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  • 05/01/15--11:46: Peach Fuzz
  • Each week, Jayne and I will pick one of your submissions to feature. We’ll also be sipping the weekly winning cocktail/mocktail live on Fashionably Late. We’re calling them the L8DY of the Week or the “Lady of the Week.”

    Tonight's drink of the night will be a Peach Fuzz and our L8DY (Lady) of the week is Judy C.  Her favorite summertime alcoholic treat is a Peach Fuzz. Thank you Judy for providing such a yummy recipe for us to share!

    We are pairing this week’s cocktail/mocktail with a “snack chat” item: M45107 Harry London Assorted Chocolates 

    Peach Fuzz – Non Alcoholic Version

    • 1 sm can frozen lemonade concentrate
    •  ½  lemonade can of lemon lime soda
    • Several fresh peaches (3 or 4 depending on size) with pits removed, sliced and frozen. No need to peel the peaches, fuzz and all goes in.
    • Put all your ingredients in your blender (or Vitamix), fill with ice and blend.

    Peach Fuzz – Alcoholic Version

    • 1 sm can frozen lemonade concentrate
    •  1 lemonade can of vodka
    • Several fresh peaches (3 or 4 depending on size) with pits removed. No need to peel the peaches, fuzz and all goes in.
    • Put all your ingredients in your blender (or Vitamix), fill with ice and blend. Makes a yummy slush.

    You can find me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/PatJamesDeMentriQVC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/pdementri

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/PatJamesDeMentriQVC


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  • 05/01/15--13:11: Test
  • Test

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    Hello, foodies…

    Happy May! I was driving to the grocery store this morning and I swear the flowers and trees got the memo that it’s time to shine. I just had to snap a few photos of the trees in my neighborhood…aren’t they beautiful? I have no idea what kind they are, but they’re gorgeous.

    Purple Flowering Tree

    White Flowering Tree

    So with the arrival of a new month comes a new theme on In the Kitchen with David…barbecue!! May is National Barbecue Month and we wanted to make some classics, some new treats, and some drinks and desserts that are perfect accompaniments to those barbecue bests. This Sunday, we’re starting with a dessert that belongs at every summertime gathering…s’mores. Here’s our version of s’mores in a perfect-for-sharing, perfect for the barbecue grill, and perfect for impressing guests!

    Turtle S'more Pizza

    Turtle S’more Pizza


    Graham Cracker Dough:

    • 3/4 cup whole wheat flour
    • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
    • 1/4 cup wheat germ
    • 1/4 tsp baking powder
    • 1/4 tsp baking soda
    • 1/4 tsp salt
    • 1 stick unsalted margarine, softened
    • 1/4 cup packed light brown sugar
    • 1/4 cup honey
    • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
    • 3 Tbsp milk


    • 6 (1.55-oz) bars Hershey's chocolate, broken into single squares
    • 3 cups mini marshmallows
    • 2/3 cup semisweet chocolate chips
    • 2/3 cup chopped salted cashews
    • 1/2 cup caramel sauce


    1. Position an oven rack in the middle of the oven and preheat to 350°F. Lightly grease a 12" pizza pan. Set aside.
    2. Whisk together whole wheat flour, all-purpose flour, wheat germ, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a medium-size bowl until evenly combined. Set aside.
    3. In a bowl of a stand mixer, fitted with a paddle attachment, cream together the margarine, brown sugar, honey, and vanilla at medium speed, until light and fluffy. Reduce the speed to low. Add the dry ingredients, alternating with the milk until completely incorporated.
    4. Press the dough onto the prepared pizza pan, spreading it to the edges. Bake for 12–14 minutes. Do not overbake. Remove the "crust" from the oven and immediately place the Hershey's squares onto the crust in a single layer. Top with the mini marshmallows and then with the chocolate chips.
    5. Place the pizza back into the oven for up to 3 minutes, or until the marshmallows and chocolate chips are melted. Remove the pizza from the oven, top with the cashews, and caramel sauce. Let the pizza rest for 15 minutes before cutting.

    We spent a lot of time getting this crust just right, foodies. It had to be soft enough to cut, but still as flavorful as a real graham cracker. I think you’ll like it as much as the chocolate-caramel-marshmallow party going on up top. Use your palette or your guests’ taste preferences to guide you on the ingredients. If you have folks with nut allergies, maybe just make a s’more pizza. If you like nuts but want that classic turtle combo, go with pecans instead of cashews. I just loved the buttery taste of the cashews and the chocolate.

    Now, one more thing. Since you have to bake the crust in the oven, we decided to finish this dish in the oven, but you can use the grill after the crust is baked. Just preheat the grill to medium, place the pizza onto the grill grates, close the lid, and cook up to 2 minutes, or until the marshmallows and chocolate chips are melted. Remove the pizza from the grill, top with the cashews, and caramel sauce. Let it sit for 15 minutes before cutting.

    I’ll close with an inside tip on Sunday’s show…two new items from two of your favorite brands. First, we’ve got TWO brand-new color options—Ocean-fetti and Firework-fetti —available in our 16-Piece Oven-to Table Set from Temp-tations®. Then, our Hot Pick comes from Kansas City Steakburgers…foodies, they’ve got a new ranch burger option that’s DELICIOUS.

    I can hardly wait to kick off a brand-new month with you all…I’ll see you this Sunday at Noon ET for In the Kitchen with David. Tell me about your barbecue aspirations this summer before I go…what new thing might you try on the grill. Veggies? Fruit? Cake?!

    Keep it flavorful!

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    Wow, you all had SUCH adorable pictures this week!! Since we've finally made it into the lovely month of MAY, I decided to ask you for pictures of your pets' "Mother-MAY-I" faces, and asked you to fill in the blank of what they would say! It had me laughing all morning!!





    "Mother, may we have another frozen peanut butter treat?"

    "May I have frozen green beans, please??"

    "Mother, MAY I be with you all day long?" --Princeton


    Mother-May-I pleeeeeze have a cookie"

    "Mother-May-I please take another class?" --Buster the 5-year-old Chocolate Lab/Pitti mix

    "Mother my I have what your eating?? Harley luvs snacks!"

    "Mother may I please bring my bone in the house to chew?"

    "Mother, may I please have some peace and quiet? I am trying to sleep!"

    "Mother may I please stop posing for pictures?"

    "Mother, May I please come with....please, please, please??"

    "Mother MAY-I go on a walk with you? There are some bushes I need to check out." --Stanley Cup

    "Mother may I please sleep in your chair?"

    "Mother may I please get a haircut, so I can see you?"

    "Mother may I bring my baby to bed?"

    "Mother may I please dig out under the fence?!"

    "Mother may I play with the fish"

    "Mother may I please kick this cat off the bed?"

    "Mother may I have a belly rub!?" --Alea

    "Mother may I PLEASE go on the other side of the fence to dig in the dirt!?"

    "Mother may I...pweeese hab som ob dat ice cream ????Pweeese???"

    "Mother, may I please have my supper?"

    "Mother may I have my breakfast now????"

    "Mother may I help with the laundry?!" -- Callie from PA

    "Mother, may I have a word with you?"

    "Mother may I have this WHOLE box of treats for my birthday today?"

    "Mother may I have a belly rub?"

    "Mommy may we stop for ice cream" --Maggie & Sofia

    "Mother may I have another five minutes...or more?????" --Zeek

    "Mother may we have our treats now?"

    And finally, for the REAL truth...

    "Silly Carolyn, cats do not ask for permission."

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  • 05/04/15--12:54: Meet Cilla & Liliana
  • Spring is finally here! After such a brutal winter it’s time to enjoy the blossoming of the flowers and time spent outdoors with family and friends.  I’m excited to share with you the Cilla and Liliana! On the cusp of a great holiday season both styles are a wonderful compliment. 

    There’s no better holiday that spreads more cheer than Mother’s day.  Picking the perfect gift for my wife Jill has always been a welcomed challenge.  As the mother of our 3 beautiful children, her priorities are always centered on taking care of everyone else. The best part of giving gifts is being able to show someone that they are truly appreciated. After 32 years of marriage the most important thing I’ve learned about my wife is that I can never go wrong with a gift from the heart or a great pair of heels.

    My Liliana’s are definitely that excitement that everyone needs in their closet for Mothers Day.  The thong design is complemented with jewels and half-inch wedge for additional arch support and the shoe my wife can’t wait to wear for our annual mothers day lunch with the kids.

    To all the mother’s out there, enjoy your day – you deserve it!

    Happy Mother’s Day


    You can shop my Brand Shop here > Marc Fisher

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    Hello, foodies…

    Who’s ready to make an unforgettable summer appetizer?

    Smoky Bacon BBQ Deviled Eggs
    Makes 12

    This recipe is prepared with the Cook's Essentials® Porcelain Enamel 10-Piece Cookware Set (K42268).

    Go to David's Recipe Item Page for the full list of items that David has used in his recipes.


    • 6 eggs
    • 1/3 cup mayonnaise
    • 1 tsp Dijon mustard
    • 1/2 tsp hot sauce
    • 1/4 tsp chili powder
    • 1/8 tsp ground cumin
    • 3 Tbsp cooked, minced smoked bacon
    • 1/4 tsp kosher salt
    • 1/8 tsp black pepper
    • 1/2 Tbsp smoky barbecue sauce
    • 1 scallion, sliced on a bias


    1. Carefully pierce the large end of each egg with a push pin or thumbtack, without cracking the shell. Gently rest the egg in a medium-sized saucepan. Repeat. Cover the eggs with 1" of water and heat over high heat until the water comes to a rapid boil. Cover, remove the eggs from the heat, and let the pot sit for 25 minutes. Drain the water and place the eggs in an ice bath for 15 minutes, or refrigerate overnight.
    2. Peel the eggs and cut them in half lengthwise. Remove the yolks and place them in a small bowl. Set the whites aside. Add the mayonnaise, mustard, and hot sauce to the yolks and mash with a fork until smooth. Fold in the chili powder, cumin, bacon, salt, and pepper.
    3. Fill each egg white with the yolk filling. Top each yolk with a drop of barbecue sauce. Top each egg with a few scallion slices.

    Piercing the Egg

    By piercing the end of the egg, you’re ensuring a perfectly round egg—no flattened ends. This is important with deviled eggs because the presentation is just as important as the flavor.



    By creating that hole, air in the bottom of the egg can escape, giving your egg room to expand and fill the shell as it cooks.

    Smoky Bacon BBQ Deviled Eggs

    Don’t they look tasty?! I’m excited to make them with you on In the Kitchen with David this Wednesday, which, by the way, is a big 4-hour show! It’s all part of QVC’s Cooking on Q® – Summer Entertaining programming. See you at 8pm ET.

    Keep it flavorful!

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    Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!

    No matter where you live or what your ethnicity, everyone can celebrate today's holiday just by eating some terrific food. Case in point: what’s Cinco de Mayo without a margarita...a Watermelon Margarita!

    Watermelon Margaritas

    Watermelon Margarita

    This recipe is prepared with the Vitamix 48-oz 16-in-1 Variable Speed Blending System (K42356).


    • 4 cups cubed watermelon
    • 6 oz watermelon pucker
    • 4 oz pink lemonade frozen concentrate
    • 1 lime, cut in wedges
    • Decorator sugar crystals


    1. Place the cubed watermelon in a single layer on a cookie sheet and freeze.
    2. Prepare margarita glasses by running a lime wedge over each rim. Pour the decorator sugar on a plate and dip the rim of each glass into the sugar.
    3. Add the frozen cubed watermelon, watermelon pucker, and lemonade concentrate to a blender and pulse until well blended. Pour into prepared glasses and enjoy.

    Two notes: one, take time to freeze the watermelon cubes because that eliminates the need for ice. The watermelon will become an icy slush after blending, giving you that frozen margarita texture and a great flavor. Two, you can certainly use tequila in this recipe to make a more traditional margarita. I had a falling out with tequila circa 1992 and I haven’t touched that particular poison drink since.

    And now for your main course!

    Chicken Enchiladas

    Chimichurri Chicken Enchiladas

    This recipe is prepared with the Vitamix 48-oz 16-in-1 Variable Speed Blending System (K42356).

    Chimichurri Marinade:

    • 4 cloves garlic
    • 2 cups fresh mint leaves
    • 2 cups flat Italian parsley leaves
    • 4 Tbsp red wine vinegar
    • 1 tsp red pepper flakes
    • 1/4 tsp salt
    • 3/4 cup olive oil

    Enchilada Sauce:

    • 8 oz tomato sauce
    • 4 oz chicken stock
    • 1/4 tsp cumin
    • 1/4 tsp chili powder
    • 1 tsp canned Adobo sauce

    You Will Also Need:

    • 4 (4-oz) thinly sliced boneless skinless chicken breasts
    • 4 8–10" corn tortillas
    • 6 oz grated cheddar cheese, divided
    • 1 tsp chopped Italian flat-leaf parsley (optional garnish)
    • 1 tsp chopped mint (optional garnish)


    1. To prepare the marinade, place the garlic cloves, mint, and parsley leaves in a blender and pulse until a paste forms. Add the red wine vinegar, red pepper flakes, and salt and pulse to mix. Continue pulsing and slowly pour the olive oil into the mixture. Blend until all the ingredients are incorporated. Divide the mixture in half, placing half in a zip-tight bag and reserving half (you can keep it in the blender) to make the enchilada sauce. Marinate the chicken for 30 minutes.
    2. To prepare the chicken, preheat an outdoor or tabletop grill and cook the chicken breasts for 5 minutes on each side, or until fully cooked. After cooling, slice the chicken into small strips.
    3. To prepare the sauce, add the tomato sauce, chicken stock, cumin, chili powder, and Adobo sauce to the blender (with the reserved Chimichurri marinade). Pulse until well-mixed.
    4. To assemble the dish, preheat the oven to 350°F. Place 4 corn tortillas on a flat workspace. Place 4 oz of sliced, grilled chicken in a horizontal line across the bottom half of each tortilla, leaving a 1/2" border. Sprinkle 1 oz of grated cheddar cheese on top of the chicken. Roll the tortilla once, tuck in the sides, and continue to roll, keeping the ingredients tucked inside. Repeat.
    5. Place the rolled tortillas in an 8" x 8" oven-safe baking dish. Spread the enchilada sauce on top of the tortillas. Bake for 15 minutes. Garnish with the remaining 2 oz of grated cheddar, chopped mint, and parsley, if using.

    Chimichurri Chicken

    Two more notes. This is a shot of the finished chicken, only we didn't cut it into strips. This chicken is so yummy just like this, so if you're looking for an easy weeknight meal, here you go.

    The other thing I wanted to say is don’t let the size of the ingredient list in this recipe turn you off. If you looked closely, you’ll notice this is essentially a twofer, meaning the marinade and sauce are made with the same ingredients. Just be sure to reserve half the marinade to make the enchilada sauce.

    I hope your fiesta is today…there’s nothing like a mid-week party to bring life to your week. But, if you have to wait till Saturday to celebrate, now you’ll be ready!


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  • 05/05/15--09:23: Holy Guacamole!!
  • One of my favorite indulgences is Guacamole! I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember. If you’ve never made homemade Guacamole, you don’t know what you’re missing. It is so easy to make and I have the recipe to prove it! : )

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  


    Guacamole Recipe

    2 Avocados

    2 tablespoons diced red onions

    2 tablespoons diced tomatoes

    1 tablespoon cilantro

    1/2 lime

    1 teaspoon salt

    Halve the avocados and score (cut diced) in the husk. Scoop the avocado from the husk into a bowl. Squeeze lime juice over avocado. Add all ingredients and mix with spoons to a chunky, smooth consistency.

    Serve with your favorite tortilla or pita chips.

    Get creative and experiment! Add jalapenos, garlic, salt ..... serve with veggies, or in a sandwich. The possibilities are endless!

    Warmest wishes!

    Leah Williams 


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    The blazer is one of my favorite figure-fixers. It defines your shoulders, nips you in at the waist, and creates a flattering V at the bust that elongates your figure. So naturally, I included one in my new Kelly by Clinton Kelly clothing collection for QVC.

    I styled three women with different body shapes in the gorgeous raspberry color to show you just how versatile—and flattering!— a blazer really is.

    Weekend Chic

    Step up your casual game by subbing a blazer in for that crew-neck sweater or (heaven forbid) sweatshirt. I paired it with a chambray shirt and white jeans, but you could do the opposite (blue jeans and a white oxford) and it would be just as chic. Casual flats or slip-on sneakers both work, too. 


    Work It

    Unless you’re an investment banker or a flight attendant, you probably don’t have to wear a suit as a uniform. Pair a colorful blazer with any solid-color pant and a printed shirt, like this whimsical butterfly print one that I adore from my collection. Throw on a heel or a wedge, grab a cute bag and you're done! 


    Out & About

    You’ve spent an hour trying on outfits for a night on the town—and then you top it with your same-old jacket or cardigan? Step up the style of your little black dress with my bright blazer, a statement necklace and cute clutch. Now, you're chic from head to toe, inside and out. 

    See these looks come to life when I’m on QVC on May 11th. And tell me how YOU style your Jacquard Blazer: Share your photos on Instagram and tag me with @clintonkellyofficial #kellybyclintonkelly

    Look cute and don’t take any crap!

    xo Clinton Kelly


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  • 05/05/15--11:45: My Mom’s Magic Touch
  • mom


    I am so thankful for my mom’s commitment to creating joy for our family. And I mean literally creating joy!  What we lacked in financial resources she made up for in imagination, creativity and enthusiasm! Not only did she sew most of our clothes, she upholstered our furniture and decorated our bedrooms to create a home out of our tiny house. And I have the most vivid memories of how she turned every school project or community activity into a fantasy. For my 1st grade Easter Parade, my bonnet actually incorporated a bird in a bird cage! When everyone else brought a shoe box to school for the 4th grade valentines exchange, I proudly showed up with a cardboard mailbox completely covered in tissue paper roses. In the fifth grade, when 50 Campfire Girls gathered to release balloons, I showed up with mine decorated as Raggedy Ann and made the local news!  There were countless kiddie parade floats, birthday parties, and backyard carnivals that I have magical memories of, thanks to my mom’s dedication to creating joy. For all that my mom has done for my family, one day to honor her just isn’t enough!  I love you Mom! 

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  • 05/05/15--12:28: Tall, Dark & Handsome
  • Each week, Pat and I will pick one of your submissions to feature. We’ll also be sipping the weekly winning cocktail/mocktail live on Fashionably Late. We’re calling them the L8DY of the Week or the “Lady of the Week.”

    Tonight's drink of the night will be a Tall Dark & Handsome and our L8DY (Lady) of the week is Terry Z. Thank you Terry for providing such a yummy recipe for us to share!

    We are pairing this week’s cocktail/mocktail with a “snack chat” item: M47093 Germack (3) Jar Savory Snack Crunch Assortment.

    Tall, Dark & Handsome - Alcoholic Version

    1 packet cocoa mix (for rimming glass)

    2 shots vanilla vodka

    1/2 shot coffee liqueur

    1/2 shot chocolate liqueur (Godiva recommended)

    Wet rim of glass with damp paper towel and dip into cocoa mix; set aside. Add remaining ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Stir and strain into martini glass.

    Mock Tall Dark & Handsome - Non Alcoholic Version


    1 pack of cocoa mix (for rimming the glass)

    1/4 teaspoon Vanilla extract

    1/2 cup of your favorite coffee

    1/2 cup of cream

    1 oz. of chocolate syrup

    Wet rim of glass with damp paper towel and dip into cocoa mix, Set aside. Add remaining ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into the glass.

    You can find me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/JayneBrownQVC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/jaynebrown1

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/jaynebrownqvc


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    Now that the weather has finally warmed up, I’ve been spending lots of time in the garden…digging and dreaming, planting and planning. :) It’s one of my favorite ways to relax and reconnect with nature. And even though my garden won’t be in full bloom for a while, I can tell you my table definitely is!

    Today’s Cooking on Q event is absolutely overflowing with gorgeous garden-inspired temp-tations for your table…just take your pick! ;)

    Imagine setting a stunning table with this Dragonfly 16-piece Dinnerware Service for 4. It’s like an instant garden party…no matter where you are! I designed this set because so many of you requested it after we introduced our Dragonfly pattern last year. And I couldn’t be more enchanted with how looks. I hope you are, too!


    And here’s a special little bouquet of temp-tations beauty I designed just for lovers of our classic Figural Floral pattern. I took a basic kitchen essential – the classic spoon rest – and re-imagined it as a charming bouquet of fresh-picked flowers. This Figural Floral Spoon Rest is both art for your kitchen and beautifully functional, too!

    If Floral Lace is your favorite temp-tations pattern, get ready for a Texas-sized serving of it! Our customer top-rated Texas Muffin Pan is now available in a rainbow of Floral Lace colors…including seasonal Spring hues!


    Finally, so many of you have asked for more temp-tations in solid colors, and here’s a beautiful BRAND NEW pattern that brings together classic solids in three vibrant colors with embossed flower details. This Beaded Lace 3-quart Baker is just gorgeous. The best of all worlds!


    Today’s Cooking on Q event is sure to be a feast for the eyes…I hope you’ll tune in to watch throughout the day. But I know that my Nistas and Nisters can’t live by flowers alone. ;) So here’s a recipe for one of my favorite classic summer salads. It’s perfect for summer entertaining when you want something simple, but absolutely delicious and refreshing. And it looks great when you serve it in your favorite temp-tations pieces! ;)

    Waldorf Chicken Salad


    3⁄4 cup mayonnaise, regular or reduced fat

    Juice of 1 lemon

    1⁄4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

    1⁄2 teaspoon salt

    1⁄4 teaspoon black pepper

    3 cups cooked chicken, shredded or diced

    3 apples, cored and chopped

    1⁄2 cup chopped walnuts

    3⁄4 cup chopped celery


    1. In a 2 quart or larger temp-tations® mixing bowl or baking dish, combine mayonnaise, lemon juice, nutmeg, salt, and pepper.

    2. Add the chicken, apples, walnuts, and celery, and gently fold all together.

    3. Serve chilled, garnished with additional walnuts.





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    “I don’t know where I would be without my mama.”

    ~ Elizabeth


    "Dear Mom, 

    Thank you for always caring for us and giving each of us kids an adventurous spirit to be bold, forge our own path, and make love others that seem unlovely. You've taught me to pursue my passions and put my full effort in everything I do. You truly know what it means to break free from the patterns of the world and to take the path less traveled while entrusting God with it all, and I think it's very evident in our lives that we gained that similar spirit from our Mom. You have always kept me and our family in your prayers and God has listened and blessed every one of them. Thanks for being a mom worth celebrating, Happy Mothers Day!"

    ~ Ryan


    ~ Eric 


    "Dear Mom (in-Law),

    You deserve to have every blessing and praise on Mother's Day! You are truly a role model for every girl who aspires to be a mother some day. You are full of kindness, compassion, beauty and love. You have been such an inspiration to me and I cannot believe I have been given a wonderful mother in law who upholds God and his grace like you do. You are so loved by so many people and I cannot wait to share life with you after marrying the amazing Eric. We cannot thank you enough for your kind encouragement and direction. We admire you for many reasons and I adore the home you have created for all who are fortunate enough to spend time there.

    Lots of love! 

    ~ Alice 


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  • 05/06/15--08:04: My NYC Adventure with Jayne
  • I love the excitement of a big city. There is so much to do, so much to see…I consider myself lucky to be able to travel for work on occasion!


    Just the other day, Jayne and I had a wonderful opportunity to work with the teams from Liz Claiborne New York and Joan Rivers in their home offices. We were off to NYC…and it was a beautiful day.

    The weather could not have been more perfect. Look at those blue skies! We were so inspired by the sights and the sounds of the garment industry…

    First on the agenda was to visit the Liz Claiborne New York office.

    Our visit was led by Sam Becker, design director at LCNY.


    Sam shared information with us about design, manufacturing, trends, and the development of products for the Q…as you can see I took notes very seriously. :)


    I find the design process fascinating…and of course I like to be informed so I can share what I know with QVC shoppers.

    LCNY develops their own prints...they aren't purchased. QVC and LCNY partner to develop all of the exclusive designs that appear on the air...over 50 designs are presented every season and only 20 designs are selected for development, making this a very collaborative process.

    The team is already working on Spring 2016, so the timeline is one year from conception to the designs being offered on the air at the Q.

    While we were there we also had an incredible opportunity to meet the head of the design team who is helping to create a new brand for the Q which will debut in September of 2015...sorry I am sworn to keep the secret but it is amazing!!!!

    We were so lucky to have lunch with Sam and his team at a lovely Italian restaurant in NYC…

    Next stop was the office of Joan Rivers International

    Our visit was led by our dear friend David Dangle and the team.

    The office was amazing with a wall of upcoming jewelry from our favorite statement necklaces to our cherished bee pins…

    We had an opportunity to meet the lead designer Janie Amoia, who shared all of the exciting designs to come and the development process to create them...

    We also had an opportunity to appreciate the continuing influence of Joan and learned more about her love of reading...this special pillow made us all smile and be thankful for our time with her.

    It was an amazing day! Jayne and I are so excited to share the designs with you in our upcoming shows...


    Tune in Friday 5/8 at 10pm ET to keep me and Jayne company during Fashionably Late—and check out my Facebook page to see the Mid-Week Sneak Peek (#MWSP)! Plus, if you haven’t already, be sure to like my page to get brand new updates on all my adventures all week long.

    All the best,


    You can find me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/PatJamesDeMentriQVC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/pdementri

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/PatJamesDeMentriQVC

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  • 05/06/15--09:53: Mother's Day Memories
  • Program Host Jane Treacy on the beach, ballet, and burgers

    Interview by Maya Cassidy

    The month of May brings us brighter days. We’re celebrating more sunlight and fresh air this month, and we’re also celebrating Mom on Sunday, May 10! Since Mother’s Day is almost upon us, it only made sense to talk to one of our beloved QVC moms, Jane Treacy, to find out what this special day means to her.


    Maya Cassidy: What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day memories?

    Jane Treacy: Mother’s Day was always about telling my mom how much I loved her. I’m so glad I did. She was an amazing woman. One of my favorite memories was when I finally got to sell carnations after Sunday Mass on Mother’s Day as a young girl. All the eighth-grade girls got to do it, and I was so excited to be there after years of watching my siblings sell them.


    MC: Do you have any special Mother’s Day memories with your daughters? You probably have new ones every year!

    JT: Mother’s Day was always very bittersweet after my mom passed in 1991, but having daughters keeps her memory alive. I get to experience so many things she experienced with me.

    My daughter, Cara, and I love Les Miserables, and there’s a song with the lyrics, “Nevermore alone; nevermore apart; you’ve warmed my heart like the sun.” Two years ago, Cara had that saying engraved on a heart-shaped box and gave it to me on Mother’s Day. I keep it next to my bed. Deirdre always looks for special pieces with cardinals on them because cardinals remind me of my own mother. There’s nothing more precious than these keepsakes.


    MC: Get the tissues—we’re having a moment! Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions?

    JT: For many years, we did the Race for the Cure with my sister, Chrissy, who is a breast cancer survivor. We support that cause so strongly in my family, and of course, we support it at the Q with QVC PresentsFFANY Shoes on Sale.

    We often go to the beach for Mother’s Day. The best part is that moms can do the rides for free on the boardwalk! I love rides! Every mom gets a flower and a free wristband for the amusements. I was recently in San Antonio, Texas, for Mother’s Day, and it all came full circle when I went to Mass. They asked me if I’m a mom, and they pinned a gorgeous rose corsage on my lapel. It reminded me of those beautiful carnations I sold in eighth grade.


    MC: What are your plans for the holiday this year?

    JT: We’re hoping to go away as a family. Cara is a professional ballet dancer, and her schedule can be really crazy sometimes. It’s so important to make the time to come together as often as possible and keep that family bond. If we stay home, though, my husband, Sean, makes a mean burger, and I know we’ll be eating that. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I always make an exception for Sean’s burgers!


    MC: You mentioned that your daughter, Cara, is a ballet dancer. What can you tell us about that?

    JT: Both of my daughters dance, actually. I danced as a student with the Pennsylvania Ballet, and my daughters both decided that they wanted to take it up as well. Cara danced when she was young, and then she pursued other interests for a couple years before picking it up again. I once heard that the most important part of being a ballerina is having courage. That’s so true because it’s so demanding. Nothing in life is easy—things are so much more precious when you work for them. She amazes me because she left dance for years and came back and made it as a professional. It was something she really wanted, and then she worked hard for it. She danced her first professional performance in The Nutcracker Suite this year. I was in tears the whole time!


    MC: Such a proud mom! Do you have any words of wisdom to all the mothers out there?

    JT: Children rise to your level of expectation—so keep those expectations high! Things don’t have to be difficult, and I know there are so many other moms who agree with me. I have two teenage girls, and although it’s not always sunshine and rainbows every single day, I’ve stayed close to both of them. I cherish every moment. The bond with your child begins as soon as that baby is in your arms.

    “Mother’s Day was always very bittersweet after my mom passed in 1991, but having daughters keeps her memory alive.”


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  • 05/06/15--10:02: The Legends I've Met - Intro
  • For my 60th birthday I was asked to write a career milestone blog for QVC.  As I wrote, I began looking back on my twenty-six years here and my previous jobs in the media.  This process made me realize how fortunate I have been to have a job I love and to meet so many legends from the fields of sports, music, cinema, politics and more.  So I decided to write a series of blogs to share my experiences and the lessons about life that I have learned from “The Legends I’ve Met.”  

    People often ask me who my favorite celebrity or major figure is that I have worked with.  Names like Cal Ripken, Jr., George Foreman, Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Nadia Comaneci, Charlton Heston, Bob Hope, Willie Nelson and Martina McBride immediately come to mind.  And that is just a few.  But the most intriguing person and the legend that I was the most excited to meet had to be Joe DiMaggio.

    Can you imagine how thrilled I was when the executives at QVC told me that I was going to be hosting a three- show with Joltin’ Joe?  It seemed surreal.  I realized it was an amazing opportunity because, at the time,  Joe hadn’t granted a television interview in over five years. 

    So I am going to start this series by writing about the day  I spent over ten hours with Joe DiMaggio.  Stay tuned because I am going to share stories about Bob Hope, George Foreman, Charlton Heston, Nadia Comenici , Wille Nelson and many more in this series.  I would love to have your help deciding who to write about next so please contact me here or on my Facebook page @Dan Wheeler QVC and let me know who you would like to read about.  

    When I look back on the past forty years working in radio and television I recognize that it has been quite a ride.  So get ready to fasten your seat belt because I’m going to take you along as I share the stories and lessons I’ve learned from “The Legends I’ve Met.”

    Dan and Halle Berry


    -Dan Wheeler

    0 0

    Our family traveled to Colorado Springs to attend the Navy-Air Force lacrosse game (my brother-in law, Rick, is the Navy lacrosse coach).

    The last time I was in Colorado Springs was years ago for a live show with David Venable.  It was broadcast from the parking lot of the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center.  During this trip, our family did a little hiking and climbed one small area of the Garden of the Gods. It was as breathtaking as I remembered it (but so much easier coming down than going up!).


    We took a ride on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway, which travels up the mountain to an altitude of 14,115 feet above sea level.  I think that’s where the Rocky Mountain High comes in!  Altitude affects everyone differently, but everyone in our family could feel the effects. 


    By the time we reached 10,000 feet I started feeling it.  It makes you a little dizzy, and you feel like you’re breathing through a straw.  I asked the people who worked there how they get used to it and they said they drink lots and lots of water.  When we boarded the train, it was sunny and 65 degrees, and by the time we reached the top of the mountain it was 30 degrees and snowing so hard we couldn’t see anything—a complete white out!  It was really cool!


    Another highlight of our trip was visiting the Air Force Academy.  The academy is at the base of the mountains and a must-see if you’re ever able to go.  The Cadet Chapel is magnificent with a 99-feet high pinnacled ceiling and stained glass windows.  It houses Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Buddhist chapels.  You are not permitted to photograph the inside of the chapel.

    Traveling back to Colorado with my family reminded me of how beautiful our country is with so many different climates, altitudes, ocean views, rivers...  I hope that our family is able to visit all of them someday! #bucketlist #visittheusa


    PS: Navy won! It was a close game and both teams played well.  Thank you Navy and Air Force for a great game and your dedication to our country.


    Check out my Facebook page for our Mid-Week Sneak Peek (#MWSP) item, and if you haven’t already, be sure to like my page to get fresh updates each week. Tune in Friday 5/8 at 10pm ET for Fashionably Late to enjoy some pre-weekend girl time with me and Pat. And keep checking Facebook throughout the week for the inside scoop, style inspiration, and lots more fun!



    You can find me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/JayneBrownQVC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/jaynebrown1

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/jaynebrownqvc

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    Dearest PMStylers...this week we are showing Mom's the love! My Mom, Lo (that's short for...well, she won't let me tell you because she hates her real name) is my biggest-proudest, cheerleader, and I thought this week, thanks to Mother's Day, I would introduce you to her if you don't already know her. For starters, this is my all-time favorite photo of Mom because I have never seen her more organically, unreservedly, joyfully, happy...

    My Mom has this hysterical tag line for herself: "I'm an old gal, with a real 'Today' personality!". Lo is er, 70-something (won't let me tell you how old she is either), she has had short spunky hair for as long as I can remember, she's always worn Chanel, and always had the most gifted eye for decorating and dressing. 

    I was in a ton of plays when I was little and everyone always looked to my mom to sketch the cover of the Programs and design the costumes. Oliver...Annie Get Your Gun. Mom also used to make my Halloween costumes...

    My Mom famously says she would love to come back in her second life as an International Spy. Cracks me up. She loves PBS and British Masterpiece theater, got me hooked on things like Poirot. She's a Europe junkie, and now that some physical struggles have grounded her globe trotting, her iPad takes her via YouTube to places like the Louvre and London.

    Art makes her cry; it's in her soul. She used to organize art fairs and art gallery shows when we lived in Mexico. Speaking of Mexico, she used to make me keep my hair so short that when we moved there in the mid 80's in the 7th grade, I nearly passed for a boy. (I got her back when I pierced my ears a year later with a friend, during a sleepover, using an ice cube and a needle.)

    Mom has decorated almost every apartment and home my brother and I have ever had. We can credit most of the cool things in our houses to either her gifting or her amazing hand-me-downs. Mom studied Art in college (University of Iowa) and growing up she always used to write notes with a ruler because she prizes pretty penmanship. Mom gives advice like nobody's business, and she is "warrior supportive" of her kids. There are just two of us and Mom has encouraged us to dream big, and NEVER give up.


    There are funny stories too, like how she once told my Dad when they were dating that she played the bongos because she wanted him to think she was exciting and unique. (No, she doesnt play the bongos.) Mom has never been an active sporting type, probably where I get my disdain for physical activity. And much like me, her outgoing flare for befriending strangers and chatting up the world, hides an introverted, very sensitive lady. Must be how she was always so good at relating when as a kid I felt lonely or scared or scuffed up by someone. She always used to tell me I was special. 

    Mom loves Shelties, takes her coffee black, tears up at Andrea Boccelli, and her favorite phrase is, "...the long and the short of it..." She also polices my FB page for meanies (consider yourself warned ;) and she once got sick as a kid after eating a whole jar of green olives...so to this day, she can't eat one.

    Isaac Mizrahi has these designer floral arrangements at 1-800 flowers that he's done and i think I'm getting Mom the "Charming" arrangement. She's always loved yellow roses, and sunflowers, but there's something about the "Charming" bouquet that feels perfect for her. Never ordered from 1-800 flowers, but Isaac convinced me to try it.

    To Isaac's mom Sara, to my mom Lo, to my friend Jenny's mom in heaven, and to all of your moms...how lucky we are to have mothers who gave us roots, and gave us wings!

    Join me on Monday nights for PM Style, follow me on Instagram here and just in case you've missed anything PM Style, check out my collection here.






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    2. Reinventing classics. What is your favorite new gold trend or way to wear gold?

    EAR CLIMBERS!!! They are the HOTTEST thing going and I love the way you get a lot of lobe coverage with one earring!


    3. Do you have a go-to or signature gold look?

    My signature look in gold is stacked bangles….as many as I can slip on!! I have collected gold bangles my whole life and try to get one a year. I love the feel, the sound, the look….yummy!


    4. Do you remember the first gold piece you purchased, and why you purchased it?

    The very first piece of gold I bought for myself was an EternaGold Bangle... Of course!! They sold me on the life time warranty, haven't ever had to use though.


    5. There are so many ways to personalize jewelry, how do you "personalize" your gold jewelry?

    I love personalized pieces, they make me feel special. I personalize with birthstones and initials. I also think it's nice to have inspirational jewelry, it holds great meaning too.


    6. Are there essential gold pieces every woman should own?

    Essential gold jewelry is truly a personal think. Whatever you like best, is going to be your essentials. For me, it's bangles, a classic cigar band, hoops and a chain... gotta have them!


    7. How do you decide when to purchase fashion jewelry and when to purchase a fine jewelry piece?

    There is a time and place for everything. I adore my Gold and its a 'Forever' kinda thing. Fashion jewelry is pure fun! I lean to fashion pieces when I want to get a little crazy and have fun. 


    8. Why do you love gold?

    I love gold for its pure, buttery glow. I love the way it looks and makes me feel special. It's a love affair I have had my entire life. There is nothing else like it!!


    0 0

    “My love of jewelry never wavers.  No matter how many pieces I own, it never seems too much.  I collect jewelry with an intensity of a fine art collector. And why not?  Jewelry is art.”Joan Rivers

    J323560/J321091- Flights of Fantasy Bird Pin Auto Delivery- Finch Pin Bluebird Pin, Hummingbird Pin, Cardinal Pin, Bunting Pin, Dove Pin (available on May 11th)

    Joan and I often talked about the early days, when we started our jewelry line at QVC.  We were both novices and learned the jewelry business together. Neither one of us had a jewelry background but we both shared a passion for it.

    Not knowing any better (and NEVER taking no for an answer) we challenged our manufacturers to do things they had never done before. Develop new techniques. Revive methods of manufacturing that had been lost. I’m sure we drove half of Providence, RI nuts.

    Our jewelry was always new and exciting. Creating fresh, beautiful designs and delighting our QVC customer. From Russian inspired egg collections to classic, never-out-of-style pearls to recreations of pieces from Joan’s fine jewelry collection.

    That very same spirit still excites me today. Every piece in our May 11th jewelry hour continues that same tradition of design excellence.

    Our hand painted bird pin collection (above)is a great example of artistry rarely found in fashion jewelry today. Each delicate pin is hand enameled in a vintage style that Joan and I found years ago in London on Portobello Road. I have not seen this quality of painting in ages!

    Statement necklaces continue to play a HUGE role in the well-dressed woman’s wardrobe. One of our latest, the Floral Fantasy 17” Statement Necklaceis a whimsical collage of vintage-style brooches that is a work of art.


    J318620- Floral Fantasy 17” Statement Necklace with 3” Extender (available on May 11th)

    It wouldn’t be a Joan Rivers all-jewelry hour without a new bee pin! The Rose Garden Hand Painted Bee Pin is just remarkable!! Based on an enameled keepsake box that was part of the collection many years ago, it is a celebration of hand-painted flowers in a trellis pattern…. exquisite.

    J321125- Rose Garden Hand Painted Bee Pin (available on May 11th)

    A hallmark of the Classics Collection has always been our love and appreciation of different styles and eras of design. I adore that we range from delicate hand painted pins to bold, modern watches. Here is our brand new Boyfriend Expansion Watch with Colored Dial. Gold, rose gold and gunmetal choices and fun, pop color dials. It’s my new favorite!

    J319405- Boyfriend Expansion Watch with Colored Dial (available on May 11th)

    My dear friend Jill Bauer and I will be presenting an entire hour of stunning Joan Rivers jewelry on May 11 at 11 am eastern time, honoring the tradition of excellence started by Joan 25 years ago.

    I hope you can join me on QVC this month at the following times:


    May 11th

    4-6am   Joan Rivers Classics Collection 

    11am-Noon   Joan Rivers Classics CollectionALL JEWELRY HOUR!!

    May 12th

    8-9pm   QVC Plus  Joan Rivers Classics Collection

    May 21st

    9-10pm   QVC Plus  Joan Rivers Classics Collection

    May 22nd

    2-3am   Joan Rivers Classics Collection

    5-6pm   Joan Rivers Classics Collection


    Follow Joan’s FACEBOOK at www.facebook.com/joanrivers

    Or INSTAGRAM at www.instagram.com/joanrivers

    Follow David on FACEBOOK at www.facebook.com/daviddangleqvc

    On INSTAGRAM at www.instagram.com/daviddangle

    On QVCTRENDING at http://qvc.co/DDprofile


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