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  • 06/09/14--14:53: Beauty Dynamic Duo!

    How many of you can honestly say you love the idea of something so much that you would sell your engagement ring, furniture, or other meaningful possessions to attain it?  Our friend Vicky Tsai is probably one of the most remarkable women I’ve ever met because she did just that. The idea of TATCHA was to form Beauty Company like no other, and to there, Vicky traveled to west and by a chance meeting with a Geisha, learned the secrets of 200 years of beauty regimens.  

                For those of you who might feel like washing your face is a chore or that a cleanser is just a cleanser for removing the makeup from your face… I stand before you as a women who appreciated cleanser but a changed woman after trying TATCHA.  

                The cleansing oil is unlike any experience I have had with skincare.  I admit, because of my job the amount of makeup I wear is obscene.  To stay that it took me at least twice to remove all of that was an everyday reality.  With TATCHA, I would take two pumps of the cleanser and upon contact with my face it turned into this dreamy, buttery, emulsified formulation that looked like it was melting away the makeup on my face.  I wasn’t scrubbing, but more massaging my face because that’s what felt natural to do.  Upon drying my face off this is where the real magic happens.  Your face feels soft and moisturized… so much so, that I have to actively remember to moisturize because my skin feels that good.  

                In the morning- I always exfoliate my skin- with that comes the trials and tribulations of which exfoliant won’t sand my face off ;-).   In walks TATCHA… In this duo the enzyme powder is meant to be used in the morning.  Because of the 200 year old secret I believe it is unlike any exfoliant you might have ever used. It's made of exfoliants, toners, and cleanser. If you think your skin texture is soft with only the cleanser... The enzyme powder will change the way your face feels after exfoliation.  Here's a fun indulgent top Vicky taught me. In the morning for an instant refresher... Mix a teaspoon of the enzyme powder with one pump of cleanser... WOW!!  


    This is a dynamic duo that changes the way you think about simple impactful beauty. Let me know what you think :)


    TATCHA Cleansing Oil & Polishing Enzyme Powder A234445

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    VicenzaSilver Two-tone Coin Hinged Cuff (J290308)

    One thing the Italians love is their heritage. Part of that heritage is the lira. The lira was the official currency in Italy until 2002, and the Italians were NOT happy when they had to go to the Euro! Ever since the lira has been out of circulation, it has become more and more difficult to find. The banks have run out and it is now at a place where you have to find the collectors. Our friends in Italy have looked far and wide to get the lira for this bracelet (J290308)! It is a beautiful cuff in the colors of metal and shows how even the money in Italy is beautiful. It is one of the Fresh From the Fair pieces that we are very excited about!

    It is also a great example of the colors of metal,  which is one of the big trends. If you would like the bracelet, you can get it now! If you'd like to learn more about the colors of metal you can watch the video. :)

    See you in Vicenza!


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    For Part 2 of my June #TBT, I was able to find some photos of my actual wedding ceremony – featuromg some of my dear QVC Friends that came to celebrate with me and my family. 

    Here is @Maria McCool doing my hair that morning:

    A little know trivia fact for you, Maria McCool from @Calista Grand was the one that introduced me to Doug – my future husband!

    Here is my dad in his tux!  Almost my entire life, my dad promised me that he would NOT be getting into a tuxedo for my wedding, but, sure enough, he stepped up and his vest actually matched my mom’s dress:

    My dear friend David Venable singing Ave Maria at the ceremony….not a dry eye in the house:

    Here is another dear QVC friend – and on that day my bridesmaid - Carolyn Pollack getting her groove on at the reception:


    Doug and me outside after the ceremony with the glorious fall foliage:


    As I look back on this special day, 11 years later, I still have an ear to ear smile….I wouldn’t have changed a thing!  Enjoy all the weddings you have this year and here are some fungift suggestions for the brides and grooms.  

    And, if you are going to be a bride soon, here is a peek at QVC's Bridal Jewelry that might come in handy.  Smile


    All my best, 


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    Oh, what fun we are having on Shoe Shopping with Jane enjoying our shoe 'family's' vacation photos! It's Liam's turn today;

    The following beach pictures are from the beach that Liam's family have been going to since 1986! I love that Liam loves the beach as much as I do!!

    The next picture is from his trip to Adelaide to see one of his "best mates".

    Certainly not a sign we see around here :)

    Thanks for sharing, Liam!

    This was an extra edition of SSWJ last Monday in the afternoon so I hope you enjoyed these photos if you missed the show. It's always nice to share our shoe "family's" photos and this Thursday night at 9pm will be extra special. It will be a three hour show filled with fun! I hope you will join us!




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  • 06/10/14--09:36: Lifelong Passion
  • To many, automobiles are simply transportation to get from point A to point B.  To me, they represent so much more than just steel, chrome, paint and rubber.  Cars have been my true love since I was very young.  They define us as individuals and say so much about who we are or wish to be.  There will be some of you who just won't understand this but I feel that cars have a personality and each one is unique.  Yes, I talk to my cars.  My wife thinks I am nuts but I pat the dashboard lovingly and thank each ride when she gets me home safe and sound.

    In my chosen line of work I speak for a living.  The research I do each day on the products I present and the work I do with vendors to bring out the best in their "on air" time has its blessings. I get to touch people’s lives in a way that benefits them and that feels very good to be in that position.  But, at the end of the day you cannot see words.  There is nothing I can hold in my hand that's says, "This is what I do." 

    That is where my passion comes in.  My father installed in me very early on that you appreciate something more if you build it instead of buy it.  That may sound funny coming from a veteran in the televised shopping industry, but it was as much out of necessity as anything else. My mother and father both worked very hard for what they had and although we always had food on the table for five kids, there was not much left over. I learned the value of hard work and a dollar in my early teens.

    I could not afford a fancy first car.  For that matter the budget didn't allow the purchase of one that even ran.  So we built it.  In the back yard in Indiana on hot summer nights my father and brother and I tore apart the shell of an old van I had scrapped to acquire. Many months later although never destined to be a show car it was my baby and I drove it through high school.  I knew every nut and bolt on that van because I had touched them all.  I wish I had never sold her after graduation.

    After my heart attack in February of 2012 I told my wife of a lifelong dream of mine.  To open a classic car restoration shop that would allow me the opportunity to finish some personal projects that had been put on the back burner and to help others to realize their automotive dreams. I have never put a sign out front yet we have been busy since day one.  I was able to assemble a team of the finest craftsmen in the North East, men like myself who are driven by emotion maybe more so than common sense.  There is no time clock to punch In the morning and although profits have been sparse the experience has been enriching. 

    Here are some of the photos of projects we have worked on in the last year and a half.  To see these beautiful vehicles come back to life to be enjoyed once again is its own reward.  My customers are not rich; they too work on a limited budget.  But we get the job done.  The last vehicle we finished was a 1978 Ford Bronco that a friend brought to me after it had sat for over 20 years. 

    1978 Ford Bronco:

    His wife had purchased it in high school hoping to one day see it restored. Their lives got busy with marriage, kids and a mortgage. Last year she was severely injured in an auto accident and her husband wanted to give her a recovery gift of the old truck.  My team and myself spent countless hours late at night and on weekends to finish the vehicle in time to surprise her with the final result at the largest car show in the North East.

    Totally unaware that the Bronco was even out of her parent’s backyard, she was stunned by it sitting before her, beautiful and finished. She cried for almost a half hour and the hugs she gave us made even my toughest mechanic tear up (he won't admit that but I know it is true).

    So as much as I love my job at QVC and will be there hopefully for many more years, working with my hands to restore these vehicles has made me smile.  The feeling of handing the keys to a person who put their faith and trust in my abilities is something that humbles me and yet makes me feel proud too. 

    So crazy or not, talk to your cars.....they run better and makes them happy too.

    1967 Sunbeam Alpine before:

    1967 Sunbeam Alpine "almost" done:

    1934 Ford Pickup:

    1953 Studebaker:

    1955 Chevy Sedan Delivery:

    1955 Chevy Panel Truck:

    1948 Ford:


    1936 Ford:


    You can find me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/DanHughesQVC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/danhughesqvc

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    Hi My Loves! I'm so excited to join you all day on QVC today during our shows at 1am, 5am, and 1pm ET!! AND the shows are filled with special offers, Event Prices, and Easy Pay!


    I'm SO excited about two brand-new collections: the Ageless Eyes Opening and Brightening 5-Piece System and my All Over Color Skin Brightening Blush Duo! Everything is infused with special ingredients to help skin look smooth around your eyes and face and to help you stay looking young and fresh all day!


    Since Mally Beauty is all about educating Mallynistas on how to feel the most gorgois they've ever felt, I wanted to give you a few how-to tutorials to achieve some amazois looks!

     Mally's Ageless Eyes

    Mally’s Ageless Eyes Opening and Brightening 5-Piece System (A256579)

    Take the spoolie and brush your brows upward so they're all in place.

    Dip angled brush into the Dream Brow product; a little goes a long way! Using short, upward strokes, brush the product through your brows.

    Apply Evercolor Shadow Stick to the lids of your eyes, and then blend it with your finger or brush.

    Apply Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner to your lash lines and even your inner rim. Want a fierce eye look? Take that brush and go back over and soften the line.

    Apply two coats of Volumizing Mascara to your upper lashes and one coat to your lower lashes.


    Mally All Over Color 


    Mally All Over Color Skin Brightening Blush Duo (A255144)

    To apply the All Over Color as blush:

    Find the apples of your cheeks by smiling in the mirror.

    Apply in a circular motion onto the apples, sweeping towards the ears.

    To apply the All Over Color as lip color:

    Use your finger or a lip brush and smooth the product across your lips.


    Love you, My Mallynistas! Remember, what makes you different makes you beautiful! Stay gorgois!


    XXX Mally

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  • 06/10/14--11:25: How Does Your Garden Grow?
  • One of my favorite hobbies is gardening… My favorite part of gardening is planting all of the gorgeous flowers and fun plants... I have to literally stop myself from over planting.  The only thing that is slowing me down is all the aches and pains from carrying the dirt!  I obviously have a helper so I have to situate my pots and cubes so that Misty can manage to navigate the back yard..Lol…


    I spend hours building my pots, garden boxes and under planting my lime and rose trees... I always try to remember that I need to have a focal point, filler and trailing plants with lots of good soil and Rootblast...


    My garden box is filled with my Cottage Farms heirloom tomatoes and marigolds .. I added the egg shells and Rootblast so now all I need is some hot summer night...

    Tomatoes & Marigolds before:

     Tomatoes & Marigolds after:

    I love these garden cubes.. they make gardening in small spaces easy, (M44001) they even come with great quality dirt, easy to follow directions and no digging but more planting.. !  It’s a win-win.


    I planted strawberries, sweet mint, lettuce, red potatoes, pumpkins, and yellow squash.  I hope the rabbits are not reading my blog..lol {#emotions_dlg.biggrin} Thankfully I ran out of dirt so I stopped here but would love to know about your garden...I can already taste those fresh tomatoes and bacon on toast.

    Pumpkin before:


    Pumpkin after:

    Lettuce before:

    Lettuce after:


    Welcome to summer in my backyard!


    You can find me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/PatJamesDeMentriQVC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/pdementri

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/PatJamesDeMentriQVC

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  • 06/10/14--13:09: Going Down the Shore!
  • Growing up outside of Philadelphia, every summer as soon as school let out, we would head "down the shore" to Wildwood Crest NJ.  It was more affordable to rent early in the season, so we would head to a little house a few blocks from the beach for a week of pure joy. I loved it!  We only went once a year. At the end of the trip, I would be quite dramatic leaving my beloved beach and not seeing it till the next year.  Days on the sand, nights on the boardwalk, coming home to play board games and watch old movies while the Phillies' game was on the radio - are precious memories to me.

    No one loved the beach more than my Dad. He sailed around the world as a Merchant Marine, and the sea called him home each summer.  Once I grew up, and we headed to the beach more often, he loved traveling with us. I have a photo of him from the beach that makes me think of him waving at us from heaven, thrilled we are at the beach once again.

    I have been coming to Wildwood Crest since I was five years old (that's 47 years!) and I never grow tired of our trips to the beach.  Walking along the sand towards the bird sanctuary will take the stress out of your day!  

    Wildwood Crest has a great bike path that leads right onto the the famous boardwalk, and then to Hereford Lighthouse in North Wildwood.  Most days you can find us starting our day with a bike ride!

    And of course we love the rides! My Dad took me on all the rides when I was little.  I still remember the pirate ship and the Golden Nugget rides that only exist in our memories. But we make new ones each year when we find a new favorite, like Deirdre's Kanga Bounce!

    We are just over the bridge from Cape May and spend many nights exploring the shops, heading to Sunset Beach for the flag ceremony at sundown, and stopping for ice cream on Washington Street Mall.


    Stepping out of our favorite restaurant, Lucky Bones, we are usually greeted by the most amazing sunsets to end our day.

    Sean and I are lucky to share childhood memories of loving the Wildwoods and are so happy we can pass that love onto our daughters.

    Of course, any summer getaway involves packing, and for me it's all about the shoes!  I like to take styles that serve several purposes: a casual sandal perfect for biking that can also work with a casual summer dress or maxi skirt, comfy thong sandals that are at home on the sand in a swim suit and in a restaurant with capris and a cute top.  I also try to take shoes, clothing and accessories all in the same color story so everything mixes and matches easily.  My last tip is, always throw in a pair of dressier shoes, for me it's wedges in the summer.  Once we went away and I didn't have the right shoe with me and I felt underdressed at the restaurant. So I make sure I pack a cute pair of shoes just in case!

    Wherever this summer takes you, have a wonderful time, and don't forget the shoes!


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    Hi, everyone!

    Our summer barbecue episode on You’re Home with Jill is on QVC.com tomorrow! I already gave you a sneak peek at how I’m decorating in my blog...I hope you saw it!

    Hosting a Summer Barbecue

    Wanna know what’s on the menu? Seafood Kabobs, Summer Splash Smoothies, and two amazing recipes courtesy of Meredith Laurence, The Blue Jean Chef: Chorizo, Shrimp, & Corn Salad and Blistered Corn & Mango Salsa.

    That’s the Blistered Corn & Mango Salsa...just one of a ton of Meredith’s recipes on QVC.com…go check them out. She’s incredibly talented and I always learn something new from her. For example, when we filmed tomorrow’s episode, she was giving me some great tips on how to grill corn on the cob.

    Grilled Corn

    Her tips were so good, in fact, that we asked if we could get it "on film!"

    Now, who wants something sweet for dessert. ME!!!

    Watermelon Cake


    • 3 cups all-purpose flour
    • 3 tsp baking powder
    • 1/2 tsp salt
    • 2 cups granulated sugar
    • 6 egg whites
    • 2 cups champagne, sparkling white, or rosé wine
    • Squeezable red gel color or gel paste (Baker's or Wilton)
    • 1-1/2 cups chocolate chips + extra for topping


    • 1 cup unsalted butter, softened
    • 3-1/2 to 4 cups confectioners' sugar, sifted
    • 2 Tbsp half and half, milk, or cream
    • Pinch of salt
    • Squeezable gel color or gel paste (Baker's or Wilton) in Leaf Green Color

    Fondant circle top:

    • 1 lb pink fondant


    1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Grease and flour 2 (9") cake pans.
    2. To prepare the cake, whisk together the flour, baking powder, and salt in a large mixing bowl. Beat together the sugar and egg whites in another separate bowl. Beat in the flour mixture and the champagne, alternating, to the egg whites.
    3. Starting with 1/4 tsp, gradually add the gel color to the batter until you have the intensity of pink you want. Scrape down the sides of the bowl, and gently stir in the chocolate chips. Divide the batter between the two prepared pans and bake for 30–35 minutes. Let the cake cool completely.
    4. To prepare the frosting, cream together the butter and the confectioners' sugar, adding the sugar 1/2 cup at a time. Add the half-and-half and salt. After combined, whip on high for 20–30 seconds.
    5. Starting with 1/4 tsp, gradually add the gel color until you have the intensity of green you want. Use the frosting at room temperature, or refrigerate until ready to use, allowing frosting to come to room temperature before using.
    6. To assemble the cake, frost the top of 1 cake round, and then place the second round on top. Frost the sides and top of the cake.
    7. To prepare the fondant circle top, form the fondant into a ball and roll it out flat. Cut into an 8" circle, using an 8" plate or cake pan as a template. Gently lift the circle with a large flat spatula and place it on top of the cake. Decorate the top of the cake with the leftover chocolate chips to look like seeds.

    This recipe is prepared using the Anolon Advanced Bakeware 9" Round Cake Pan (K130562).

    Watermelon Cake

    Have you ever worked with fondant? I was always a little intimidated, but I soon learned there’s really nothing to it…especially when you're just putting in top of the cake, as I did in this recipe. My local craft store carried pink fondant. But, if you can only find white, just throw it in your electric mixer and add some red gel coloring until you have a nice deep pink. Also, since this is a summertime cake, I wanted a cake that felt lighter—almost like an Angel Food texture. If you’d like to make this cake richer—whether for your barbecue or when you make the champagne cake during the year, you can beat 1 cup of butter into the sugar and egg white mixture.

    I’ll see you tomorrow for You’re Home with Jill on QVC.com...don't forget you can watch the episode anytime you like! (Oh, the power of QVC.com!) If you get QVC PLUS®, we're on at 7pm ET. I’m off to get some Father’s Day gifts—don’t forget, it’s this Sunday!

    From my home to yours,

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    “I cannot go a day without it!” – Lisa Robertson

    I want to take a minute and share with you something important, something that changed my life… Great Hair Day Fill-in Powder. If you have never tried Great Hair Day, it might sound silly to say it changed my life. If you are using it, I know you agree with me.

    I was born with naturally thin hair. Some women develop thinning hair as they age. Others experience temporary loss during menopause, medical treatment, or pregnancy. The bottom line is that it affects almost all women at some time in their life, and there wasn’t a real solution to the problem. With my Great Hair Day, you can end the embarrassment of looking in the mirror and seeing thin hair or an irregular hairline.

    Joan 2

    I had this miracle problem solver created for me. I asked my team to create a product that would give me the look of fuller, thicker hair and stay in place until I wanted to remove it. And they hit it out of the park! I was the very first person to test it and have worn it EVERY day of my life since.

    I will LITERALLY not leave the house without it…and now I never have to! That is why we created this amazing Today’s Special Value®Great Hair Day® Duo with On-the-Go Compact . You will receive two full-size Great Hair Day compacts and brushes (that’s a 6-month supply!) as well as my brand new “On the Go” compact: Great Hair Day & Great Brow Day together in one small, discreet travel compact for moments that call for a touchup. And, it comes with custom-designed brushes that fit right in the compact!!


    Over 2,000 five star QVC customer reviews can’t be wrong! Feel confident that you will look your best. And when you look your best, you feel your best! NEVER worry about anyone thinking you have thinning hair. My products are easy to use, natural looking, and transfer-proof, meaning they won’t rub or sweat off. In fact, it won’t come off until you shampoo it out!

    And attention my Now & Forever ladies! My gorgeous Private Reserve Eau de Parfum is back and will be part of my June 13th visit. If you haven’t tried it, it is the most elegant, sophisticated, beautiful floral you have ever smelled. It’s the only fragrance I ever wear. Period.

    Now and Forever

    Questions about Great Hair Day? My team of experts will be answering any questions you have all day on June 13, right here on this blog. Ask away!
    Please join me all day on June 13th for this incredible Today’s Special Value!
    Friday, June 13th
    Midnight - A Host of Beauty Favorites with Jane
    3am - Beauty IQ
    6am - Fashionably Early with Jayne & Pat
    10am - Joan Rivers Classics Collection- Beauty TSV
    Noon - Q Check Style Edition
    3pm - Super-size Beauty
    6pm - A Host of Beauty Favorites with Jill
    8pm - Friday Night Beauty

    Follow Joan on TWITTER at www.twitter.com/joan_rivers
    Or on FACEBOOK at www.facebook.com/joanrivers
    Or on INSTAGRAM at www.instagram.com/joanrivers
    Or on WhoSay at www.whosay.com/joanrivers
    Follow David on FACEBOOK at www.facebook.com/daviddangleqvc
    Or on INSTAGRAM at www.instagram.com/daviddangle

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    This year’s trip to the Vicenza Jewelry Fair with my associate buyer, Danielle Smith, and Lisa Robertson did not disappoint!  There were so many great trends and so many new ideas that you will see on our Vicenza Style 25-hour event day on June 15th.

    The best way to describe the show was the fair of “WOWs”!  There are so many amazing Fresh from the Fairpieces to choose from, and we had to limit ourselves to the best of the best.  That is always a good sign of our success. J  I have done the Vicenza fair so many times, I know it in my sleep, but I still get nervous before each show because I never know what I will find.  I never want to disappoint the customer, and when this one was over, I believed that the selection of “Fresh from the Fair” items we found was one of the best assortments ever.

    From ideas in turquoise like the below…


    …to ideas in bold GILI spinel cuffs there is something for everyone!


    No one is more ingenious then the Italians, and their creative ideas and design innovations are arguably the best in the world.  The Colors of metal trend was everywhere including, yellow, white, rose, chocolate and the all-important black, which continues to be a must have in the assortment.

    Every aspect of the jewelry in some way is still focusing on the wrist.  The Italians love layering jewelry on their wrist to create their own individual styling! Whenever I see their creativity of how the Italian women wear multiple bracelets, I always get new ideas for how OUR customers can wear their bracelets.  One particular bracelet I feel is a great layering piece is below.

    I hope you will join me for the 16th annual 25-hour Vicenza Event

    It is sure to be a dazzling day of Italian jewelry.  I will be presenting with the hosts all day some of my favorite items we found in Italy as well as some all-time favorites. I hope you find the product as exciting as Danielle, Lisa and I did.



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    Skin aging can occur during day-to-day sun exposure. Not just sun exposure on the beach, or during a summer jog in the park when we have the common sense of wearing sunscreen. Sun exposure happens at times when we least expect it. Such as walking to the parking lot on an overcast winter day. Dropping off the dry cleaning on an early spring morning. Or driving your car on a not-so-bright day.

    This leaves us with no other choice but to wear sunblock every day, preferably an SPF 30 broad spectrum UVA/UVB. When I learned more about skin and sun exposure, I felt compelled to make you (and I) an SPF 30-Day Cream that'll make you feel pretty, because otherwise you probably wouldn't wear it.

    My SPF 30-Day Cream is actually three products in one: a day cream, SPF 30 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, and primer/foundation. The self-adjusting color is the best part. It's tinted with melanin, the color pigment of your own skin. Our unique technology provides the self-adjusting color properties our product is famous for.
    —Dr. Denese

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    As I walked into QVC ten years ago, I was hoping to last at least ten days... that would give me enough time to get all the Show Hosts autographs, tee hee hee (seriously, though, that's true).  I remember standing at the front doors that read, "Welcome to QVC". 


    As I stood there, people whisked by, all the hustle, bustle and buzz…..I stared at the sign and a huge smile spread across my face. I finally made it, somehow, some way.. I made it. With shaking hands, I took a picture of the sign, with high hopes, I walked into the building and stopped at the security desk, "Antonella Nester here, reporting for duty", I smirked. I dreamt of this day for many years, I watched QVC for decades, I followed the Show Hosts, I knew every product, every guest... I LOVED QVC and so very badly wanted to be a part of it. I was the viewer that they plucked off of the family room couch and put in front of the camera, no television experience, no sales background, no business sense, no NOTHING!! They were taking a big chance on me and I refused to let them down. I had two big fears:

    1. Would Mary Beth Roe, Lisa Robertson and the other Hosts be as wonderful as they appear on TV?

    2. Can I really do this job, fill those expectations that they hoped for me?

    Well, the answer to number 1 became evident right away and has continued to this day: YES, they are even more wonderful than they appear on TV. Always there to lend a hand, give good advice and just generally awesome to hang out with. I still pinch myself when Marybeth and I are having a conversation and I'm looking at her beautiful blue eyes, thinking, "Sheesh, that is Mary Beth frickin’ Roe!!"…. Or the first time Lisa called my home and the caller ID said, "Lisa Robertson", my Hubby and I just stared at it and neither of us wanted to pick it up, "You pick it up………no, YOU pick it up!"……….we wanted it to go to voice mail, so we had proof that she actually called. Tooooo funny!! {#emotions_dlg.w00t}

    I tried soooo hard to do a good job, I knew I was starting with nothing, just pure passion for the job,,,, it was my dream and I was going to chase it with everything I had. QVC was so supportive and encouraging, but the biggest support I received was from YOU - the Viewers. God bless them, as they must have had the patience of all the Saints combined.  YOU watched me struggle, learn and make huge blunders, night after night after night. It was YOUR  kindness, YOUR warmth and forgiveness and YOUR endless ways of cheering me on, that kept me coming back. I'm going to be honest with you here, those other Show Hosts make it look so darn easy... IT'S NOT!!  LOL   (Seriously, it's not). The job alone is a handful, but then there are those days that your life isn't going so great, worries about your kids, a sick family member, your dog passes on and soooo much more. You still go on the air and try to give a little smile.  It is YOU who pulls me through those tough days.  It is YOU who makes me feel better... And YOU don't even know it. I remember, before I worked at QVC, I felt a connection with the Hosts………now, as a Host, I feel a connection with the Viewers. I feel like I know you and I take much joy, appreciation and love in counting YOU ALL as part of my friends and family. These ten years have gone by so quickly and I am grateful to QVC for taking a chance on me and I love YOU ALL for letting me be a small part of their life... YOU are a big part of my life. I love you all and thank you so very, very much for being with me all these years.




    Ps. I did get all the Show Host's autographs... AWESOME!! ;) 


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    Share your story by simply replying to this blog.

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  • 06/12/14--06:59: Happy Father's Day!!
  • Father's Day is this Sunday, and I wanted to stop and take a moment to jot down a note of thanks to a GREAT and humble man, my wonderful Dad. I have been blessed with two incredible parents, and both have influenced me in many positive ways throughout my life, and while my Mom and I are best of friends and talk nearly every day, I will admit that I've always been, as long as I can remember, a Daddy's Girl.  That's me...less than a year old, reaching for my Daddy's hand!  {#emotions_dlg.wub} 

    I have always adored my Dad....from my earliest memories of standing in the bathroom door, gazing up at him as he shaved in the morning and listening for the clackity clack of his wing tip shoes in the foyer and the jingle of his keys as he got ready to leave each morning for work.  My Dad was an executive in the Steel business, and was always dressed to the nines during the work week, switching happily to a t-shirt and jeans after work to take us on a bike ride or to hit pop flys to us while teaching us to hit and catch in the backyard. I remember him pushing me along on my first two wheeler without training wheels and then letting go, while cheering on that little girl on her wobbly bike. I remember him patiently teaching me put a spin on a football (which still impresses my grandsons today) or to swing a golf club ( he was always an ace golfer and still is).  Here he is with one of his many "golf themed" birthday cakes:

    Over the years, I have never had a better golf instructor than my Dad. He taught me how to drive a stick, detail a car, meticulously mow a lawn, put a worm on a fishing hook, and to balance my checkbook. Mostly though, Dad taught me to have patience, honor, confidence, character and self-worth. I inherited my love of animals from my Dad, a man who always had a dog (and now later in life, two cats). Really when you think about it, so much of what I am has been inspired by my Dad....a talent for sales and an ease in making and keeping friends....my love of family...as well as  animals, gardening, and cars.  Here we are at his 80th birthday celebration in 2012:


    I am proud to be Jack Gracie's daughter...and will always be Daddy's girl. Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you!!!

    And best wishes to ALL the wonderful Dad's on this special day that is just for YOU!!



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  • 06/12/14--07:58: Las Vegas
  • Every year I dread and look forward to the Las Vegas Jewelry Show.  I dread it because, even though Vegas is a fabulous place, it’s just not my cup of tea.  I don’t gamble or drink much but do enjoy the shows.  I did put $3 in a slot machine and won $ 0.04.  

    I look forward to the Show because it is the biggest and best jewelry show in America.  I always see fabulous jewelry and lots of old friends.

    This year was no exception.  The jewelry was dazzling and the old friends even older.  We always look for new trends or directions in jewelry and what is happening in the gemstone world.  This year, for instance, there were far more Tanzanite and Opals in the loose gemstone area.   Morganite is in short supply and will be even more difficult to find in the color and quality we offer at QVC. Blue opals were one of the hottest looks.  Many of the top designers were using these in their premier pieces.

    Other new directions included multi strand bracelets, long necklaces, and wings. I was delighted to see more plain yellow gold items without stones.  Gold jewelry is making a big comeback.  Colored diamonds were very hot. Rich champagne diamonds were mingled with fabulous blues, yellows, and greens.  We will have several beautiful colored diamond pieces in the upcoming Affinity Shows on June 12th. 

    Please don’t miss the stackable set of 5 separate colored diamonds or the Affinity ½ carat 7-stone Braided Band Ring available in a choice of blue, green, red, or yellow diamonds.  

    I was thinking about what one color of gemstone stood out and it has to be blue or purple.  Sometimes this is hard to tell because blue is always such a popular color. This year, I did see more blue gemstones in sapphires, opals, blue topaz, tanzanite, aqua, etc.  Purple was more prevalent as in amethyst, purple garnets, lavender spinel. There were many fresh designs in red and pink as well.  

    One of my favorite stones, and most expensive, is Paraiba Tourmaline. Every time I spotted one of these rare gems, I had to stop and dream. I have included a photo here of Rachel wearing a $500k necklace.  We have been lucky enough to offer two of these in rings here at the Q.  

    The highlight of the show was spending time with Judith Ripka. We worked on fabulous new stones for her upcoming jewelry.

    Please watch for July Gem Day when we will be featuring many of the hottest gems in the market.  Many rare and hard to find gemstones will be featured through our Vault Discoveries. 

    Take care,



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    Strength, courage, a trail blazer, role model and a Hero.... THAT'S MY DADDY!!

    Coming to this country with a wife, two kids and one on the way (me), could not have been easy.

    Daddy didn't read or speak English well, but he always wanted to chase the American Dream since he was a little boy.  He worked hard, was honest and chased his dream. Growing up, I learned not just by listening to his wise advise, but by watching him. He always told me, "Antonella, here in America, you can be anything you want to be, chase your dreams".

    He also always said, "You can be happy or you can be sad, it's your choice". With the support, love and guidence from both of my Parents, I chase my dreams and I do it happily.

    Thank you Daddy, for always supporting me, loving me no matter what, showing me the difference between right and wrong and making sure that Jesus is always in my heart, in my words and in my actions. I could not have a better Father……….Happy Father's Day!!! I love you!!



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  • 06/12/14--09:57: Founder's Day Flashback
  • We celebrate Founder’s Day every year at QVC on June 13th because, for so many of us, it is something spectacular that started from our Founder, Joseph Segal, to take shopping to another level. To bring products to people that may never have had the chance to own – and to do it from the comfort of your own home. It’s been a journey and we have gone through many transitions to get to where we are today. And, by the way, we are never really finished as we are committed to always being an exciting and informative place to visit. There are many, many people behind-the-scenes working hard to make sure it stays that way.

    Here is a look back at some of those transitions and thoughts from a few Program Hosts that have been here through them, that we hope you will enjoy;

    Who remembers the original QVC logo? 

    Jane Treacy roasting in a Nesco roaster - with big 80's hair!

    Mary Beth Roe: On March 15, 1987 I started in the “shopping at home” business! I had no idea what a great ride I was in for back then. Looking back, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! But it's not luck, it's been God's blessings and His plan for my life, and I'm so grateful!! Enjoy looking back at His blessings on your life!

    Can't forget Q Bird!

    Jane Treacy on an early set that actually rotated in a circle to change sets. 

    The Lucky Number machine! Our Order Entry representatives, guests or models would pick the numbers. Sometimes there would be a wild ball that would fly out of the machine. That made for plenty of laughs but horror for the person pulling the numbers!

    Pat James-DementriHappy Founders Day QVC! I am so very proud and honored to be part of QVC of these years! I will always remember our founder, Mr. Segal telling us not to ever over exaggerate in a product sell because a customer would be disappointed when they receive it...undersell do not oversell an item. I also have to say it has been fun along  the way.. From memories of Q Bird, prize wheel, cruises, fifty and fifty tours and lots more... All this to say thank you for making the Q what it is today.

    Who is that guy with hair??

    Rick Domeier and Dan Wheeler - before they were The Food Dudes they were the Home Project guys! 

    Dan Wheeler: I hope you enjoy this picture of a much younger Rick and Dan from our Home Projects show years ago.  I'll never forget when they brought out a cake for our Ten Year Anniversary of that show.  We turned it into a cake fight and even got our guests involved.  Great fun and great memories.I often think about those early days on QVC when I look back over my 25 years with this amazing company.  In the early years it was rare to have a guest on with a product.  It was pretty much the host and the callers.  It's hard to believe we were located in a small building in a corporate park just a few miles away from Studio Park.  Today that building is called Founder's Park and it houses a very small portion of the company and we don't produce any of our "live programming" there. 

    Here is one of our Interns, Teddy, having fun behind the camera. She wasn’t even born when QVC was founded!


    Here are 3 QVC team members, Eva, Erika and Wendy, that have been here since 1988 and actually started in Order Entry taking orders on this type of phone. You may have placed an order with one of them! 

    These are just a few of our memories. From people that have spent their whole career at QVC to you, the viewers that have been with us for so long, it’s been a great ride and an honor to be in your home. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store! 

    All of the fun QVC "nostalgia" can be seen on our Studio Tour so come visit us! 

    What are some of your favorite memories from our early beginnings? 

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