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    Hello my LCNY fashionistas,

    I hope you are enjoying your wonderful summer.  I have been enjoying every minute, and trying to savor every moment.  I have been busy with work, attempting golf, playing tennis and college shopping with Kevin. All and all great.  I wanted to share one of life's little surprises that wonderfully has happened to me. 

    As you know, team LCNY consists of many moving parts; one of them is Carolann Wileczek.  When I am not on air, Carolann is representing QVC.  This means that both of us are like ships passing in the night.  We are RARELY together, but talk and email often. So far in 2014 we have had the opportunity to travel to NYC several times for LCNY, and have chosen to take the train together. We clicked. As a woman you know what I mean when you meet that certain person that you can not stop talking with...that you laugh so hard your side hurts....and you just get it. That was our experience. So we took it a step farther, we decided to get together last week so I could meet her charming husband Mark, and she could meet the gentleman I am dating, Roy.  In honor of our TSV today, we BOTH wore it to dinner, for photo ops of course. 

    Two hours of laughter and great fun later, another wonderful connection made.  I am telling you my story because in our busy lives if you allow it, surprises happen.  I feel so fortunate to have gotten to know Carolann.  She is a character, and if she lived closer it would be dangerous ....the FUN meter would be on tilt. I have to tell you Mark and Roy hit it off immediately and even got the same memo about wearing a striped button down shirt....only kidding....but they did match. 

    So when you least expect it a new buddy is around the corner if your heart is open. We have already talked about the four of us getting together again.....more to follow. 

    But now it is time for you my friend to join our team today.  All day long we will have shows. Our Today's Special Value is a cascading crochet cardigan with matching tank.  This is designed after a silhouette that you loved.  It is perfect for now and later. I am looking forward to spending the day with you.. So bring your cup of joe and your lovely smile and we will share an awesome day together.  See you soon:)


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    Welcome back to THERESA'S TOY SHOP!!!


    We had so much fun last year with my daughter Theresa picking from our QVC Toy assortment for gift giving last season and telling me why they'd make great gifts  --- SO --- we've brought her blog back for our Official Christmas In July Kickoff this weekend!!!  YEA!!!


    Her FIRST 2014 THERESA's TOY Shop pick had to be T32968 - Grumpy Cat Life Size Plush with Shirt and Accessories!



    Theresa and I LOVE Grumpy Cat!  She's a 2 year old cat named Tarder Sauce - and she's a HUGE Internet sensation!  She has feline dwarfism causing her grumpy facial expression. 


    She's wearing a removable shirt that says "I had fun once, it was awful."  Plus 7 interchangeable tags with iconic "Grumpy Cat" phrases!  


    ---Theresa:  Mommy!  It's Grumpy Cat!  Everyone will LOVE Grumpy Cat!  He's so cute!


    ---Me: Guess what?  Grumpy Cat is a GIRL!  She's 2 years old.


    ---Theresa: Awwww!  She's adorable and so soft!  I love her little tags and shirt!  They're so funny!  Everyone will love to cuddle with her!


    ---Me: They are funny!





    T32985Color Me Lalaloopsy Rag Doll with Color Me Pet


    ---Theresa: I LOVE Lalaloopsy!  How cute she has a pet!  And markers to color her!


    ---Me:  I know you want to be an artist!  This should be fun because you can color her and her pet - then erase and do it all over again!


    ---Theresa: I can't talk now mommy...the "Artist" is working"!







    T32899 Vivitz Head-to-Toe Ultimate Fashion Set with 15 Accessories



    ---Theresa: I can't wait to make a bracelet and a necklace!


    ---Me:  How easy is it to put together?


    ---Theresa: Pretty easy.  Girls will like making their own jewelry!  It's like creating artwork you can wear!


    ---Me: You're so right!






    T32930 Cabbage Patch Kids Special Edition Celebration



    ---Theresa: Mommy she's really cute for any girl who loves dolls.  Plus she licks the lollipop!  That's so funny!


    ---Me:  She smells so good too!  I love the smell of Cabbage Patch Kids.  You know they call them "Kids" not dolls because they all have their own unique name!  


    ---Theresa: That's sweet that they call them kids!



    ALL toys in Theresa's Toy Shop received her special Seal of Approval!




    Remember that all items purchased during our Christmas In July event qualify for the extended return policy through January 31, 2015!!!


    Please let Theresa know how you like her picks --- and what kind of gift suggestions she might be able to help you with!


    Shop for more great TOYS in our QVC Toy Shop here -> (Toy Shop)


    You can find us on my Facebook page - www.facebook.com/jacqueqvc 


    Merry Christmas in July!

    Jacque & Theresa :)

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    Orange Julius

    • 12 oz. can frozen orange juice (thawed at room temperature)
    • 2 cups water
    • 2 cups milk
    • 1/2 cup sugar
    • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    • about 12-15 ice cubes

    Place all ingredients in a blender, Ninja or Vitamix. It only takes about 10 seconds to blend it all together in a Ninja. Makes approximately 64 ounces.

    Serve and enjoy! Perfect on a hot summer's day.

    I've never tried it, but I imagine it could be frozen after blending for an ice-cream like treat.

    Counting our blessings,

    Mary Beth

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    It's been a little more than a week since the launch of my new skin-care line, TULA, and hopefully many of you have had a chance to try the products.

    Because hearing what others have to say about my formulas was very important to me while creating this new line, I turned to the toughest critics first. Today, I'm happy to share the positive feedback my products have received from beauty and mommy bloggers:

    "The products are completely gentle and feel great on the skin. I feel like I'm at the spa getting a wonderful facial when I use them."
    —Cindy Batchelor, My Style Spot

    "I really love how well it [TULA] works with my skin. Plus, I don’t remember the last time my face was this soft!"
    —Jenn Worden, Jenn's Blah Blah Blog

    "I was having a low-grade break out when I started using the TULA products, and, within a week, my skin seemed clearer and brighter. I also liked the fact that the products didn't have a medicinal odor like some facial cleansers tend to have."
    —Melinda Joy, Melinda Joy Blogspot

    "Of all the skin-care product lines I've tried in a long time…this has definitely been the one to catch my attention and notice the biggest difference.”
    —Amber Brault, Dazzling Daily Deals

    And these are just a few of the many positive reviews we've received.

    Please don’t forget to share your thoughts about TULA products in the comments below. I’m looking forward to reading them all!

    —Dr. Raj

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    Hi, everyone!

    Last weekend was QVC’s very first You’re Home with Jillweekend and I thought it was just fabulous, if I do say so myself! We welcomed folks from all over the country—as far away as Arizona and Texas! Everyone really seemed to enjoy the beauty of Longwood Gardens and then we had a great dinner that night, fun jewelry exchanges, and we saw the saw the fountain show that evening. I think the highlight for me and all the girls—and one brave husband—was going to the Downton Abbey display at Winterthur. It was so fun to see the costumes and relive our favorite moments from Downton Abbey. We had a great live audience for my show on Sunday and I made sure to came in early to give guests a VIP tour of QVC. So many people thanked me for a great weekend, but I really didn’t do anything except shout some ideas. The REAL thanks goes to all the folks at QVC who made the weekend happen, so THANK YOU to them.

    As lots of you already know from watching your favorite shows, QVC is having its Christmas in July® sale. It’s so much fun to walk into a winter wonderland at the “office” and then walk outside to a balmy summer day! I hope you’ll join me on Wednesday at 7pm ET for a CIJ edition of You’re Home with Jill! So many items in the show are things I personally designed so I’m really proud of them and excited to see what you think.

    I’ll also show you a Pool Party DIY project we made in an episode of YHJ for QVC Plus®—which, by the way, you can still watch on QVC.com. Here’s how you make my Drink Umbrella Wreath. Picture this on your front door!

    Drink Umbrella Wreath


    Since this Friday is July 25 and Christmas is officially six months away, I hope you’ll consider a Christmas in July party this weekend. A few summers ago, I was vacationing with my family at Wildwood Crest, New Jersey. I remember driving down this street…all of our windows were down… and out of nowhere, we heard Christmas music. We had to see where it was coming from so we drove towards it and found a neighborhood Christmas block party—they had their lights out, music blaring, everyone was wearing red and green—it was awesome.

    Besides music, lights, and ugly sweaters, here are few more CIJ ideas you could try, whether indoors or out.

    • Drink frozen hot chocolate—and I just so happen to have an amazing recipe on QVc.com. Have one neighbor make a batch of my frozen hot chocolate for everyone and have everyone bring a Christmas mug or martini glass. Then, let guests customize their drink with marshmallows, whipped cream, cinnamon, peppermint candies, or even leftover drink umbrellas from your wreath project.

    Frozen Hot Chocolate

    • Play in the snow. In the hot summer weather, making snow sculptures and eating snow cones would be refreshing and fun. Use the snow cone maker to give you “snow” to decorate and play with. You could also have a snowball fight with those great indoor snowballs we have here at QVC.
    • Decorate cookies. Christmas and cookies go hand-in-hand, so get out your cookie cutters—holiday or summery inspired—and make some of your favorite recipes. When the cookies are done, let everyone decorate them with pre-bought frosting. If you make your own buttercream, it might get too melty if it’s really hot. Also stay away from chocolate chips but use candy-coated M&Ms and things like sugar sprinkles.
    • Have a movie marathon. Whoever has the biggest garage door wins! Set up a projector and show It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, A Christmas Story…all the best Christmas movies so everyone can watch. But, you’ll need to work out a schedule with the music, because you HAVE to play Christmas music. Maybe start the movies when the party starts to wind down.

    I’ll see you Wednesday at 7pm ET!

    From my home to yours,

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    An interview with Stacey Stauffer and Alberti Popaj by Anne Creedon


    When I have the privilege to interview our hosts, they’re always extremely nice—which is probably why our customers love our hosts and guests so much! I feel like I get a sneak peek into their personalities when I sit across the table from them. Some folks are larger than life, others are quietly sweet, and some of them exude a cheerful disposition that makes you feel like you’ve known them for years. When interviewing two of our newest program hosts, Stacey Stauffer and Alberti Popaj, I felt like I was with friends and almost forgot I was conducting an interview!

    Anne: Stacey, you were a TV news anchor/reporter before coming to QVC. What was that like?

    Stacey: It was an incredible adrenalin rush and an amazing career. My goal was always to become a reporter and anchor in Philadelphia, and I’m one of the luckiest women in the world to have reached that goal. But having my boys, Ben and Larry, planted the seed in the back of my mind that I may not want to do news forever. Even in local news, I could never guarantee my son that I could make it to his baseball game, so I thought there had to be something I could do where I’d have a little more down time. So I credit them for opening my eyes so I could jump into this challenging new world—a dream I never knew I had!

    Anne: Alberti, some of our customers will recognize you because you were an on-air guest at QVC. How was that experience?

    Alberti: I loved it! Every moment I spent in this building as a guest was a happy moment, which is what made my decision to move here from the West Coast an easy one. I’m from Los Angeles and Palm Springs, so there’s a little bit of difference in the climate! I moved here on January 4, 2014, and on January 5 the polar vortex shifted. That morning, I was running late and found my car’s windshield covered in ice. I’m originally a New Yorker, but I didn’t learn to drive until I moved to California. I had to call my dad and ask, “How do you get ice off a windshield?”

    Anne: How is being a program host different from your previous television experiences?

    Stacey: In journalism, it’s very much about just giving the facts. You keep your opinion out of it and don’t let it influence the story. At QVC, we give viewers the information, but we also give our ideas and opinions.

    Alberti: I’m on the air more frequently now so I have more of a relationship with the customer. I get to share what I like about products and what I think they’re going to like.

    Anne: What was your first impression of QVC?

    Stacey: This is Disney World! I was absolutely astounded by the energy that almost knocks you over when you step in the door. All the employees are happy and love what they do.

    Alberti: The happiest place on earth! Everybody is happy and smiling! And I would describe it as a family, because from the second I walked in I felt welcomed, invited, liked, and supported.

    Anne: Tell us about some of your favorite things. Pizza topping?

    Stacey: It depends on my mood. It could be an onion and cheese night or spinach, ricotta, and garlic—lots of garlic!

    Anne: Ice cream flavor?

    Alberti: Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie! It’s the best ice cream you will ever eat because it’s mint ice cream with Oreos crushed up inside.

    Anne: Hobbies?

    Stacey: Something I really love to do is bird watching. But not just any birds—birds of prey! One of the top items on my bucket list is to see a bald eagle in the wild. Every September is a big migration time for bald eagles at this place called Hawk Mountain in Kempton, Pennsylvania. Wouldn’t you know, after years of going, something like 20 bald eagles flew through either the day before or the day after I was there?

    Alberti: I love to work out and do any physical sport. And I love to grill and bake. Anything that happens on top of the stove isn’t my thing, but grilling and baking covers all you need—the cornbread and the ribs!

    Anne: Last, but not least, what are some of your favorite QVC


    Stacey: It’s changing! Having worked in television news and makeup being a part of being on the air, I came to QVC geared toward loving the beauty products. But now that I’m here, I love learning about things like garden tools and gardening— which I’m horrible at! But as I’m presenting these kinds of products, I’m learning while I’m on air and I love that.

    Alberti: Oh gosh, what’s not to like? I love philosophy*, which is my daily ritual when it comes to my body wash, lotion, and fragrance. And I love my Little Giant* ladder because I just moved into my new house and that’s helping me more than ever. Everybody needs one!

    Learn more about Stacey Stauffer and Alberti Popaj by joining them on their facebook pages.

    Welcome Stacey and Alberti!


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    I am so excited. I get to host "Courtney Says I Do" next Monday at 2pm ET on QVC Plus! It's a Bridal Shower for our dear Courtney Cason and YOU are invited! Don't fret if you don't have QVC Plus yet on your area, we will also be airing the broadcast on QVC.com :) More details to come!

    YEARS ago, I was a flight attendant. I loved the traveling, my dear crew members, and meeting new people. Since we are talking about weddings and honeymooning next week, I thought I would share some thoughts on something I know about: travel! I am confident in my ability to help you maximize space and minimize travel-stress, so I wanted to share some tips with you. When you read through my tips, please feel free to ask any questions at the end, I sure would love to help. Let's get started!

    Check your bag. This will cause you less stress in the long run. If you insist on carrying your bag onto the airplane, buy a 20-inch rollerboard. Most, standard, commercial airlines say that a 22” suitcase will fit in the overhead. This does not factor in the wheels on the bag. Buy a 20” bag to ensure it will fit. Tip: did you over-pack it? Wedge a jacket under the front of your suitcase in the overhead bin to get the door to the bin shut.

    Must haves for your carry-on bag. Whether it’s your purse or a suitcase: always make these items easily accessible (in a zip pocket): any medication you will need on your trip, chapstick, “security socks” (yeesh, don’t walk through security barefoot. You DON'T want to know).

    Pack it like you mean it! Roll ALL of your clothes! Keeps them from getting super-wrinkled and makes tons of room in your bag. Roll your jewelry into one of your t-shirts. Stuff your underpants and socks into your shoes. Pack a dryer sheet into a shopping bag (load your dirty clothes into the bag. If they are slightly wet, the dryer sheet will help keep it from getting funky until you get home). Cover your sneakers in shower caps to keep the trapped-in dirt from touching your clothes.

    Buy the travel sizes for your bathroom essentials. We have mini sizes of some of your favorite products here at QVC! Hairspray, shampoo, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, tiny deodorant, ETC. It is worth it to NOT have a full size shampoo burp all over your new sundress on the way there.

    It boils down to: “when you get there, you won’t care”. If you forget something, it’s OK. It’s all about spending the time with the one you love and having a FABULOUS time!

    Want to know a great bag that carries a ton, is machine washable, is CUTE, and fits in the overhead? It's the Vera Bradley Signature Print Travel Duffel Bag. BIG winner! See you soon! ~ Mary DeAngelis

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    Every year, I attend the CEW Best of Beauty Awards. Winning is one of the biggest honors in the industry, and this year, a relatively new company, Glam Glow, won two awards! I knew Glam Glow had been on QVC, but I wasn't familiar with the product line. I decided I absolutely had to see what I was missing!

    The first product I tried was their YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. It is called a 10-minute "facial in a jar" and is a favorite in the world of entertainment, fashion and music. Still, I have tried a lot of masks, and have often been less than "wowed" by the results, so I was hopeful, but skeptical.


    When I first opened the jar, I was a bit confused. It's grainy and there were dark pieces of leaves in it. Turns out that the leaves are real tea leaves that have "steeped" in the mask.

    I put a thin layer on, then proceeded to make my bed and get dressed. You can definitely feel a tingle on the skin. About ten minutes later, the mask had dried. I splashed water on my face and rubbed it off in circular motions, letting the mask exfoliate my skin.

    The results were fantastic! My skin felt so much softer after just one use. It's designed to firm the skin's texture and smooth out the look of fine lines. Plus, my skin felt really clean.

    I love it! Using YouthMud was so fast and easy, that this will definitely be part of my skincare routine this summer!To check out my entire Summer Beauty Bag check out my collection on toGather by clicking here: {http://qvc.co/EasySummerBeautyCollection} 

    Be sure to check out my Facebook page {Sandra Bennett QVC} and follow me on Twitter {@SandraQVC}. 






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    Once again, it is time to showcase another one of my beloved fur kids! This month, I thought you would enjoy meeting one of our adopted Coton de Tulear's, Monty!

    Monty is one of our most joyous pets....always happy and smiling and sweet! AND he loves to do his happy dance!! Monty walks around on his back legs more often than on all fours!  He also jumps up and down and spins around on his two back legs....for no other reason than that he enjoys it and is having fun!

    Monty arrived here to join our pet family about 2 years ago and has been bringing us non-stop smiles ever since! He loves to run and play outside (although is still a little nervous during car rides) and his best pals are fellow 2 year olds Dobie, Blackie and Maisie. (Maisie is also a Coton, while Dobie and Blackie are Coton/Shih Tzu mixes).

    Coton de Tulears are known as little clowns and are absolutely one of the sweetest breeds of dog that we've had the pleasure to have as a part of our family. They are a small to small-medium breed, and have long silky fur that is more like hair. They look similar to a Maltese or a Shih Tzu and are usually white, although they can be brown or black or tri-colored or patched. The breed originated on the island of Madagascar.

    Monty says, Happy Dance!! Happy Dance!! Let's have some Summertime fun!! XOXO

    Name: Monty

    Breed: Coton de Tulear

    Age: 2-1/2

    Weight: 20 lbs. (Mom says I'm a bit of a "snausage". Hmmm, that sounds like a doggie treat!)

    Favorite past time:  Doggie Dancing!! I can think of many reasons to do a Happy Dance every day!

    Second Favorite past time:  Watching TV with my mom and Maisie!

    Best Fur Friend:  Maisie Sue Biscuits!! (That's her full name, according to mom!)

    Least favorite thing to do: Car rides....although they don't make me as nervous as they used to!

    Super fun moment:  ZOOMING around our big front lawn with Maisie, Dobie and Blackie! We are the Four Fur Flashes!!!

    Monty Says:  Adopt a pet like me from a local shelter or rescue group!! All shelter pets have a Happy Dance waiting on the inside just for YOU!! Love, Monty :)



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    Audrey Hephurn's classic, elegant and ladylike fashion choices made her a style icon. So for our Clarks Haydn Gloss Today's Special Value, I decided to channel my inner Audrey because I feel our loafers exude the same timeless beauty the star portrayed. The A-line toe box and clean silhouette create an understated elegance while the snakeskin embossed leather add an exotic and luxurious quality.

    Amy Oselkin channeling Audrey Hepburn

    I'm sure Audrey would've adored these slip-on loafers and made them a style staple in her chic wardrobe. And I'm convinced she would have appreciated the Bendables flexibility during her bike ride as much as I did!

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  • 07/23/14--12:26: Hagit and Team at JOVELLA!
  • I just wanted to let you know my team and I spent several days at the Jovella International Jewelry Exhibition.

    We are all busy finalizing for the JOVELLA Shows and excited to reveal my latest pieces and more news from the show!

    See you in a few days!

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    This week we're leading up to our big Super Saturday event in the Hamptons. It is a chance for QVC and all of us to help raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF). But what you might not realize is how many people you see on QVC every day who are involved in wonderful causes. Vicky Tsai with TATCHA has a cause that is near and dear to her heart. So this week I wanted to share her letter to me with pictures of her recent trip.


    Dear Lisa,

    Greetings from the jungles of Cambodia! It was an amazing trip.

    Starting in Jan 2014, we began our partnership with an amazing organization called Room to Read. Their mission is world change through children's education and they have a special fund for girls education. They do everything from building libraries, publishing books in local languages reflecting local culture, creating literacy programs, and providing life skills training in 10 countries, including Cambodia.

    We decided to build girls education into the DNA of our company because we believe that beauty begins in the heart and the mind. Also, my daughter was born the day that I started Tatcha and every night when I read to her, I could not help but think of all the other girls out there just like my daughter who don't have the same access to an education. 

    Our partnership is called "Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures" and 1 purchase = 1 day of school for an incredible girl in a developing country. Our goal for 2014 was to fund 50,000 days of school. As of June 2014 (half way through the year), we are coming in at 90,000 days of school.

    Here are some pics from the trip.

    The girls in the program greeted us when we arrived at their school. They all line up, sing songs, and give us little trinkets that they made for us like friendship bracelets. Then they proudly show us their libraries and read to us.

    When I came back from Cambodia last time, my daughter decided she wants to save her money and help the girls too, so we got her an elephant piggy bank and she's been saving her pennies. She came with me on this trip and it meant so much to her to give the money to the girls directly. We were surprised there was $99 in her piggy bank after only 6 months! She has apparently been sneaking money out of her dad's wallet.



    P.S. For more information about the partnership, here's a link to our site http://www.tatcha.com/giving.

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    After graduating college I knew I wanted to enter the fashion industry. With hard work and many interviews I landed my first job in the industry. I joined a fast growing manufacturer where I learned merchandising, design, and marketing. It was a fantastic company and after close to 10 years of "on the job" training, I ventured into my own business where I designed, manufactured, and marketed my own product under my name. "Susan Graver" became a great success in every major department store and catalog. Then one day QVC walked into my showroom... Well, the rest is history!

    Vote below! When I started in my fashion industry career, I worked for a company that was known for which item?


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    to come

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  • 07/24/14--09:03: Hosts Hearting for Hope
  • One of the greatest aspects of QVC, is it's involvement with the community. Whether it's local or national, QVC has teamed up with a number of charities over the years in support to make a difference while building real relationships along the way. 

    Each year, for the last 17 years, more than 2,000 guests report to the Hamptons for one of the biggest charity events, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund's Super Saturday. These guests consists of celebrities, designers, editors, fashion lovers, and of course families and supporters.

    Since 2007, QVC has sponsored this event and has raised nearly $4.7 million dollars for the OCRF through "QVC Presents Super Saturday LIVE." This is a two-hour live broadcast from the event, where our mission is to reach out to millions of homes across the country, to shop designer items at half their MSRP. 80% of the purchase price of donated merchandise benefits Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. 

    *Based upon suppliers’ representations of the value. No sales may have been made at these prices.
    **Purchase price excludes shipping, handling, and tax. QVC Presents Super Saturday LIVE has generated more than $7.4 million for OCRF since 2007.

    You may join our hosts Lisa Robertson, Courtney Cason, and Alberti Popaj during the live broadcast, this Saturday 7/26, but don't miss out on what the rest of the host team has to say in support of OCRF's Super Saturday Event. 


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    Last week Alberti and I had the pleasure of hosting a live studio audience show featuring products from ourVera Bradley line. I was on set and Alberti worked the audience as the Social Host. We had a lot of laughs, met some incredibly nice people and sampled gorgeous designs.

    We asked the audience members how many Vera bags they owned and here is our winner coming in at over 120! WOW!! She must have one heck of a closet .... or closets!!!

    I love the raw joy seen on Alberti's face!

    This lovely audience member said she lovesVera's bags, because she can "stuff them to the gills!"

    Alberti carried many bags throughout the show and referred to them as "murses" ..... a cross between a man and a purse! Too funny!

    Vera's team showered us with custom-made cupcakes in terrific colors and patterns, just like the bags we all know and love.

    What is your favorite Vera Bradley and how many bags do you own?

    I look forward to seeing you in the morning forAM Beauty followed by AM Style. 


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    Toffee Bars

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  • 07/24/14--10:10: Summer Fun & Friends
  • The summer of 2014 has been simply fantastic for me!! I have had the opportunity to take tango and yoga lessons. I have attended a few concerts and taken a cooking class with one of my BFF’s, and Glen and I have entertained our friends and family many times in our lovely backyard!! The Quack-tastic news is the summer is only partially over!! 

    There are still so many plans to come—a trip to Wisconsin to see where Jeanne grew up (blog to follow), taking Ben to see Marvel Universe Live, a pool party with my QVC friends, a weekend trip to the Pocono mountains, and so many more things that I don’t even know about just yet!!

    Since I have had a fun-filled summer, I thought I would share a few memories of this summer thus far!!

    Glen and I celebrated our friend Lisa’s birthday at our house. Her husband, Giuseppe, and Glen have become great friends—they are two peas in a pod!! Lisa, Giuseppe and I all attended college together!! Their youngest son, Gabe, is highly allergic to shellfish, and they never get to eat it at home. So we decided to cook crabs and clams since the kids stayed home!!

    (In case you’re wondering, here I am wearing our Quacker Factory Grommet Neck Elbow Sleeve Knit Terry Top - A251804)

    On a fun trip to Atlantic City, NJ, my BFF Susan and I took a cooking class at the Viking Cooking School in Harrah’s Casino. The theme of the evening was ‘Girls’ Nite Out’ with a Caribbean menu—YUM!! Check us out wearing our Quacker Factory tops!! (A254273 on me, Susan’s top has been retired).

    Here we are with the head chef and teacher of the class!! He was amazing and funny!! He is retired from the Marine Corp and is currently serving as a minister! He was an outstanding speaker!!

    We made a gorgeous salad with jerk chicken and shrimp. Dessert was a yummy pie!! And yes, we made the dressing from scratch!!

    Here are some photos from our Fourth of July party! I had to decorate in style, just like Jeanne always did!! I learned from the best!!

    We have to celebrate in the front of the house as well as the back!! Since we are new to this house, I still need to work out all of my decorations, but I think this is a great start!!

    The backyard tables are ready and waiting to be used by our hungry guests!! The buckets and food tents are from Jeanne’s home. These were given to me after she passed. I think of her every time I use them!

    I hope you have had a great summer thus far!! If not, there is still plenty of time to change that!! Make some plans, take a class, invite some friends over for lemonade!! Take a moment to enjoy all that the world has to offer!

    Until next time-- 

    Quack, Quack!



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    Here I am with my team and some of the youngest children at the orphanage

    Greetings my friends,

    I've just returned from my latest inspiration trip in Northern Thailand. I spent over a week, exploring, discovering, and experiencing the life of the Northern Thai Artisan.  I wanted to share with you a serendipitous moment from this trip that created an experience that I believe will have a long lasting effect.  

    As I was boarding my connecting flight from NYC to Hong Kong on the way to Thailand, I updated our JAI Jewelry Facebook page on my travels.  When I landed in Thailand, I noticed that one of our JAI friends, Christine, had left a comment on my travel post.  When Christine read that we were going to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, she shared with me the story of her friend who had come here years ago on missionary work and opened up an orphanage for rescued children.  

    Here is the comment that inspired the visit

    The following morning in Chiang Mai, I went to meet with our team and local guide to review our itinerary for the week of exploration.  Every inspiration trip is detailed down to the minute with planned locations, guides, and experiences with the local artisans and their community so that I experience an authentic taste of the culture and history.  It was at this time that I shared with the team that I would like to find this orphanage that Christine mentioned and go visit and see if there was anything we can do.  

    My team was very excited to make this happen.  Our guide advised us how tight our schedule was and that we would have to change some things but that he would look into it and let us know the following day.  Unfortunately we were told that the orphanage that Christine mentioned would be a 6 hour drive and that we would not be able to make it there on this trip due to time constraints.  That being said, we all agreed that Christine’s message was a sign and that we wanted to do something to help this wonderful community that has opened up their hearts and their homes to us.

    We learned of a local children’s orphanage in Chiang Mai who for the past 9 years has rescued children from the mountains of Northern Thailand.  The children have either lost their parents or their lives were in grave danger.  We reviewed our itinerary, re-prioritized and made time to visit this orphanage.  During a two hour meeting & tour with the director of the orphanage we learned about the plight of the children, the care they received, and what the goals of the orphanage was for the children’s future.

    As soon as we left, we headed straight to the local shopping plaza to fill the orphanage’s immediate wish list for the 60+ children under their care.

    My team stocking up to fill the orphanage wish list

    The next morning we surprised all 60+ children with much of their basic needs; clothes, shoes, food & milk, toys for each of the classrooms, sporting equipment, and cleats for their soccer team (the team had 2 pair of cleats that they would share and the others would play barefoot).  The director kept saying it was like Christmas in July. 

    Unloading the van with the help of the children

    One of the kids helping us unload yogurt

    Jen and I spent the morning sizing the children for socks and shoes

    Jen, our director of marketing, with some of the kids, she was ready to adopt them all

    Our Thai photographer doing a selfie with some of the kids

    My team and I spent the day with the children. We played soccer with the boys team, (I had no idea I had gotten so old and out of shape… I’ll blame the altitude) & the girls played badminton and volleyball while the littlest ones played with balls, puzzles, and matchbox cars.  It was one of the most special days I’ve experienced in a long time.  As I played with these children, I could not help but think of my 13th month baby girl Olive and how blessed my family was to be born and raised in America. 

    My team told them I could play like David Beckham… way to set me up for embarrassment. Ha ha..

    After several years living and traveling through Africa, Asia, and Europe, my experiences have led me to believe that we all want the same thing for our children; to love, protect, and provide for them so they can live a happy and healthy life.  I feel it is my responsibility as a father, a son, and most importantly as a human being to help protect, love, and nurture all children no matter where or in what circumstances they are born into.  When you consider that ‘JAI’ means ‘love’ in Thai and means ‘Goodness’ in Hindi, it makes perfect sense that this company is where I call home.

    Before we left the orphanage, my team and I each sponsored a child providing them housing, food, and an education for as long as they need.  We have each vowed to continue our support in any way we can. 

    Here I am with Asa, he is the young man that my family has since sponsored

    I think the note from Christine and my day at the orphanage has opened up a new chapter in my life.  I feel blessed and humbled by the opportunity to pay it forward and the ability to become the man that I know I’m meant to be.

    I look forward to seeing you on August 21st when I am back on QVC with 3 hours of beautiful new designs inspired by my travels throughout Asia.  Until then, please join me on our JAI Jewelry Facebook& Jaijewelry_ Instagram account  to see more behind the scenes of our JAI travel series, new designs, and the beautiful world of JAI Jewelry

    Safe Travels,


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