal shower and 2) why on earth would she want to have it there?!   I imagined that we would all be wearing long dresses, hats, only sipping on iced tea, getting our hair done and opening presents.   Sounds a little old school southern right?  I promise I never watched Steel Magnolias until I was in high school.  If you think about it though, all of those ideas make sense when having grown up in a Log Cabin, walked mostly barefoot on gravel, and played in creeks to pass the time. 

                    Fast Forward to the Bridal Shower… what was I thinking?!  All of that sounds terrible!  Thankfully we’re all living in the modern world and my mom and her best friends knew better than to plan a scenario other than the above mentioned.

                    I grew up in a town 20 minutes north of Atlanta called Suwanee and for the majority of my life there wasn’t a lot there.  I mean, the mayor lived in our neighborhood and occasionally he would come over for haircuts if there was something big happening; like the Suwanee Day Parade.  Now you go and visit Suwanee and it’s a bustling suburb of Atlanta.  There is a ton of shopping, a downtown full of restaurants, and all of the older homes have been restored into this rustic, chic paradise which could make the pages of Southern Living Magazine

                    Thus the Bridal location was chosen.  My Kindergarten teacher Caron, and my mom’s best friend Laura offered to throw me a bridal shower… and I was just over the moon.  I have known both of these women most of my life from my mom’s salon and I just knew this was going to be the best time. 

                    When I walked in, the home was just beyond gorgeous.  Mrs. Caron lives in an older home that’s been completely redone and speaks to that southern charm that when invited over makes you want to linger a little longer.  The table was gorgeous and was filled with southern crudité that is known to me as soul food.  The idea of Southern Living was front and center and just the experience was everything of how I dreamed my life would be like when I was younger… Only it was for one day only, and it was a bridal shower, and when I was five I didn’t realize you would one day have to get a job and pay bills :) .  None the less… it was spectacular!

                    During the shower a lot of my mom’s friends who I had grown up with attended as well as some of my old friends that I had known from elementary and middle school.  The worst and best part of the shower was when Mrs. Caron sat everyone down and invited them to tell their favorite “Courtney Story.”  Anyone would be nervous for obvious reasons but let me put it to you this way… Still to this very day My mother always says to me “Courtney, you are the reason you are an only child” with a huge grin on her face.  I’ll let you mull that one over :)

                    The first story came from Mrs. Caron my kindergarten teacher.  When I was in her classroom she put on the play Jack and the Beanstalk.  Now it’s not the version you and I know because she had to add dialogue and characters to make sure that everyone in the class had a part.  I was Jack’s mother who was in charge of throwing a party once Jack climbed the bean stock.  I must have really taken a liking to the role because I told Mrs. Caron that it was going to be a BIG, Glamorous Party, and that I would be wearing my mother’s Mink Coat.  Righttttt…

                    I’ll have you know that the day of the play, I showed up in my beautiful dress, pearls, and of course the mink coat.  I was going for movie-star status and that day for the only time in my life, it was achieved.  Here is a picture Mrs. Caron had made for me that was taken from an actual picture in the mink coat. 

                    My second favorite story that was told by Sunday School Teacher, Mrs. Toni who is probably just one of my favorite people ever.   Mrs. Toni and her husband Mr. Reggie not only taught Sunday School together but were also school teachers at neighboring schools.  Keep that in mind as I begin a new story.  When I was four my mother would drop me off at a day camp that would take me to pre-school and then pick me back up for afterschool activities.  There was a bus that would come and pick us up along with other kids and the first stop would be an elementary school and the second being my preschool.

                      One day I decided I didn’t want to go to preschool anymore.  It was time to move on and by golly I was going to big kids school. 

                    Enter in Mr. Reggie…  he just so happened to have bus duty the very day I decided I was going to big kids school.  He happened to see me get off the bus, but couldn’t make it in time through the sea of children to see if it was actually me.  Pan to five minutes later, Mr. Reggie followed up and went to the main office.  There I was… sitting with the secretary.  I had told the secretary that I was a new student, gave her my full name and address with my parents names and numbers, and told her I was ready to start 3rd grade.  In walked Mr. Reggie who asked me what I was doing there to which the secretary responded for me “She’s a new student.” She had believed everything I had told her.   Mr. Reggie quickly explained that was not the case, picked me up and personally took me back to preschool.  I was so close…

                    After the stories unfolded it was time to open presents and I just couldn’t believe the kind words and thoughtfulness that poured out from the room.  I will never forget that day and the amount of love that Aaron and I received.  Each person that was at our shower holds a special place in my heart and I just tear up thinking about it. 

    Here are some photos from the shower and thank you for even reading this far! Did you have a shower? What was your favorite part?

    As always thank you all for taking this journey with Aaron and me.  I hope you are having as much as we are sharing it. 








    Find More Wedding Inspiration at Southern Living :)

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  • 08/22/14--12:48: Introducing Keurig 2.0!
  • With school just a few days away, the thought of not having my kiddies at home with me is just too much to take! This summer has definitely been one for the books. My husband and I were able to have a few date nights at one of our most favorite spots, QVC, spending time with you all.  The kids spent countless hours being water-logged in the pool, and we were able to visit our own quiet sanctuary at the Jersey Shore!

    date night 

    kids at the pool

    Cole and Brady 

    All good things always do come to an end, but not without one last hoorah! To finish off this amazing summer, I am so excited to be able to bring you the Keurig 2.0, launching on August 24th on In the Kitchen with David!

    Keurig 2.0

    Many people have been asking what is so special about this new innovation from Keurig, and let me tell you, it takes everything in me not to say, “What ISN’T special about it?”  The Keurig 2.0 Brewing System is the first Keurig system to brew a single cup and a carafe, with the same simplicity & ease that we’ve always promised.  And don’t worry, you can still choose from the over 250 varieties and 40+ brands of K-Cup Packs that you know and love from Keurig, with new delicious & fun partners being added every day.  Not only that, but wait until you see what we’ve done with the brand new K-Caraf Packs.

    I am so excited about this brewer because it just makes life simpler. It is so easy to roll out of bed in the morning and brew a piping hot cup of coffee—or now, a full carafe to share with friends and family! One of the really unique new features that helps me do this on those mornings when we’re up before the sun is the nightlight feature! The new Keurig 2.0 Brewing System gives you the option to customize your brewer in so many ways. Choose from four colors to light up your water reservoir, choose the background for your touch screen menu, and another neat feature new to this brewer is strength control—for when you feel you need a strong cup of coffee to get you through the morning—trust me, we’ve ALL been there!

    There are so many amazing new additions to this brewer and I really can’t wait to show you everything that this sleek & beautiful system has to offer… be sure to tune in Sunday at noon! I’m ready to Say Hello to Keurig 2.0, are you?



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  • 08/22/14--19:57: Crafting for College
  • What a week it's been! With moving and getting Nicole settled, we took some downtime to get crafty. Nikki and I wanted to share a fun and inexpensive way to decorate a college dorm room... Grab your coupon and go to the craft store for a few supplies! You'll need some basics... A glue gun, paint, different size canvases and fun sparkles...

    Grey stripes are created by painting a canvas....create your stripes by using scotch tape and add special touches like flowers.


    Another fun idea is using your initials. You can print out letters and tape them down to block the paint on your canvas...finish it off with some fun sparkles...

    Add even more fun with your canvas includes a hot glue gun and lots of buttons..

    To honor your state, print a copy of your state, cut it out and paint around on your favorite canvas...add a heart!

    Add your favorite inspirational saying on the canvas along with lots of sparkles... Nikki and I chose this quote... "Here' s to the nights that turned into morning where friends became family."

    Have fun being creative and good luck back to school!

    Share some of your back to school ideas....


    You can find me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/PatJamesDeMentriQVC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/pdementri

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/PatJamesDeMentriQVC

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  • 08/22/14--20:25: A Family Affair
  • Nikki has been blessed with so many opportunities with her dance. This week is the second year that she has volunteered along with other dancers and instructors at her dance studio for an outreach program.

    This outreach program is sponsored by the nonprofit group of parents and volunteers... Our dancers, instructors and parents have a chance to give back to our community for one week with a dance camp! Our guest dancers are from the local shelter and ranged in age from 9 to 11, both boys and girls. The kids had a chance to learn to dance salsa, hip hop, tap and contemporary modern...

    My family even had a chance to sponsor a lunch for the kids, so we invited Nana to put her love for cooking for a crowd to the test and we made lots of homemade chicken pot pie, hot dogs and brownies...

    The Nesco roasters held a lot of chicken pot pie made with roaster chicken, veggies, noodles and a Bisquick topping...my little Nesco roaster worked for hot dogs and the brownies were filled with sprinkles..

    My mom who has struggled with the loss of my dad, was brought to tears as a little girl ran down the hall to hug her. We truly do all learn from these wonderful kids.

    Nikki has loved these little souls who are so appreciative and have so little... I had a "mom moment" as I wanted to hold each one of them and make their world better. It is a wonderful reminder to thank God for our lives every day.

    Let's say a prayer of thanks and protection for these little dancers...

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    Thanks for sending us your photos of your pets for yesterday’s Sundays with Carolyn and Dan. We received a ton of adorable pictures--and lots of them are some great close-ups!! We just had to share them...thanks, as always, for sending these each and every week!

    XOXO from your fellow pet lovers,

    Carolyn & Dan




















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    Hello my LCNY fashionistas,

    Well....it is official, I am an empty nester.  Sarah, Larry and I moved Kevin into Temple University on Wednesday August 20th.  It was tough.  His older brother and sister were unbelievable.  They helped organize his room, unload the many boxes, and Larry installed all of the electronics which I would have been at a loss. I set up his bed probably for the last time.  (Insert flowing tears now).. I cried when we left...I cried during dinner....I cried that night...I cried until there was not a tear left.  I woke up Thursday morning and reorganized his room at home and boxed up all high school memorabilia .....NOW we are TEMPLE MADE.

    Guess what?  I have only had to do one load of wash in two days...my fridge still has food in it, and I do not have a curfew to be home when he is.  Not bad.  I am still getting used to the silence but I can dance around my house to Motown and nobody is complaining about the music.  I am trying on this empty nest cycle in life and as I say desperately seeking Linda.....I think I am really going to like her when I find her. As for now Temple University, I have sent you the love of my life.  Be kind to him. He is also finding his new normal. 

    I will see you on September 3rd my friends for our one hour show and many times between now and then.  Enjoy the start up of the new school year and Labor Day.  Eighteen years goes very quickly.


    Your friend Linda :)

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    Is there anything cuter than a first day of school photo? ... We didn't think so! Here's a walk down memory lane for some of our hosts that were able to find old photos from his/her first day of school! 

    Jill Bauer:


    Jane Treacy:



    Kerstin Lindquist:

    Sandra Bennett:


    Albany Irvin:

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    Hi, everyone!

    I love mason jars. I love planting flowers in them, arranging fresh bouquets in them, turning them into centerpieces…even turning them into handmade gifts. We’ve already done lots of projects with mason jars on You’re Home with Jill like homemade munch mix, a container garden, and natural room scents. And, I’m always dreaming of new uses for these containers.

    Since it’s back-to-school season in my house and so many homes across the country, I wondered what school projects we could make with mason jars. So I asked some of our blogger friends to get creative! Here’s just a taste of what they came up with--I’ll be sharing their blogs on my Facebook page over the next week. I encourage you to check them out. And, even though this exact tumbler is sold out on QVC.com (we just couldn’t keep it in stock!) we’ve got another amazing mason jar set that can accommodate lots of these ideas. Plus, after the jar is empty, it becomes a beautiful part of any decor.


    Marlynn - UrbanBlissLife

    Marlynn from UrbanBlissLife


    Amanda from A Few Short Cuts

    Amanda from A Few Short Cuts



    Ellen from Confessions of an Overworked Mom

    Ellen from Confessions of an Overworked Mom


    Kimbo from A Girl and a Glue Gun

    Kimbo, from a Girl and  a Glue Gun


    Lauryn from The Vintage Mom

    Lauryn from The Vintage Mom



    Maggie from Smashed Peas and Carrots

    Maggie from Smashed Peas and Carrots



    Sherri from Lesson Plans

    Sherri from Lesson Plans



    Tristin from Tristin & Company

    Tristin from Tristin & Company


    From my home to yours,

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    In March, my husband headed to Newport, RI to build & open our own pretzel shop. 

    Jim designed it, created the recipes and, literally, built the store’s interior with the help of friends and family (who happen to be contractors).  It was, & is, a labor of love.  (If my husband allows me, one day I will share the story behind the business and why I call it a “labor of love”!)  We have no idea if it’s going to sink, tread water or swim.  Regardless, I couldn’t be prouder of Jim! 

    Man, oh, man have we missed him!  Skype & phone calls were not enough.  So, Isabella & I headed to Newport for a week to check out the new biz, Newport and give Jim lots of hugs and kisses.  Here is the tiniest glimpse into our beautiful week together! 

    Newport beach.

    Daddy's pretzel shop.

    Crab cakes and clam chowder.

    Iz & I trying to rescue a guy in a wave lol.

    Saying goodbye at the train station going home.


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  • 08/26/14--06:23: Happy National Dog Day!
  • Yay! Happy National Dog Day! Here's a peek at some of your favorite Q hosts with their pooches...

    Mary Beth Roe












    "I never knew I was a dog person until we rescued Duke. He was the definition of a gentle giant. He had a magic sparkle that won everyone over. A true companion...he always stayed by my side. He crossed the rainbow bridge in January, and not a day goes by that I don't miss my friend."



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     Americana Dessert

    cups  fresh strawberries, divided
    1-1/2 cups  boiling water
    2pkg.  (3 oz. each) JELL-O Gelatin, any red flavor
    Ice cubes
    cup  cold water
    pkg.  (12 oz.) prepared pound cake, cut into 10 slices
    1-1/3 cups blueberries, divided
    8 oz. Cool Whip, thawed

    SLICE 1 cup strawberries; cut remaining strawberries in half.

    ADD boiling water to gelatin mixes in large bowl; stir 2 min. until completely dissolved. Add enough ice to cold water to measure 2 cups. Add to gelatin; stir until ice is melted. Refrigerate 5 min. or until slightly thickened. Meanwhile, cover bottom of 13x9-inch dish with cake slices.

    ADD sliced strawberries and 1 cup blueberries to thickened gelatin; stir gently. Spoon over cake. Refrigerate 4 hours or until firm.

    SPREAD COOL WHIP over dessert. Top with fruit to resemble the flag, using strawberries for the stripes and remaining blueberries for the stars.

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  • 08/26/14--09:22: Name That Mugshot
  • Whether you drink coffee, tea, hot coco, or none of the above, everyone has a special mug! Our hosts snapped photos of his/her favorite mug to create a little guessing game for you! 

    So do you think you can identify which host belongs to which "mugshot?" Scroll down to see the photos and see the answers below! ... No cheating!! 

































    1. Mary Beth Roe

    2. Shawn Killinger

    3. Leah Williams

    4. Stacy Stauffer 

    5. Amy Stran

    6. Jill Bauer

    7. Jennifer Coffey

    8. Kerstin Lindquist 


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    As we gear up to finish shooting the new season 6 of Shark Tank, I thought it would be the perfect time to let you in on some behind-the-scenes action and also give you exciting updates on some of my Shark Tank investments. As you may know, I’ve brought many of my Shark Tank entrepreneurs to QVC and you all have helped to make their dreams become a reality with your outpouring of support!

    It’s been a really fun and exciting journey bringing my Shark Tank entrepreneurs to QVC and when we’re all here at QVC together it truly feels like a big family get together.

    Here I am getting ready to go on air with some of my Shark Tank entrepreneurs:CordaRoy's Full Size Convertible Bean Bag Chair, Rayon from Bamboo Reusable Washable Towels & Sweeper Pads, and ScreenMend. As you can see, it's a family affair!

    With the Stella Valle sisters, we’ve created together a “Women’s Empowerment” line that is exclusive to QVC. I’m so excited for you to see our NEW pieces coming out this fall, they are truly beautiful and I think you'll love them as much as I do! And one of them I wear on the new season of Shark Tank, so it'll be a big surprise when I launch it this holiday season.

    Here I am with Eric from Fiber Fix, the super tape that hardens like steel and is 100 times stronger than duct tape. It's water-tight and creates a permanent fix on practically anything, including wood, metal, PVC, plastic, and more!

    It's been a very busy and fun summer of shooting Shark Tank. Season 6 is going to be such an exciting season! You all have helped support my Shark Tank entrepreneurs over the years and I can’t wait for you to see what new deals I make this season. More great entrepreneurs & items I know you’ll LOVE!

    Here’s a sneak peek into some fun behind-the-scenes of shooting Shark Tank season 6. Stay tuned for more in my next blog post!

    Ahhh home sweet home…this is my trailer when shooting Shark Tank.

    Our shoot days are pretty long, so I always have a cup of coffee in my hand when shooting Shark Tank!

    We shot a new intro to the show and it’s going to be pretty cool!!

    Mark your calendars: Shark Tank returns with a 2-hour special premiere on Friday, September 26 at 8pm ET on ABC! Then right after that, join me on QVC at 10pm ET for my special 1-hour Clever & Unique Creations show!

    If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to join me on my Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest pages, too!


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    Hi, everyone!

    I posted a special blog yesterday…did you see it? Since it’s back-to-school season, I wondered what school projects we could make with mason jars. So I asked some of our blogger friends to get creative and I was blown away by their ideas. I’ll be sharing their projects all this week on my Facebook page, I’d love for you to check them out.

    Can you believe Labor Day Weekend is in a few days!? It already kind of feels like “fall” in my house because the kids started school again yesterday and the house was SOOO quiet. But I still can’t believe how fast summer came and went. At least we have so many wonderful fall things to look forward to…decorating, apple-picking, comfort foods, Halloween, the holidays…I feel better. And, you know what also made me feel better? Picking my top three favorite photos for our #YHJInspired Outdoor Challenge!

    Kathy's Front Door

    This is Kathy’s front door! She emailed us her photo and said it’s autumn at her house in Parker, Colorado. I love the matching garland and wreath…so tasteful.

    Nalini's Front Door

    Nalesha sent us last year's photo of her 68-year-old mother’s front door. She  confided that her mother Nalini would be delighted to be picked, but I'm delighted to do the picking. What a welcoming entryway!

    Sherry's Wreath

    And last but not least, this is Sherry’s front door. She sent me her photo on Facebook and wrote this comment: “Hi Jill, it's not on my front door yet, but here is my first ever homemade burlap wreath. I just made this at the end of July...I think the fall shows on QVC inspired me to get ready for fall early.” YAAAAAAY!!! Nicely done, Sherry!! I’m SO glad you were inspired and I think your wreath looks terrific.

    For those of you who haven’t seen my DIY Fall Wreath (which is a lot like Sherry’s!), be sure to tune in for You’re Home with Jill at 7pm ET tomorrow night. If you’d like to make your own burlap wreath, I posted step-by-step directions in my blog last Tuesday.

    Finally—the only thing I didn’t tell you about is what recipe we’re making tomorrow night. Lasagna is always a good dish to throw together when you’re hosting family or friends. So as entertaining season gets closer and closer, here’s my go-to recipe: Always Good Lasagna.

    Always Good Lasagna

    Always Good Lasagna


    • 2–3 Tbsp olive oil
    • 1-1/2 lb ground beef
    • 2 medium onions, chopped
    • 2 garlic cloves, chopped
    • 1 (16-oz) can tomato sauce
    • 1 (14-oz) can whole tomatoes
    • 1 (6-oz) can tomato paste
    • 1-1/2 tsp salt
    • 1/4 tsp pepper
    • 1/2 tsp oregano
    • 1 package lasagna noodles
    • 1/2 lb Mozzarella cheese (or more)
    • 3/4 lb Ricotta cheese
    • 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, grated
    • Dried parsley, to taste


    1. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Brown the ground beef, onion, and garlic and then drain off the fat. Add the tomato sauce, tomatoes, tomato paste, salt, pepper, and oregano to the beef mixture. Simmer, uncovered, for 30 minutes.
    2. Meanwhile, cook the lasagna noodles according to the package directions. Rinse and drain the noodles. Fill a 13" x 9" baking dish with alternate layers of meat sauce, noodles, and cheese, ending with the Parmesan. Sprinkle the top of the lasagna with a little parsley.
    3. Bake at 375°F for 30 minutes, or until good and bubbly. Let stand for 10 minutes before cutting.

    This recipe is prepared with the Rachael Ray Bubble & Brown 11-Piece Bakeware Set (K40999).

    Have a wonderful night, everyone. I’ll see you tomorrow at 7pm ET.

    From my home to yours,

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    I am so honored to be a part of QVC’s Designer Jewelry Gallery!  I always look forward to catching up with the amazingly talented jewelry designers at QVC - It’s like a class reunion!  It’s been a while since we’ve spent time together on a Carolyn Pollack show, and I am so excited to introduce over a dozen new items that are especially perfect for fall, my favorite season.  When it comes to fall fashion, we often think of earth tones, burgundies, greens, and navy blue.  But the fashion palette this year includes colors that allow us to express ourselves in new combinations with imagination and ingenuity.  Radiant Orchid continues to be strong, as well as red, royal blue, and cyprus green.  I am excited to play with these gemstone colors, which add beautiful life to our neutrals, including two of my favorites, gray and cognac brown.

    I hope you’ll join me on Friday, August 29th at 4:00am ET, 10:00am ET, and 4:00pm ET, and again on August 31st at 1:00am ET and 5:00pm ET.  I am so excited to celebrate this beautiful season with you!



    0 0

    I know this season has been a little confusing with The Lisa Robertson Show. We were off the last two weeks, but this Friday we are back! I am so excited about the fashion this week. Leather in any form continues to be one of the strongest trends for the season and this week's G.I.L.I.(TM) fashion is right on trend. We have an amazing skirt that is one of the most flattering things I've ever worn. The perfect update to a leather jacket with the combination of textures that gives you that directly-off-the-runway look. A sheath dress with the perfect touch of the look of leather, the perfect tuxedo-influence layering piece, and the list goes on.








    There is also a new beauty concept and new jewelry designs from Judith Ripka. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks before the show, because it's always nice to see things first.

    By the way, on Friday we have a new video on the Lisa Robertson 360 page on helpful tips on belting for different figures. I hope you like it. :)

    See you Friday at 10pm ET!

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    It's hard to believe this is the last official weekend of summer. It seems to me, the older I get, the faster time goes by. Wasn't it just yesterday that we celebrated Memorial Day? And now it's already time for another holiday ....... Labor Day.

    I am definitely not complaining; I always look forward to Labor Day. Our neighborhood throws an annual block party and it is always a great time for both the young and the well, not so young.

    We all seem to lead such busy lives and get so involved with our own families, we rarely have time to keep up with the daily ins and outs of our neighbors. They are a terrific group of people and we truly enjoy their company. And we try to reserve every Labor Day to our neighborhood Block party ...... it's now become a tradition. It's a great opportunity to reconnect and maintain our friendships. We also get to see how all the children have grown and keep up with what's "in" this year! 

    My Labor Day food has also become quite tradition, as I generally bring the same thing each year to share ....... Calico Bean Salad

    It's easy to make, is very colorful and there are never any leftovers. Plus you can alter the recipe to suit your own taste. Sometimes I stick to the original recipe and other times I use all pork and beans and omit the kidney, lima and butter beans.


    • 1/2 pound bacon
    • one pound ground beef
    • 1 Tablespoon prepared mustard
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 1/2 cup chopped onions
    • 1/2 cup brown sugar
    • 1/2 cup ketchup
    • 2 Tablespoons vinegar
    • 32 oz. lima beans
    • 32 oz. pork and beans in tomato sauce
    • 15 oz. kidney beans
    • 15 oz. butter beans

    Cook bacon; drain on paper towels.Brown ground beef with the chopped onions; drain well. Drain and rinse the lima, kidney and butter beans. Place all the beans, including the pork and beans (with juice) in a large casserole dish, add the hamburger mixture and stir well. Bake uncovered at 300 degrees for 90 minutes.

    Enjoy and Happy Labor Day! Are you doing anything special today?

    Counting our Blessings!
    Mary Beth Roe 

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    Dear friends, 

    The end of summer is bittersweet. I love the longer days, pleasant temperatures and spending time outside but I am also looking forward to everything that autumn has to offer.

    Before the summer is over, I am spending as much time outside as I can. One of my greatest sources of inspiration for my jewelry is the beauty of nature. From scenic sunsets to blue skies, I always feel very inspired when I have the chance to witness these natural events.

    Recently, Ron and I went to a dinner party at our friends’ home and I was struck by the stunning sky and the remarkable seascapes.

    When I look at clouds against the bright blue sky, I cannot help thinking about how I can translate these shapes and figures into inspiration for my jewelry.

    What do you see when you look at these clouds? I see a small dog with its paws up. 


    These clouds remind me of grass reeds blowing in the wind. I also love the contrasting colors between the marsh, the water and the sky. 

    One of the best parts of the dinner party was the sunset over the ocean. 

    The pastel sky would make a beautiful palette for a collection of pieces. 


    Note how the colors transition and look for this in future designs.

    I would love to incorporate the varied textures of the sand, the waves and the grass into a cuff or a ring.

    This picture, taken at a friend’s pool last year, was the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise cuff – from the blue of the pool to the yellows and greens of the sea grass back into the blue of the bay. 


    The setting sun in this photo reminds me of the shape of the cap on the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise cuff. 

    You will see how the colors of the scene inspired this month’s TSV. You can also see it in one of my new featured items, the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise watch. 

    Sleeping Beauty Turquoise cuffs in 14k gold and sterling


    As many of you know, I love designing (and wearing!) cuffs and this upside-down design of this cuff has quickly become one of my favorites. It has an easy elegance that feels as good as it looks, and I predict you will reach for it every day. Wear one for a simple statement or stack them up as I often do, combining 14k gold clad together with the sterling. Best of all, the berge texture is a distinctive feature that works beautifully with the rest of my collections.

    This special watch is available in two different versions – for the true turquoise devotee, we have a bold, fun band and for a more understated look, it is also available in a sleek black leather strap. 


    Stones have always been my passion and I am thrilled to introduce the smooth cabochon cut into the design of the cuff. Turquoise is one of those rare stones that looks beautiful in both gold and silver.  Plus, you will find that it works just as well with your summer wardrobe as it does with your favorite LBD this winter. Making these turquoise caps even more special is their origin – they are from a limited quantity of remaining stones from the now closed Sleeping Beauty mines.

    Unique, beautiful, versatile and classic, the Sleeping Beauty Cuff is truly the perfect combination.

    I look forward to seeing you on our upcoming shows on August 28th from 12-2am, 3-5am, 10am-12pm, 2-4pm, and 10pm-12am.  And additionally, on August 30th from 3-5pm and 7-9pm.


    With love,


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